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About Germ

January, 2006

Wednesday the 11th

Went out today looking for more zombies, and I have to admit I was both relieved and disappointed when I didn't find any. That makes me sound like I'm going maniacle: disappointed. I did see a small breach in the mall baricades and went inside before someone closes it up. The place is huge. I took my time looking around. The stores are hard to recognized; the place looked more like a fishbowl motel than a mall. Graffiti everywhere. Alot of the people there were very shady looking. I was able to pretty successfully find some first aid supplies in the chaos. I don't think I'll sleep here.

Monday the 9th

Over the weekend the police station next door was attacked by a few ferals. I decided to stay and continue to rest. Early this morning, Our own PD was broken into and I was awakened by sharp pain in my left arm. I had been bitten and infected by a zombie that had escaped the notice of the others. Bandaging the wound the best I could I decided to make a move for the mall that I had been planning. I realized this was foolish but I expected to receive better medical treatment there. I found a stronghold across the street from the mall and received some adept medical care. Since I had a few more hours of remaining daylight I decided to work on my ax skills. I found a lone zombie near the Bohr Monument and started swinging for the fences. His tattered uniform showed he had once been a bus driver. Even though he was fat, injured, and slow I could only land a few hits; although I almost brought him or it down.
My life has been so filled with danger and survival I long for a day of relaxation or a night of uninterrupted sleep. When the zombies are near by, the constant goaning is enough to drive one insane.

Friday the 6th

I woke up this morning and found a note: "The NecroTech Building one block to the south is under attack. Please help if you can." From the street I couldn't have told you the building was anything special. I immediately gathered my things and went next door. I could tell i was too late. The door was wide open and when I steped inside there was blood and bodies everywhere. When I saw some of the bodies were moving I became hopeful. They were eating the other bodies. I swung widely with my axe and hit one. I hope it doesn't follow me. I left and joined a small group outside dispatching of a few stragglers. Then I crossed over into Osmondville and went into a Police station hoping some officers were still on duty. The place looked like every other building--filled with junk, walls covered in graf and blood. I found a free bunk and looked around the building. Didn't find anything very useful. Did get to look at map of the area that was hung on the wall under plexi glass near the dispatch station. There does appear to be a mall a few blocks to the north: Mitchel. I wish I could take the map with me. I will sleep here for a while and then see if there are survivors in the mall...or at least just no zombies. I feel safer here than in Crowbank; the people here look like they know what they are doing.

Thursday the 5th

I felt well enough to stepp outside today for the first time since the crash. It is pretty awful looking out there. The rumors are true, I saw a few for myself. I think we are on our own now, I need to gather what I have and start planning. It looks like we crashed just as we were entering Crowbank from Osmondville. I will have good access to those two and also Gulsonside and Vineton which is good news. There seems to be survivors in the area and only scattered zombies. It still doesn't feel right to say that word. I have found a few tools lying around: a couple loaded flare guns, wirecutters, and an axe. I also managed to escape the crash with my phone, although it looks like the memory is erased and I'm not getting signal. While I was out I was surprised by a zombie coming out of the doorway of a building. I had to hit it to get by. It was terrifying and gross. I hope I will get more used to them. They are going to be a part of my life for a while i fear. I plan on more exploration tomorrow. I need to get good with this axe I found. That may mean more enounters with the zombies. I also need to find a store to get supplies. I was thinking things to secure shelter for myself. I also want to test how effective the axe is as a defensive weapon because if it sucks I'll need something else real soon. -Jermaine Williams 17:05, 5 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Many Weeks Ago

I was among the last to be evacuated from the city. Following the government broadcasts to the letter, I sat through the first week of quarantine at home, my doors and windows locked and sealed with duct tape. I was eventually collected by a military troop transport, along with my neighbours.
But we didn't make it out of the city - the truck met gunfire in Crowbank, and became trapped in the wreckage of the roads; our military escorts rushed us to the safety of nearby buildings, but they haven't come back, and the gunfire died down a while ago. -Jermaine Williams 17:05, 5 Jan 2006 (GMT)
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