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Malton Mike
Joined: 2006-03-27 18:56:28
Character class: Civilian
Favorite equipment: Katana
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Zombie
Character group: Gingerbraaains
Character stats: List kills, revives, deaths, etc.
Journal: Malton Mike for Malton Mike

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All good wars need their propaganda produces, World War 2 had Tokyo Rose andAxis Sally.

Vietnam had Hanoi Hannah

The Korean War had Seoul City Sue

And now Malton has Malton Mike.

Each week Mike will post his latest dealings in Malton, the floor will then be open for viewers to ask questions about the latest news which mike will hope to answer.

Malton Mike

Malton Mike was an ordinary human citizen of Malton, until the day everything changed, the day the zombies appeared. Mike tried to fight back, but was unable.

After dieing, being revive, dieing, being revive, dieing, being revive, dieing, being revive and dieing again something happened to Mike's brain chemistry, he ended up being stuck between life and unlife, or death and undeath. Either way Mike now has a new role in life, to bring the art of propaganda to Malton.


I have recently help with the attack on Fort Perryn, over 10000 zombies took part in the raid, the human defenders where unable to contende with the such large numbers, several of the human defenders decided to put up a spirited defence, but it was to no avail. Within 10 minutes of the attacks start Fort Perryn was a blood bath, after all the attacks where tallied 200 survivors had been killed, 50 zombies had been revived and 10 zombies had been killed.

The zombie nations have finally risen and will no longer be under the harness of the human oppressors -- Zombie Dead Man

I am pleased to have undertaken this attack and i hope that all of the zombies of Malton will rally to our cause. I will now open the floor to allow all my dedicated viewers a chance to answer the great Malton Mike qustions.

All questions should go on my Talk page

-- Malton Mike 21:44, 27 March 2006 (BST)

A Gingerbraaains production.

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