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This journal hasn't been written for few months. It's most likely that someone has dropped or forgot it when running away from something. Please report it to your local lost and found.

Teh ugly journal 2006


6th of October

Our former member tessutit started killing GCM members... Well.. He tried to anyway. His first attack was a failure that ended on his death.

We're still in Pennville, but we got nothing to do.


25th of September

Ohmigoosh! I forgot my journal..

After The Big Bash moved on we rebuilt the whole suburb with other local groups (except PFM). After that we continued to hunt down remaining PFM members. At some point they disbanded the whole group and started a new one: Reformed Pennville Militia. Well after that we found out that the founder of PFM wanted to revive the group, so we killed him, taking GRR!'s total of PFM kills to 41.

Currently we are holding Fort Perryn's Armoury and/or hunting Feral Undead's members.


16th of August

The Big Bash took down all but 4 of GCM members. Some have managed to get their brains back by now, but it'll take time for us to fully recover.

15th of August

Even after losing many of it's members, The Big Bash is tearing this place apart. Pennville is taking heavy losses on every block. Remfry Bank still holding.

GRR! has killed 23 PFM members, but they just keep coming back. We have only suffered THREE losses ourself.

8th of August

Few days ago we had enough of it.. GRR! was founded. Yesterday we started our first operation and took out 6 members of PFM. It was kinda fun.

Oh.. The Big Bash is finally here. Just inside the next suburb. I think it'll take them least few days to get to Remfry Bank.

2nd of August

The Bash is coming down. And I mean it's heading south. It shouldn't take long to reach Pennville. We are still waiting and reacting.


31st of July

The last day of a month.

The Big Bash is still stuck at Giddings Mall, so we're kinda waiting for news.

24th of July

Nope. Didn't happen.

Also The Big Bash is roaming in the city. We fear it might come this way at some point.

23rd of July

The big operation might happen later today.

Pennville seems rather safe, but I've heard some reports about wesern part of the city being overrun.

8th of July

Visiting mall, killing zeds, reviving people... Nothing great.

Oh! Few days ago GCM made a new enemy called John F Rambo. Guy is usually found around as undead, but he's sometimes attacking us as a survivors. Can't blame hin tho.. We started it.

1st of July

New month, old stuff. Have you ever tried healing one side of a survivor, while zombie is eating another? After that you've seen everything.


23th of June

Armoury fell couple days later. Horde of 20 zeds tood it over, but with fast in and out strikes it was quickly cleared. I've been holding it with couple dozens of survivors ever since.

Today I saw a man walk in. He looked like us but had a heart of a zombie. I chopped him down and threw out.

17th of June

After our operation had ended, I'd travelled to nearby mall, when people started hearing some conderning rumors about the fort. I went back to check it out, just to find out that it'd been hit by what seems to have been a least medium sized horde. Dozens of people were dead outside and doors were barricaded with their dead rotting bodies... Zombies roaming around the streets... One even jumped inside and dragged one severely injured human outside. When we went to find him, there was nothing left of what he used to be..

I did what I could for survivors and helped to rebuild their barricades, but after the whole day of work and crises I was too tired to do nothing else than to go asleep.

15th of June

I've been too busy to write anything down lately. Our operation at Fort Perryn was succesful and we're planning something new already. Those pesky zombies are getting just bolder each passing day.

10th of June

We arrived at the fort, but there were already dozen survivors camping inside. We installed fueled generator and radio in there and checked the barricades. I feel like we could take the whole world now.

9th of June

Tomorrow it will happen.. We'll attack to Fort Perryn and take it back to survivor hands. Mission will be to hold it as long as possible, untill there's least 30 other survivors inside. I hope we won't all just end up being dead.

6th of June

It's 6/6/6 everyone! The one day that I can put some survivor brains on the walls and enjoy the short life on humie. I took two lives today, but they'll be back. They always do.


27th of May

Last couple of days have been a mess. After our escape from, and fall of, Fort Perryn, some unknown horde attacked Remfry Bank killing around half of the people inside including myself. I spent next day wandering outside and looking for brains to stop the pain, before I was revived by one of the members of our group.

Now I'm working to bring back dozens of who are still dead.

25th of May

I've been stuck inside Fort Perryn for last two hours with other survivor from our group. There are some zombies outside and I think they'll get inside any time now. We're gonna make a run for it... Soon.

21st of May

Yesterday I travelled to nearby mall in search for more items and to check for other survivors. I got more stuff than I even needed and tomorrow I'll return to Remfry Bank.

18th of May

Usual stuff... Killing few zombies, barricading building, reviving and healing people.. I'll write if something real happens.

I'm starting to sympathize those poor zombies..

13th of May

Mrh? I was "killed" again by zombies who broke inside the building I was hiding in. After some time I regained my memories and was revived by some survivor.

12th of May

Nothing happened really. I revived few zombies and alnost got bitten by one. Luckily I got inside a building just in time. Armory still taken by horde.

9th of May

Zombies have attacked area again and we lost the Armory. It's weird how they only patrol near Fort Perryn, but rarely come north of it. We could use some plan for protecting our areas...

6th of May

Been reviving people for last few days and had little time to update my journal. Some rumors are saying taht there would be a horde coming this way, but I never belive in rumors.

Armory is controlled by other survivors for the change.. I'm beginning to think that this city has nothing left to teach me anymore.

3rd of May

New month, old shit. Armory was attacked few days ago. Some people managed to take it back for few hours, while Game-Cavemen killed and revived some of remaining zombies in the area. Later armory was retaken by zombies.

For the last of my knowledge, armory still remains strongly in zombie hands.


28th of April

I brought more of my sweet justice to those cursed zombies and reached new level of hatred against them. I just feel like I could take them all anytime.

24th of April

I've finally figured out this whole revive thingie. Just moment ago I saved one more zombie from sure damnation.

Armory was hit again, but it will be under control momentarily now.

21st of April

Local armory is being hit again. There were 13 zombies fighting mass of survivors. I killed couple of those and ran. Still least 11 inside.

20th of April

I have seen no zombies in past few days, but I did hear disturbing rumor about incoming zombie hordes.. Better safe than sorry.

17th of April

That bitch will be sorry for messing with me.. Airk Fraker is going down I tell you.

Anyway. I killed few zombies at armory, but things are still not looking too great. Those things just keep coming and coming.

14th of April

Still looking for the guy.

Pennville is still attacked by zombies every now and then.. Defences holding nicely enough.

11th of April

I was "killed" by man called Airk Fraker. Luckily for modern technology I'm now better than ever before.

He has the honour of being the first person that has been added on our kill list.

8th of April

We got ourselfs a shiny new generator that will hopefully last for few lifetimes (or hopefully not).

Zombies are mostly gone now, but I have no idea where.

6th of April

Game-Cavemen took the Buckoke Building as their secondary HQ for those without Free Running. I hope they can keep it from getting overbarricaded.

Also I saw few zombies have gathered near it so I shot one. Couple more left.

5th of April

Our group changed their policy about outsiders.. From now on I'm not allowed to shoot them on sight. What a shame...

Area looking better. Less zombies than yesterday.

4th of April

In our HQ again. There are some uninvited people in here and we're trying to lose them.

Local police station was empty of survivor and was surrounded by 27 zombies. Things are not looking too good around here.

3rd of April

Oh great... What a hangover... And covered with blood again. No reason to sit here for. I gotta move.


31th of March

Mrh? Grrrr! Mrrr'rr gr'rr'rrh!

30th of March

Keeping HQ as clean as possible, but some people are just not getting the idea. I might get to do some shooting soon.

28th of March

Our base of operations is almost ready, but few people inside are still resisting to leave. We might have to shoot them.

I also noticed couple of zombies nearby and killed one. Other one got away, but I'll hunt it down later.

27th of March

Our group has lately made few enemies while having some success at claiming their own territory. I hope this situation will be over soon, or some blood will be shed.

25th of March

The fort was almost overrun by zombies, but I managed to rebuild barricades before too many got in. Shot one of them, but two other hid inside.

24th of March

Nothing big.. I travelled to local fort and healed a friend of mine, but he was killed and transmuted to zombie at battle short after.

23th of March

One zombie managed to destroy our barricades. I attacked it with my axe, but it escaped. After building new barricades I hid to nearby building.

22th of March

Killed few more zombies, nothing special.. Also saw few larger groups at the area. They might prose a threat to our national security.

21th of March

Chopped down one more of those dirty zombies, but it seems that there will always be just a couple more... Getting sick of it. I was left outside by those that I thought to be my friends, so I had to look for new safehouse.

Something big is gonna happen soon.. I just feel it.

20th of March

I slept overnight at the church. Feeling much better than before.

Also heard some rumors of creatures called 'zombies'. I never thought those would be real, but I guess I was wrong. Found one moving nearby so I chopped it down. Things are rather quiet now, but better be ready for anything.

19th of March

Went looking for answers outside, when I found my old friend lying dead next to Fort Perryn among nearly hundred of other bodies. Two of the bodies came back to life looking like that weirdo who bit me earlier, so I took my pistol and shot them down again. I didn't wanna find out if any others were gonna do the same, so I took the little gear I could find and ran back to the church.

Maybe time will provide me with the answers that I seek, but so far it has only given me more questions.

18th of March

Found a weird looking guy. Wanted to talk to him, but he tried to bite my hand off. He didn't seem OK so I had to put him out of his misery. Luckily I had a medical kit with some antibiotics. It looks like those helped.

Damn I'm tired. Maybe I'll just sleep in one of these old churches and later try to find out what the frak is going on.

17th of March

My head! I have no idea how long I've been out, but it must have been a while. Why is it so dark outside? Must be a power failure.. Nothing to worry I'm sure.

Wait a sec.. Why am I armed to the teeth and covered with some weird green ooze? Maybe things will become clearer with time. Better find some cover.