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Starting Occupation: Doctor
Group Membership: DHPD
Goals: Medical assistance
Username: Nirovan
More details: Urban Dead profile

The cover of this book consists of a tan rectangle inside a red outline. The title reads, This book is blank. You got a problem with that?.
The book is missing its copyright page, and was probably reported to the publisher as destroyed.
The first page reads:
This book is blank. You got a problem with that? Too bad.

The inside of the front cover reads:
Journal of Emergency Medical Technician Nirovan Vorschtatz, ex-Ambulance 6. Volume 2.
Volume 1 begun Sunday 29 Jan 2006 in the quarantine zone of Malton.
Volume 2 begun Wednesday 22 July 2009 after a large gap.
A strip of gauze sticking out of the top marks the most recent entry.

22 July

I lost my old journal. Found some sort of prank book in the Lolley Library. It'll suffice. The Donovan Building is ruined, so fat chance of me getting any cell service. I could really use a radio...

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