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Hallelujah, it's a Revival!

Congratulations on your recent revive, but before you do anything at all, please read the following instructions for maximum benefit.


As long as you are lying there prone, you are:

  • completely safe from further attacks or damage
  • regaining your Action Points
  • able to think, and plan your next several moves


If there are zombies nearby, standing up is an invitation to come and kill you again. You need to figure out where you are going to move to, once you do stand up. Use the maps in the Wiki to figure out:

  • where you are now (it's easy to get confused about where you are, trust me)
  • where the nearest safe places might be in your suburb
  • what the overall situation is in your suburb, and the ones around it

If the suburb south of you is RED on the Malton map, then jumping up to run south is not smart.


If a zombie bit you before you died, you are probably infected. Once you stand up, you should use a First Aid Kit on yourself immediately. One FAK will cure the infection and give you 5 more HP.

Consider this:

  • while infected, every action you take (except "Speak") will drain one more Hit Point from you
  • when you get revived, you are at half your normal Hit Points.
  • trying to fight or run away while infected will kill you very fast, and you will STILL be infected!


  • Always carry one First Aid Kit for yourself, and never use it on anyone else. That's the one you use to cure your infection, once you stand up.
  • Always end your turn inside a safe building.
  • Hospitals, Police Stations, Fire Stations, Necrotech Buildings, and Malls are NOT safe buildings. These places are NEVER a safe place to sleep, because this is where humans go for supplies and where zombies go for humans.
  • Don't attack zombies in the streets, unless you are sure you can kill them. They can follow you by your smell, if you attack them and fail to kill them. This is another reason to avoid sleeping in those buildings listed above - some other idiot may lead zombies back to your safe house for a free meal.

Find, and join, an organized survivor group. Nothing will increase your chances of survival than team work, and learning from veteran players. Good luck!

(This leaflet is provided free of charge with every revive, courtesy of Ten Minutes From Hell)

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