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((You stumble accross an old and worn leather book, whether you have found it after the incident in Malton has been taken care of, or if Matt gave it to you, or if you stumbled apon it in his office is unclear. It seems to be older than the Malton incident, and at least a quarter of the pages from the front of the book have been ripped out. On ths spine of this dark brown leather book you see a pair of numbers dyed gold, the number is 11. That would indicate that this is the 11th volume, however you can not confirm this. Despite how old the book appears the pages on the inside of the book appear fresh and fairly new, and taking into account how many pages where ripped out you are supprised at how well the inside of the spine of the book is holding together. On the first decent page of this book in quite flowing almost fancy hand writing, it says at the top "Journal 11" then in the middle "The Malton Incident" and at the bottom "By Matthew Giles".))


I awoke with a buzzing in my ears, and gasping for air, as if i hadn't breathed for a very long time, my vision was blurred, and i got motion sickness just from the throbbing. when the buzzing faded to white noise then to the sound of nothing, I rolled onto my back and i felt like i shouldn't of woken up. i had no idea who i was or where i was. At this point my scences had regained control, it took a moment, just a moment, then i heared it. The moaning of infected people near by. You know that saying that before you die your entire life flashed before your eyes? well i had something like that in reverse. Suddenly i remembered everything, being in Malton since 2007, the missions i did before Malton, the briefings, my family, school, growing up all came back to me in one immence flash.

Aching i forced myself to sit up, my torso was covered in blood and my shirt had obvious signs of gunshot wounds, but after ripping the shirt to examin my chest, nothing, i was scarred fromwhere the bullets should of hit, but nothing that would suggest i had been wounded recently. Thats when i remembered Necronet and their wonder drug that turns infected beings back into human beings, people. Perhaps i had been a member of the undead horde for a while, maybe too long, maybe my wounds healed, then someone got me with the reverification needle, and brought me back. Not sure if i should thank them for saving me from being a walking corpse or hate them for dragging me back into Malton. The hell on Earth.

I slowly began to recognise where i was, Rhodenbank, a nice (before the incident) suburb in th northen part of Malton. I was outside Cull Avenue Police Department. I slowly got to my feet still feeling like my muscles didn't want to move. Once i was up i stumbled towards the doors of the police station, lucky for me it wasn't barricaded to well and i was able to find a way in the west side fire exit. There where a few people inside, i got an odd look from my fellow survivors as I wondered in with a messanger back and covered from head to toe in blood. i went stright to the changing rooms and took a cold shower, sadly hot water and grid electricity isn't common in Malton. After that i busted open a few lockers and was lucky to find an old desk sergent uniform, and by that i mean a white T-shirt and a pair of black trousers, the only clothing i found that i liked where the black boots which would be ideal for travel. I checked my messanger bag, i didn't have much in supplies, i had a pistol with a full clip, a hand held one-way radio, a pair of binoculars and my favourite combat knife oh and of course this journal.

I found another survivor who filled me in on local infomation. Anyway, the bloke i talked to gave me a few slices of bread and a bottle of water, which i happily scoffed down, i'd have to invest in gathering supplies at somepoint tommorow. After that little "Feast" i headded to the roof. If i remembered correctly then the safest way to travel through Malton would be running from roof to roof, it's dangerous but it lets you avoid the infected. I traveled south for a while until i came to St. Mark's Hospital I decided to head on in and spend the night here. I found this little office which has a nice sofa and i started writing this, tommorow I think i'll see what other intel i can gather and gather some more supplies as what i have is pritty basic, and this pen looks like is might run out. Oh i almost forgot, i also spent around an hour before it got dark gathering some first aid supplies, i thought i might need them so i got what i could. I also found a simple red backpack, it has got more room than my messanger bag so i thought i'd switch them.

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