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Natalya Zveda
Starting Occupation: NecroTech Lab Assistant
Group Membership: The 'Sards
Goals: Affirm Life through Healing and Reviving
Username: Natalya Zveda
More details: Urban Dead profile

Portrait of Natalya Zveda, by Hendrik Casimir - Click for larger version
Avatar portrait of Natalya Zveda

Physical Description: Chestnut hair, keen hazel eyes; a runner's lithe build. Dressed in a police uniform (on permanent loan from Frossard Place Police Department), along with some light tactical gear and her signature red scarf. Carries a modest store of syringes and first aid in a messenger bag.

Background Story: The daughter of Eastern European immigrants, Natalya embraced the opportunities made available by education and excelled in the sciences. She graduated with top honours from a military academy and was quickly courted by the (then up-and-coming) company NecroTech to become a research project manager. In 2005, NecroTech venture capital paid for her flat on Pilcher Avenue in the suburb of Kinch Heights — close to railway access and equidistant from NecroTech's Luscombe, Nevill, and Sharman facilities. Life was good, for a while.

Then, of course, in July of that year, the dark days fell upon Malton — and she was forced to re-evaluate nearly everything she thought she knew about the world and her role in it.

Using a juryrigged mobile phone mast hack to access the World Wide Web via NecroTech corporate relays, she created a weblog where she intended to post daily first-person reports about the state of the city. However, this project was brought to an unexpected halt when her safehouse at the time was overrun by zombies in late August.

The next thing she remembers from that dark time is the sensation of a cold needle at the base of her skull as she regained consciousness all the way over in Peppe Park, in the shadow of the dual railway stations south of Tompson Mall.

She found shelter in nearby Frossard Place Police Department, where she was welcomed into the community of survivors known as The 'Sards. In time, she made the area bordering Ruddlebank and Lockettside her new area of operation, alternately patrolling or partying with equal fervor alongside her comrades Barry, Alex, and the rest.

Due to months spent in the company of seasoned police officers and bounty hunters, who were all too willing to teach her the basics of firearm use and the art of the headshot, she is no slouch with regard to personal emergency self-defense. However, Natalya primarily believes in the power of science and the beauty of natural life. Although she realizes that there is a time and place for the use of guns and fists and blades, she finds violence distasteful. She prefers instead to revive the undead, heal survivors, and restore power to critical resource centers, in roughly that order of priority.

She often enjoys watching the sun rise or set while perched on the rooftop of a well-barricaded building.

2019: Fourteen years after the Malton Incident, Natalya is one of just a few 'Sards who remain active at FPPD. Although the bar still exists in the building, the glorious party days of the 'Sards are now only fondly remembered. Natalya's area of operations extends into Spicer Hills and South Blythville at times, and she's been known to occasionally revisit her old neighborhood in Kinch Heights, but Lockettside is her home.