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March of 2007

The Twentyth

Good evening,

Unfortunatelly for me, today I was eaten alive. My fellows and I where tucked away saftely nestled in out safe house, fast asleep. A group of zombies that had been building outside bursted through and started ripping the flesh from bone. I was the last to die.

I will now have to venture forth, and find a revivification for myself. And thus my journey begins.

Most humbley,

Mr. Lecktor C, IA 23:55, 20 March 2007 (UTC)

The Nineteenth

Hellow fellows,

I have been staying in the Athay Crescent Fire Station for the last twto day. I found the company rather enjoyable. One of my companions mentioned there being many zombies at a near by building, known as Servatius General Hospital, and so I went attacked, I almost took one of the bastard creatures out. And now I am stuck there. I shall see what happens. I shall be looking for victims soon.


Mr. Lecktor C, IA 05:38, 19 March 2007 (UTC)

The Seventeenth

Hello fellows,

It is unfortunate. The military has gone to such drastic measures as to recruit criminals and sending them in. Fortunate for me though. I was dropped off in a rather small suburb, to which I didn't know the name. I started walked West, but thought better of it, so I began South. I came upon a man surrounded by five of the horrid creatures that have taken the name of zombies. I shot at them of course, hitting the man twice. Very lovely. I did not manage to take out any of the zombies, and ran to find a weapon after I realized I was out of ammunition. I came upon a fire station, grabbed an axe and a radio, and proceeded to attack a near-bye zombie. I was exhausted, and fled back to the fire station (Which I have since learned is the Athay Crescent Fire Station in a suburb called Danversbank. The place where I was dropped off was called Scarletwood), effectively leaving the man to die a most horrid death. Sounds wonderful, to bad I could not have brought it to him.


Mr. Lecktor

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