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Malton chronicle.jpg This story is part of the Malton Chronicles.
This story is fan-made, and is not officially part of any background history for Urban Dead.

Harry's Tale

This is the journal of Specialist Harry Likos of the United States Army, 2nd Squad, 1st Platoon, Alpha Company, 2nd Battalion, 555th Infantry Regiment.

Spc. Likos was airdropped into the Malton Quarantine Zone at roughly 2200 local time on the day of 4/14/07. The medic of his squad, he was a vital member who the squad lost contact with when they were scattered across Malton. He was in the habit of keeping a journal and continued the practice after landing.


The Company is getting dropped into the city in about an hour. The brass never explained to the Captain how a band of terrorists could tear apart a whole city, but that’s the way it goes. Sarge told us not to worry about it, that no terrorist bastards stood a chance against the men and women of the Triple Nickel, especially those in Alpha Company. I think he’s right, but why aren’t the Brits handling this themselves? I just hope James can hold it together. This will be his first combat op, while I’ve already got one tour in the desert under my belt. Well, I’ll see you on the ground.


How did things get this messed up? How did this even happen in the first place? If anyone ever finds this, I assure you with the knowledge of my profession that I am in my right mind. Okay, because otherwise you might think I’m crazy when you read the next line. Malton has been overrun by zombies. There, that’s the real deal. The undead are stumbling around eating people and the brass threw us right into it without even a proper briefing. To make matters worse, I lost my squad on the way down. The flyboys must have screwed the pooch pretty badly, because I can’t find the squad or even the company. I have the map the Sarge gave me, and I’ve figured out I’m somewhere in Pegton. But from what I’ve seen Pegton isn’t the safest place to be. You can hear fighting everywhere in this city I think, but where I am it sounds very close. I’m in Southern Pegton though, and to the south is Vinetown. Some locals told me that V-town’s a little safer than Peg. I’m going to try and make a run for it, but it looks like I’ll have to dodge a few zombie groups on the way. I hope luck’s on my side this time.


I made it, but I was sure those zombies almost caught sight of me a few times. I’m in Vinetown now, and I’m going to try and make my way further south to a police station. I should get there by nightfall. I hope.


I made it to Ling Boulevard Police Station after skirting the heavily barricaded Mitchem Mall, but it was close. Three zombies grabbed me outside the Station and tried dragging me away, but I managed to break free and get inside. There a couple of people here, some who’ve been in the city since Outbreak. I picked up some extra pistol ammo and a shotgun with a few shells. Not that I’m a very good shot or anything, but it could come in handy. Since I used my last FAK to patch myself up I’m going to head to a hospital and get some supplies before going back to the Station.


There are only two other people at Gelasius General Hospital, and I haven’t bothered getting to know them yet. I’m spending most of my time rounding up FAKs for the guys back at the Station. I might stay here until tomorrow and then head back to Ling Boulevard. I think the Station is my best bet for now. I’ll use it as a sort of HQ as it is near several important buildings like this hospital. I’ll do what I can for the people there and keep an eye out for the squad.


Well, that plan went to hell faster than the original mission. I remained in Gelasius for a while, scavenging what I could, before I packed up and headed back to the Station. The bastards had shut the place up so tightly I couldn’t get back in! After I told them I would be back with supplies! As it is I barely made it to the Pilyer Hotel, and even then wounded. The people there were kind enough to save me my supplies and patch me up, but a few hours later the zombies broke through the barricades. They were fought off, but most of the survivors in the hotel were either killed where they stood or dragged outside. The rest were starting to flee, so I did the same. I’m cooped up in Club Izzard now, which was actually a stop on the way to Ling when I arrived in Vinetown. No injuries on my part this time, but I’m getting a little discouraged. In one day I’ve been forced to abandon two safehouses. And I heard from another survivor that Gelasius is under attack right now. Hopefully the Club holds together long enough for me to take a break. If it does I’m going to try to make it to Gelasius and help out.


Was woken up a little past midnight by a cop coming into the building, calls himself Mr. Xak. Bit of a weird name, don’t you think? Anyways, he was asking about where zombies had been sighted nearby, and I told him about the attacks on Pilyer and Gelasius. I sat up for a while after I talked to him. Rumors and radio transmissions kept coming in about zombies being nearby, but it was all very sketchy data. I’m going to rest here at least until tonight before making a run for Gelasius. If there is a full-blown horde out there I want to have the energy to make it back to a safehouse.


I forgot to write an entry yesterday, mostly because I was too distraught. Gelasius was gone. The barricades were smashed and the people inside were nowhere to be seen. Zombies roamed freely both outside and inside the building. I ran for it once I saw what had happened; there was nothing I could do. I stopped by Ling to find it under assault again. This time I waded into the crowd of zombies standing outside, swinging a lead pipe at them; I’m conserving my ammo until I become somewhat better than a horrible shot. I did some damage but had to fall back to Izzard eventually. I don’t know if Ling is still intact or not. I told the crowd at Izzard about what had happened and warned them that we might have to all think of running for it. I took a nap and woke up to find most of them gone. Fair enough, but I decided to drop by the Pilyer Hotel again to check it out. That’s where I am now, holed up behind a strong barricade with a number of survivors, including Xak. It’s near one in the morning now, and I don’t know what the rest of today will bring. But maybe we should try turning the tables on the zombies and attacking them for a change.


I’m . . . pretty roughed up right now. I don’t really want to write about this, and for a day or so I haven’t. But I guess I should.

I tried to run for it when things began to come apart at Pilyer. I think I made it pretty far. I tried to make it to Dentonside, but the safehouses there were either too heavily barricaded or already overrun. One of the last things I remember seeing is a sign saying ‘Welcome to Houldenbank”. But then this hand grabbed my shoulder from behind and . . .

I woke up back in Vinetown in a cemetery. Apparently someone had seen fit to revive me. I stumbled back into the Pilyer of all places, only to come face to face with a murdered. The last thing I remembered seeing that time was the muzzle flash of a 9mm pistol.

Then I woke up outside a warehouse, apparently revived again. I dragged myself to Gelasius and grabbed some FAKs just as it was being overrun again. I managed to make my way to the Buckett Building, and that’s where I am. There are small groups of zombies everywhere it seems. I’m still pretty shaken about what’s happened. I don’t know when I’ll try going back outside.


I decided to get the hell out of Vinetown. Survivor efforts in the area are a mish-mash and there’s not much I can do here. I’ve decided to head West. I could go North, where I’ve heard there is a Safe Zone including several suburbs, but I want to go where the action is.

I’ve come to hate these undead bastards for what they’ve done. Maybe the anger is unhealthy, but screw it. It’s not like they’re alive or anything. If I can do anything to upset the zombie hordes in the West (specifically the Northwest, a very heavy undead area), even heal one civilian, then I’m getting back at these rotting scum. I already healed some people on the way. Right now I’m in Edgecombe, resting at St. Louis’s Hospital. I plan to keep moving West to Roftwood, a supposedly secure ‘burb. I’ll plan my route to the Northwestern battlefields once I’m there.

The journal ends here, with the letters DHPD scribbled on an otherwise blank page. The document was found, ragged, in a pile of snow in Chudleyton.

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