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Joe McO'Robertson
Starting Occupation: Private
Group Membership: The currently un-undead
Goals: Killing those who are already dead.
Username: Joe McO'Robertson
More details: Urban Dead profile

February 19

A lot has happened since my last entry.. Some of us have gotten together, and started a movement to get rid of our current mayor. We'll see how that plays out.. Things have been harsh in here.. Everybody is really tense. . Understandable, though.. There are zombies everywhere, and they broke into St. Innocents again. They were killed and driven out, but they still did a lot of damage. When I woke up, a lot of killing, and dying had already happened. I grabbed my guns and headed outside.. The victims of the most recent St. Innocents raid needed avenging. I found a zombie wandering down the street away from the hospital. No way I was letting him get away.. He seemed stronger than more zombies. Took a lot more to take him down. But that's okay, I need the practice.

After that, I wandered down into Wykewood, the suburb to the south.. First thing I saw was a zombie, staring me in the face. He was a little worse for the wear, and one hit from my shotgun put him down. But still, it's not the best welcoming party a guy could ask for. I decided Mornington was better, and I new the terrain more, and that can be the difference between life, death, and un-death. Took me a while to find a building near the Merewether Road Police Dept that I could get into, but once I did, it was all calm from there on out.

I've heard some rumors that the Undying Scourge may be starting another wave of attacks.. I hope not - I don't think I could handle it.. I just need more time. Damn I need a drink.

February 16

It's been a long time since I wrote in here.. Paper is scarce as it is, so I need to be careful how I use it. I've made a lot of progress since my last entry.. Founds more guns, ammo, & equipment.. Killed plenty of zombies, too.. I have perfected the art of using a pistol, and I'm getting a lot better with my shotgun, too. I've also discovered that there are a lot more ways out of buildings than you might think. As a result, I've finally found ways into the Merewether Road Police Dept when it's been over barricaded. Aside from the occasional feral zombie, things have been pretty quiet. I pity those defending Caiger Mall.. Word is that things are pretty rough over there. In any case, things are okay. Hopefully they stay that way for a while.

February 10

St. Innocents is under siege.. Or was, rather.. A lot can happen while you are asleep. The main event happened during the night. Understandable, considering the zombie hordes and all. Now is the cleanup. As soon as I woke, I heard the news.. I knew what I had to do. I had been preparing for this for a long time. I took my guns, my ammo, and my trusty flak jacket and headed over to the Hospital.

The graffiti on the wall said that there was nobody inside.. Just goes to show how fast things can change. I entered the building, only to find that there were 3 zombies waiting inside. One of them was already weakened. Somebody had been attacking him already, but left. I shot at him with my pistol like a madman.. He merely staggered - he had already given up. I ran out of ammo in all of my pistols.. Thus, I got out the shotguns. A few solid blasts to the body, and he was slightly deader than before. I dumped the body out the door in an effort to keep the place safe. I doubt it helped, the barricades were long gone. At least the doors were closed. That should hold some of them off until somebody with construction skills can get in there and rebuild the barricade. On my way out, I gave one of the other two zombies a shot to the chest from my shotgun.

With all that pistol practice, I was a lot better at hitting them. I guess you could say I took my skills to a whole new level.

I was out of ammo, and I badly needed to recharge.
It had been a very long day.

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