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John Mckail

Character by Arcology

The Journal

Monday, July 14th

Today I have just awoken from a drug-induced coma inside a hospital. Evidently if memory serves, the coma would be the only way to cure a life-threatening disease. It worked because all my symptoms were gone. As I opened my eyes, however, I realized the room was empty. In fact the entire hospital was empty. There were no sounds except for my echoing voice. "Is anyone there? Anyone? I'm awake." Nothing responded. As I woke-up, I felt the IV needle inside of me, empty and unpowered. I pulled it out and all the other equipment attached to me. I managed to get-up after stumbling a bit. Somehow my leg muscles had begun to deteriorate during my slumber. I was soon feeling the hunger and thirst within my body. In fact I am now just skin and bones. I was lucky to have found several looted vending machines inside the adjacent doctor's lounge. After I gorged myself on bottled water and chips, I needed to get some clothes on. It seemed my luck continued to serve me well as I found some street clothes inside of a suitcase. I got the clothes on and had a second to think. "What the hell, this hospital really is empty..." I looked out into the empty city streets next. "Nobody for miles... What the hell is going on?" After packing some supplies into the suitcase, mostly from the vending machines, I made my way to the lobby. The elevators were not powered so I had to walk down several flights of staircases. There was debris everywhere, mostly papers that were once for patient information. As I begun to leave the building, I stepped-over what seemed to be a make-shift barricade. I then tumbled down a staircase stepping over the barricade. I was not injured as luck had it. I did notice, however, the barricade was much higher than I thought. It was a wall of some sort, around eight feet tall. I didn't notice it at the time but I was walking on dirt up to the top of the wall. Soon I was on my way, depressed by the void of no sound. "Is anyone there? Anyone? I'm awake."


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