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Minalkra's Journal

Day 1, 02:13, 28 May 2006 (BST)

Found this 'Idea Book' in the Fort today. What were those grunts thinking up, new ways to spit forty feet? Well, hell, why not use it, I said. So, I'm trying to lock down Fort Perryn with some guys from the BMC (I THINK it's the BMC. This thing is such a cluster fuck). Yesterday, a zed raid set the entire battalion at the Voizey Drive Police Department scrambling to help out. They say that Methodius Hospital and the Buckoke Building are under attack too. When I got outside, I only saw one zombie at the Armory and three in front of the Buckoke Building. Since I was tired from searching for ammo (and only finding shotgun shells again, my specialty is PISTOLS!) I opted for the one zombie. Still couldn't take him down, but eh. I tried. I also helped re-barricade the Armory and now I'm resting until tomorrow.

Day ??, 02:21, 14 June 2006 (BST)

Woke up after a week of . . . something. I remember being smacked as I was trying to help out Perryn again. Damn, musta been hit with infection or something. I remember wandering after the zed what did it but he was so much faster then me. Then it gets blurry. I think I must have been hit a few times, my flak jacket is in poor repair. But I'm back at Voizey. I think someone dragged me back but I could have managed to wander in myself. Can't really see how but it's possible. Ugh, I'm cold all over. I have the shakes something feirce too.

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