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This journal has been created for the purpose of keeping my sanity while I am locked in this Hell disguised as a city. People can also read this if they must, just in the occurance I lose my journal and some poor soul happens to pick it up.

Starting Occupation: Scientist
Group Membership: nothing
Goals: Not go insane
Username: The Ninja Aska
More details: Urban Dead profile

Front Page

written in small, messy handwriting on the front page

Hopefully no one will read this. No one needs to experience what I have. Being dead and revived, -twice-, can do something to a person. It's never fun to be part of the undead and have people trust you even less than when you were alive...




Interesting, I thought I lost this a while ago... it doesn't particulary matter; nothing much as been happening.

I've been stuck in Ruddlebank for a few months now. The surrounding suburbs are getting more dangerous, so that it's very hard to leave the suburb when I wish to. Damien and I have been staying in this old factory with a few other people, near the mobile phone tower. There are definately more zombies around, I see them everywhere, and this is only recently. I've found another pistol and a few other weapons, and I've learned how to make syringes. That comes in handy often. Although I've run out of good books to read, and I have no idea where the nearest library is. That isn't so much fun.

I've been off alone for the past while. Damien and I haven't really spoken in a few weeks. Mainly because he's busy doing... ahh, whatever he does, and I've been busy with, well, nothing much. Probably sleeping. Sleeping is always a good escape, because you can travel away from this hell for a few hours, even if it is only your imagination. Lately, though, I've been having nightmares. Strange, because usually I don't dream anything when I sleep. I think they're being caused by that bite a zombie gave me a few weeks back, even though i've been cured since then. Yes, it sounds strange, but so doesn't a city full of the living undead? I'll go find Damien; maybe he knows what it is.



Alright. I'm getting sick of this. I'm pretty sure that bastard, Johnthefourth, killed me. Again. He woke me up last night, yelling about how he wanted to be alone and that I should go away, and then I black out. I must've been dead, because I woke up somewhere in Crookerton. If I'm right, then I was at my safehouse first, so it's not his. Even if I'm wrong he wasn't there for about a week before I was there, so I assumed it was alright. No reason to kill a person.

I've made it back in to Mornington now, and I'm in some hospital. I still hope Damien is around here somewhere; he might've been surprised not to have seen me where I said I'd be. I'll look for him tomorrow, after I've regained some strength.


I made it back to Mornington today. There is this uncomfortablly large hoarde of zombies outside of the Bulford Auto. I warned the people in the hospital, because it looked like they were going to strike there. Doesn't mean they will listen though.

I found Mister Damien Sahm today. He was in a hospital, but he was asleep, so I decided to leave him a note saying I was back at my safehouse now. I'm not too sure if it's wise staying right here, someone might try and kill me again. Great. At least someone seems to want to talk to me; I think I need some human interaction.

Poetry for your souls:

"We are the hollow men
We are the stuffed men
Leaning together
Headpiece filled with straw. Alas!"


Some stupid guy killed me. Great. I guess I wrote down his name while I was dead. Please kill him for me if you find him. Thank you whoever revived me, I'm sorry I can't remember your name.

I think I will keep moving around like I used to. Obviously people seem to not like me even when I did nothing to them. I'm probably going to head towards the Alner Mansion. I'm pretty sure it's safe there. People are less likely to notice me with other people around.

I still haven't found any friends in this stupid city. It's like it's before the zombie breakout, but even then my scientific colleagues at least talked to me. I found a note in my pocket. It must have been put there while I was dead or something, but it seems that one Damien Sahm wishes to meet me. Maybe I will head back for a little bit, to meet him.

I'm staying somewhere in Blythville. It's some cinema. Documentary film. Sort of boring.

"Our dried voices, when
We whisper together
Are quiet and meaningless
As wind in dry grass
Or rats' feet over broken glass
In our dry cellar"


scribbled in big, messy handwriting all over the page


Today was an alright day. I found a ton of zombies in Mornington, so I didn't have to travel very far to record information. I also found a nice stash of food in an abandoned warehouse. Good luck! I also met this zombie with brain rot in a church. I didn't have any ammunition to kill it with, so the next best thing is to trap it in a building. I also finished one of the books I was reading. That one had some helpful information in it. It was a pretty uneventful day. Maybe I should be glad of these kinds of days...

More poetry to ease the soul:

"Shape without form, shade without colour,
Paralysed force, gesture without motion;"

That horror film is still playing in the cinema...


Someone was in my safehouse today. They left after a while, maybe because I kept looking at them wondering what they were doing. I went out and got some more food from the hospital today. Someone there showed me how to barricade buildings. At least some people are still sane enough to be nice. I spent the rest of the day barricading the cimena and reading.

I found two zombies today. There aren't many around this place, are there? I just might use that flare gun. I reread one of my favourite poems.



My safehouse is working. No one is bothering me. Yay. I found a flare gun today. I'm not sure if I'm going to use it. Usually zombie spies use them to hoarde zombies to them. Maybe if I use it I could scan more zombies. I don't know...

Ahh... I'm so tired.


I'd like to stress (again) how I am not a zombie spy. Stupid people.

I woke up today and my wrist was newly bandaged. Seems that someone by the name of LWS Rex attacked me while I was asleep, but then healed me. Strange... but I guess I am still thankful.

All the fighting in Shearbank seems to have subsided, so I might head south again to Mornington to see if my house is still there. Having nothing to eat is very, very bad. I'll try and loot some supermarket or somthing soon.

I've made it home. Seems people have looted my apartment, so I've decided to stay in a cinema. It's forever showing some horror film. At least I'll get a better chance to see what makes the movies run. There's a library conviently located near here, as is a hospital and a police department, so I will stock up on supplies tomorrow. Until then I guess I must go without food... again...

Oh! And I almost forgot to write down some nice poetry:

"He heard the snow falling faintly through the universe
and faintly falling, like the descent of their last end,
upon all the living and the dead."


I've made it into Dunell Hills today. I barely got to a safe building, and it's full of people. They better not bug me. At least it's a hospital so if someone does hurt me I can just heal myself. I saw many zombies today, but only a few hadn't been scanned yet.

I was in another cinema today. This one happened to be playing some horror film, which of course made me feel much better. It was about vampire aliens. I really wasn't paying much attention to the plot, since I couldn't hear what the actors and actresses were saying.

More poetry to make people happy:

"Is it like this
In death's other kingdom
Waking alone
At the hour when we are
Trembling with tenderness
Lips that would kiss
Form prayers to broken stone."


I've seen so many zombies today I've lost count. But I made all the way to Grigg Heights. Crookerton wasn't exciting at all. Still no sight of the zombies with the infectious bite, but I guess I shouldn't be whining. Damn scientist curiosity...

I saw another film in a cinema on the way. It was a cheezy romance. I think the next time I come across another cinema, I'll see what makes the films still play without the electricity. It's very weird. My safehouse today is some office building. There are a few other people here too. They better not bother me.

Note to self: Don't go to Penny Heights. They kill citizens with zombie skills. Stupid people... thinking everyone's a spy... No one can trust anyone anymore. It's sad.

Poetry for today. I really like this one too.

"So shall thou feed on Death, that feeds on men,
And Death once dead, there's no more dying then."


Great. My day started out greatly. I wake up and my arm is bleeding. The guy in the cinema with me said some guy attacked me. I think his name was Markus Alen. I also found someone who taught me how to get into really barricaded buildings, so that was alright. I found another theatre today. It was showing a nice comedy... it was nice, even though I'm really not in the mood...

I've made it into Nixbank. I'm not sure if that's a good thing. I've decided to start logging my zombie scans. I'll put them in a different notebook. I visited a museum today. It had an exhibition of scientific history. What a way to make me feel better.

I've finally settled down in a club. It's really creepy without any music or lights. Oh well. Someone else is here with me. They better not touch me... More poetry for the deprived. I really enjoy this one.

"What sudden fearful fate
Will prevent my shade wandering next year
From a return? Whistle and I will hear."


Interesting day. I found a nice cinema in Foulkes Village to stay in, so I watched the sci-fi film playing over and over on the screen. Why is it that the power is out but the films keep going? Oh well. It was an interesting movie. I have no clue what they are saying because the sound is out, but I've made my own little diologue for the too-fortunate characters.

I visited a nearby hospital for a while, and I heard about a new sickness the zombies are carrying around. I guess the correct term would be "virus pathogen". Well it seems this new virus is only transmitted through a bite by an infected zombie. Good thing I've only seen one today, and that one had so much brain rot I couldn't tell if it had the virus or not.

Staying in a cinema makes me feel more secure. I think it may be because of the people on the film screen giving me false comfort.

More fun poetry to stare at:

"This is the dead land
This is cactus land
Here the stone images
Are raised, here they receive
The supplication of a dead man's hand
Under the twinkle of a fading star."


Today was a completely pointless day. I wasted my precious time trying to find ammunition for my pistols and zombie bastards to scan and/or kill. Didn't find many, though. I did find a lot of buildings unlocked and not barricaded. Seems most people have left New Arkham and gone elseware. Smart. Maybe they all got out...

Lucky bastards.

I've found a nice building to stay in. I even think there may be a library near by. I've found a map of the whole city. It should come in handy soon, if not now.

"Death be not proud, though some have called thee
Mighty and dreadful, for thou art not so;
For those whom thou think'st thou dost overthrow
Die not, poor Death, nor yet canst thou kill me."

Poetry is a nice escape from here.


I'm now in New Arkham. I think I might stay here for a while; there seems to be many of those zombie bastards around here. Might as well finished the job I was sent here for and collect zombie data. Stupid NecroTech... I found a radio today. It's still extremely fuzzy and I can't seem to make it work right. Hopefully the power will come back on soon and I can watch the news on television to see what's happening. I spent forever looking for a safe place to hide. I've found an adequate railway station to stay hidden in for tonight.

I'm running out of books again. I don't think there is a library around this suburb, though... Poetry books can keep me entertained.

"This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper."

Very interesting...


Happy Mabon. I couldn't find any materials to perform the ritual, though. Oh, well...

But I did kill my first zombie bastard today. I think I'm getting better with my pistols. I'm running out of ammo... I need to find a police station to rob or someting. I've made it all the way to Old Arkham. Maybe I'll stop at my house when I get to Mornington...

I found an abandoned apartment today. The owners had left some CDs, so I decided to listen to them. Thankfully there was a player in another room with working batteries, because all the power is still off. Another sign that they have forgotten all about us survivors. Listening to some old Metallica really calmed me down, though... helped me regain some sanity.


I found a notebook today. I've decided to make it into some kind of journal, to keep myself from screaming. Oh, and to also just write down everything that happens, in case it is of greater importance later on. Nothing really seems important right now...

I've practiced with the pistols I found, and I seem to be getting better with them. I actually shot and hit one of those zombie bastards today, after scanning it with my DNA scanner. Stupid NecroTech. They got us in to this whole mess; they never even told me about this project. Thank the Goddess we've all disbanded... we wouldn't want to cause more trouble.

I still haven't found a group yet. Not many people feel the need to talk to me. Maybe it's because I picked up a few skills as a zombie. Sorry, crazy neurotic human race; what else is a person supposed to do when they spend two weeks as a zombie?! Although I'm glad that I'm alive again. I've made it to the barrier to the city. They've fenced up the city now. I guess they have forgotten about all us survivors inside. I think I'll start heading to Shearbank now. Going the long way following the border, so I can practice more with my guns. I've heard there's some big commotion; obviously this organization, DARIS, has declared Shearbank as their own, to 'liberate' it from the zombies. From what I've heard of them, they just sound like a nice, big bunch of murderers. I think I may be getting crazy enough to head up there and teach them a few things.

...Yeah, I'm definitely on my way to insanity.

Zombie Scans

I've placed data from scanning zombies all in my other notebook.

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