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Penny Painkiller
Starting Occupation: EMT Nurse
Group Membership: FANNY
Goals: Staying alive, keeping the good fighters of Malton in fighting condition by any means necessary and having fun while doing it!
Username: Penny Painkiller
More details: Urban Dead profile

You have found a small red diary with a whittled-down pencil attached on a string. On the back there is written in a neat hand: "If you have found this diary in the hands of a zombie in a nurse's uniform, please revive. If you have found it elsewhere, please return it to the nearest FANNY member you can find, and it will be returned to its owner".

Newer dates: 2007

First page:

I have just found this diary in a small stationery shop, and hopefully I will be able to write in it regularly in order to keep my mind together. When this whole crisis is over, perhaps my diary will be of some help to prevent another outbreak like this.

November 2006


This weather is really getting to me. These last few days it's been mostly clouds and a "light rain", or rather a constant drizzle. FANNY has talked about getting a sort of "Headquarters", or at least a rally point where we could go to resupply and perhaps relax a little. I suggested we look at Dulston, seeing as how that suburb is almost always in the green. I made it up there last week, but wasn't impressed. There are hardly any zombies there, but the survivors seem to have gotten so bored with lack of things to do that they have started killing each other instead. Not a good atmosphere for FANNY, I think.

On my way back I stopped by Fort Creedy after I heard that military helicopters had been seen in the sky above it. As I approached, I saw the walls of the fort looming high like they used to before the outbreak, and I could smell the undead as they milled around the gate house. Apparently, both forts have been reconstructed, complete with a gate house, infirmiary and a bunker. Surrvivors and zombies alike had gone there, and there were some wild fighting. I stayed inside for two days, but realised that it would just continue to attract zombies, not to mention survivors of a more violent nature, and left. Same thing went on at Fort Perryn, it seemed. I suppose the thick concrete walls are supposed to make the people inside feel safer, but I just felt trapped. After all, there is only one way in... and only one way out.

Danversbank is no longer in the red, so I've started making rounds into Miltown instead. There seems to be no active revive points in the suburb, not that I could find at least, and no cemeteries. I posted a note inside one building telling people to come to Red Park, and I will be staying somewhere close by to handle revives and first aid. I don't know how useful it is to set up posters for the zombies, but some of them seem to have developed a certain awareness, so you never know.

Time to turn in, I guess. Some of the other survivors have built a fireplace from some bricks and metal ventilation pipes, and I've had some freeze-dried soup that I looted from a ransacked convenience store a few days ago. I saved some for breakfast. I wish I had some dried fruit, perhaps I'll look for some tomorrow.


Another week gone by. Today the sky is overcast, and the thermometer says 7 degrees Celsius. At least there is no rain.

Someone seems to have destroyed the generator in the McLaren Motel, or stolen it, but hopefully we will find another to power the shower (rhyme not intended).

I made another revive today, at Woolley Grove. There were four more zombies waiting, but I was out of syringes and none of the others were in the database anyway.

During the night, Tanya Seratonin has dropped in! I'm very pleased to see her, and so are the BMC boys, i suspect. There is only so much a single nurse can do, and the more, the merrier. I'll make sure to point out the sights to her.


Today the fog seems to have lifted, making my rounds a little less precarious.

Despite a somewhat crude jargon these BMC boys have turned out to be quite civilized and appreciative. On my suggestion they have had one of their handier members fix some of the water supply in one of the nearby hotels, to allow for warm showers. We all just hope that the presence of a generator and a homemade water heater (ingeniously constructed from an old oil drum, some spare plumbing and a lot of cursing) will not attract zombies. The shower will hopefully make it easier to maintain good hygiene, stalling the development of cholera and other diseases. Since these fellows are mostly military trained, they already know how to set up a functional latrine, which has helped prevent the spread of disease. Their water filters look good, and they have a micro brewery going which keeps them both with beer and and stronger alcohol. I have suggested that they preserve the stronger variety for disinfectant rather than drinking...

I will perhaps suggest setting up another of these devices in each hospital, since that is where hygiene is most called for. Alternatively we can set this hotel up as a First Aid clinic. We'll see.

A shower is last but not least also good for morale. I keep noticing how happy men get whenever they have the opportunity to shower together, or indeed engage in other activities that include group nudity... for whatever reason.

October 2006


Today it's All Hallows Eve, the night when the dead traditionally could come back and visit the living. Seems sort of ironic, doesn't it?

For me, at least, it proves to be true, since I was revived this morning by a member of the BMC. I wouldn't have known who did it unless I had stumbled into the safehouse where he and some other troops are bunking, and he told me. The soldier boys seemed very enthusiastic about having female company, but I told them to behave. An in-house nurse is a privilege, after all, not a bonus or a plaything. I am a highly trained professional, after all. Hopefully this safehouse is, well, safer than my last one.

Today, the whole city of Malton is covered in a thick fog, thicker than any I've seen before. It is impossible to see even across the street, and some say it has even lowered visibility inside large buildings like malls. That is a little frightening.

Tomorrow I will get back to making my rounds, hopefully the fog will have lifted by then.


Another cold and wet day. This weather is beginning to wear on me. I've spent most of today sitting in the safehouse listening to the radio chatter, apart from a short foray to pick up more FAK:s.

A few things have made me think. I remember living in Malton for years before the zombie outbreak, I remember going to medical school and working, I remember my boyfriend. But I don't remember there being a St. Jude's Cathedral here before the outbreak. You would think I would remember a large building like that, right? According to what I can piece together of the fragmanted radio brodcasts, several groups are contesting the cathedral, among them a group called the Church of the Resurrection, which actually seems to consist mostly of semi sentient zombies and a few human collaborators. I can't even begin to understand how that is possible. Another group I've heard mentioned is the Knights Templar, and not the Freemason offshoot of modern day, oh no. These "knights" seem to consider themselves just that, actual warrior knights bent on destroying the zombies in the name of God. You wouldn't believe the pompous semi- medieval rubbish I've heard spouted on the airwaves. Then again, maybe you would.

Now, I've been thinking here. All the maps of Malton I've found clearly marks the St. Jude's Cathedral, but I have no memory of it. I do, however, remember reading about a church of St. Jude in a book by Simon R. Green, and the place where it stands is not a very nice place, but it has a lot in common with the Malton we all know. This made me think some more. It seems to be impossible to actually, permanently die here. If you are killed, you just get back up again as a zombie, a state that actually seems to appeal to some people. If, as a zombie, you are revived, you just stand back up again as a survivor. For all I know, nobody has actually died for real in here, although many have simply decided not to get back up anymore. They could if they wanted to. This implies that this could go on for ever. We are all damned, forever. And new people seem to be arriving every day, from no obvious source.

Could this be Hell? If so, what did I do to end up here?

Or maybe I'm just going insane. That is a strangely comforting thought.


It's been a quiet weekend, thankfully, as I needed the rest. It rains a little today, and the weather is generally depressing, but it seems that the storm drains are still unclogged and the rain actually washes away some of the filth from the streets. The thermometer on my DNA extractor says 8 degrees Celsius, and it feels like it. As I'm writing this I'm sitting next to the fireplace, which some crafty person has built out of a metal barrel and some pipes. We're burning scrap wood, old printer paper (since that is more or less useless as toilet paper) and bits of cubicle separator to keep warm. Since this is not a NecroTech building we don't bother with a generator, there's nothing here for it to power anyway.

I've set up a small niche for myself in what I think is a middle executive's office, because it looks like it was once nicely decorated and it has a door with a lock on it. I've added a slide bolt on the inside, just to be sure, and I've made a little hiding place for my large backpack in a pile of debris. That way I will only have to take the smaller pack when I make my rounds, and stuff it with FAK:s and syringes and perhaps an energy bar or two, in stead of having to lug about the big backpack that's full of stuff. I only bring the big pack when I move to another suburb. I'ts still a bit heavy, even though I've tried to shave of the unnecessary bits, and even though I've grown a lot stronger since all this started. Hopefully my little hiding place will be safe enough from zombies, and other survivors.

The fort has been cleared out, for now, but when I passed by there was only one survivor inside, so I don't know how long it will hold. The hospital was well barricaded, but it had two zombies inside, strangely enough. I was unable to take them out, and with them inside I couldn't very well search for any First Aid kits. I'll have to try again tomorrow. I could really use some help from the other FANNY:s, but they're all busy elsewhere.


I woke up with a terrible pain in my neck today, in a cemetery on top of a pile of corpses. I guess I was killed and revived again. I popped a few painkillers, a mild antibiotic and some vitamins before moving on, can't be too careful.

I made it to the hospital, only to find it broken into and ransacked. These zeds just aren't housebroken! I did manage to search through the EMT garage, and found one of their nice, warm Gore-Tex jackets. My extractor says the temperature is 10 degrees Celsius, and the mist is really thick today, so the jacket is very welcome. It is bright neon yellow, which does nothing for my complexion, but neither would frostbite, I'm afraid.

I'm about to spend the night in an office building here in Whittenside, with a couple of other survivors. The suburb is almost completely overrun with zeds, but none seem to belong to a horde of any kind. I still haven't figured out how the zombies, seemingly braindead as they are, can flock together in an organised fashion, but they do none the less. I investigated the NT building nextdoor, only to find it completely ransacked, with a zombie inside. I cleared out the zed, but it took me over an hour to clean up the mess inside enough that I could begin a barricade. These zombies are filthy! I wore out two pairs of heavy rubber gloves! Now the place needs a new generator, and maybe some curtains, to be good to go again.


Pages smeared with bloody handprints


This is the first time in a long while that I pick up this diary to write anything. Today's weather is foggy, to put it mildly. I can barely see across the street to the hospital on that side. The thermometer says 10 degrees Celsius, and it feels like it.

I'm getting a bit worried here. I was recently revived, and usually I have no memory of what has transpired while I was undead. This time, however, the memory loss covers an unusually long while, seemingly also some time before I was killed. I only have some brief glimpses of unpleasant events in Ruddlebank, and I'm sure I was alive at least a while after. I could not have shambled all the way to Whittenside as a zombie, after all. I'm going to have to ask the other FANNY:s when I find them. I have a bad feeling about this.

Right. I'm almost out of FAK:s, and of syringes. I'll have to stock up before doing anything else.

September 2006


Written in a somewhat shaky hand:
Today the sun glares down with unbearable force, in spite of the sky being partially cloudy. Thankfully it's only about 15 degrees Celsius outside, or I don't know how I would survive. My head feels two sizes too large, or maybe too small, I can't quite decide. I really shouldn't have stayed so late in the club this saturday, since I apparently slept all through yesterday. I wonder if that green stuff in my Mojito really was peppermint leaves? Anyway, after my fourth drink I really don't remember too much of the evening. I hope I didn't do anything, or anyone, too unsavory... I made sure to drink some sports drink and eat a few protein bars as soon as I could force any food down, to replace the nutrients I lost (which seems to be most of them, I'm afraid). I added some paracetamol to the mix, and hopefully I'll be almost human again by tomorrow.

Tanya is out like a light, and I seem to recall her being in the club also. I don't blame her.

Today I've spent my last syringe on a random revive. I know I shouldn't, but the DNA scan accessed some sort of military database and told me that the dead zed was a freshly baked soldier boy, and by the look of him he had had half his face eaten off. He was standing outside a hotel, feebly banging his head against a wall, and I took pity on him.

When I came back to our safehouse, I noticed another zed outside, and it seemed a bit more hostile than the poor soldier boy I fixed before. Since Tanya was still out cold, and I am still to hung over to do anything even close to fighting, I popped into the hospital and asked for help. Our barricades are still good, at least. Now, I will have a shower, and break out some more sports drink and protein bars for Tanya... she'll need them when she wakes up.

August 2006


Today it's not raining, but the temperature is around 14 degrees Celsius and the sky is overcast. Tomorrow I will go and pick up a warmer jacket, I think I saw some light Fleece jackets in a store I looted the other day. One of those will fit nicely under my transparent rain poncho. I'll see if there is a white one, to go with my uniform. I'll bring one for Tanya as well, I think. When it gets colder I'll probably just pick up a goretex jacket from an EMT station in the nearest hospital, those are great for cold and wet weather.

Tanya and I are still in Ruddlebank, and we're helping some others maintain a revive point in the northeast corner of New Arkham, in a cemetery there. So far not many patients have shown up, but we are in the process of advertising it, so maybe we will see an increase soon. I'm not sure if the DEM have been notified of the revive point yet, though.

Well, I took Tanyas advice and went looking for a mobile phone, and remembered having seen a few lying around in a club I passed by earlier. I now have one! It's a nice candy red Motorola, with some sort of little tassle hanging off it. Oh well, the colour is nice anyway. Now we can slip each other messages about potential safehouses or other things of interest without running back and forth, or blocking up the radiowaves with our talk. Very useful.

I had a mobile phone before the outbreak, but I could never use it at work and when the zombies came I spent the first nine months constantly at work... and when I got out of there the people in my phonebook either didn't respond or the only thing I heard were variations of "Graaagh!". Very distressing. I threw the phone away, as I didn't think I would have any more use for it. Shows what I know...

FANNY has a new addition, a young girl named Gabby. Very young in fact, she's only 10 or 11 years old. I don't really see how she will be able to provide "sexual healing" in any way that is even remotely acceptable, but I guess she could at least run errands and use the FAK:s. She's a really sweet girl, in spite of all the zombie nastiness. I picked up a packet of Emily Strange lollipops for her at a ransacked supermarket the other day... and a toothbrush to go with them. I'll keep them in my pack until I meet her again.

Don't think I've forgotten the rest of the girls of FANNY, I picked up some cherry and strawberry flavoured as well, and a packet of, well, special lollies with flavours like Maraschino, Gin & Tonic and Martini. We mustn't let Gabby get her paws on those!

Besides, I've found that the psychological effect on an injured survivor of having a comely nurse offering candy before undertaking surgery without anaesthetics is very powerful... and the effect of having a comely nurse sucking on some candy before undertaking surgery is possibly even more powerful, as Tanya so expertly has demonstrated several times. I will make a habit of always carrying some sweets in my pack from now on. The medical benefits of elevating the blood sugar levels to counter the immediate effects of hypovolaemic shock should not be discounted, of course.

Tanya and I have been talking at bedtime about her "fetish" for auto mechanics, probably because we are using an auto repair shop as a safehouse. She maintains that it stems from the "greased lightning" scene in the movie Grease, what with a young John Travolta in a leather jacket wagging his hips. While I agree that a young Travolta in leather pretending to grapple with a car engine might provoke some moistness, of the mouth I mean, reality too seldom resembles cinema and the term "grease monkey" is all too often very accurate. How many doctors, even among the interns, look like Noah Wyle, after all? Don't I wish...


Today I found another function on my DNA scanner, a built-in thermometer. It says that the outdoor temperature is 17 degrees Celsius. When I look outside it is mostly cloudy, with the sun peeking through now and then. It rained a little yesterday, and I think the smell of rotting zombies is a little more bearable today. I guess the rain washed them a little cleaner. I picked up a transparent Emergency Rain Poncho in a ransacked convenience store a few days ago, and it has come in handy. Note to self: Find winter clothing in a sports store before winter. Last winter I spent inside the hospital, and didn't need any cold weather outfit. I doubt I will find a safehouse to last the whole season.

The summer heat seems to be waning, and I can't help but feel grateful for that. The water supply is limited at best, and moving through the clogged-up streets and climbing barricades is not made any easier by a temperature nearing the 40:s. And I am sure the zombies smelled even worse than normally. So did many survivors, come to that. The need for sponge baths is ever increasing, but with so little water...

Ruddlebank is mostly in the green now, but we still haven't been able to set up a proper first aid station yet. Tanya has joined me here, but what few zombies are here seem to be able to smell us out or something, because we have been forced to move several times. None of us has been killed yet, at least. I heard over the radio that Raharu is dead, again, but thanks to these syringes death is little more than an inconvenience these days... although I have heard of people not standing back up again even after being jabbed by the Blue Needle. Those I've talked to seems to think that those who do not have simply lost the will to live, and decided (consciously or not) to remain dead. I certainly hope that will not happen to me... Like I said before, we should perhaps think about finding a counsellor to join FANNY, to help those with more PTSD than what is healthy.


Today I made it to Ruddlebank. I got killed in Buttonville, while trying to get supplies in the mall, and after that it seems that I was out for several days. I woke up in a cemetery on the other side of the suburb, lying on a pile of corpses. Thankfully, my uniform was not too badly damaged this time, it just needed washing. One thing that really disturbs me, however, is that this diary was smeared with blood on several pages, and it actually looks like I tried to use it while I was dead. Is it true what they say, that some of the zombies actually become aware? How is this even possible?

A NecroTech employee I came across in the safehouse I found after being revived showed me an updated map of the city, and it seems as if the heavy red blot that has been covering the southwest is letting up. New Arkham is still in the red, as well as a few other burbs in that area, but the rest have gone to yellow. Maybe that is as good as we can hope for these days. After talking with the nectec a bit, I decided to leave Buttonville and go to Ruddlebank with its many hospitals and NecroTech offices, to see if I could help set up some first aid stations or something.

I have finally figured out how to use the NecroTech syringes! I was fiddling around with my DNA extractor, and happened to find a text document on it that I hadn't seen before, and it turned out to be a manual for the " NT Revivification Syringe Mk II"! Earlier today, when I was walking to Ruddlebank, I made my first revive! It was some poor random zombie standing in the middle of the street, and the DNA scan confirmed that it wasn't a rotter. It looked like a survivor killed by the Bash, so I took pity on it and jabbed it in the neck. It dropped like a bag of broccoli, and a hint of colour spread from the base of its neck where the needle went in. I decided to save the empty syringe, since I have seen that the NecroTech terminals have equipment to manufacture new syringes. I still don't know how to use one of those computers, but I guess I can learn.

I've made it to Ruddlebank, and I'm about to bed down in a cargo crate full of matresses in a warehouse here. The place is very well barricaded, but the only other survivors in here are one surly old fighter with a bottle of Stolichnaya and a bad attitude, and a freshly baked soldier boy who is clutching his handgun like a teddy bear. Tomorrow I will see if my attentions can thaw them out a bit, and if they know someone who can help set up first aid and revive stations.

Pages for several days

No text, the pages are smeared with dried blood

July 2006


This is becoming more of a weekly than a daily journal. Even when I was in medical college to become a nurse I had trouble keeping up my journal, and with the situation now after the outbreak the time for these personal dawdles just seems to be a luxury.

Right now I'm inside a junkyard in Wyke Hills, next to a hospital. Back in Gulsonside a Necrotech operator let me look at her map of Malton that she had updated with the latest data about the zombie infection, and it looked like most of Maltons southwest quadrant was overflowing with undead. Apparently the zombies have organized into some sort of ambulating mob, that the survivors around here calls the "Big Bash". I thought it was just some sort of instinctive flocking behaviour on the zombies' part, but the Nectec operative wasn't so sure. She said some zombies displayed an unnerving coherence, almost as if they had regained a higher level of consciousness. That would explain why some are able to open doors and others are not... This is a very unsettling thought, and it raises new questions about the pathogen that causes the zombie infection.

All reports claimed that the Bash was heading through Tollyton towards Gulsonside, but scout reports from the southwest corner indicated that the zombies there were mostly survivors killed by the Bash, possible subjects for successfull revivification. I decided to head that way myself, to see if there was any substance to the reports, and invited any members of FANNY to join me, and bring any solid fighters they knew with them. I'm still not able to revive anybody, but I'm handy with the FAK and the barricade.

I was aiming for Spicer Hills, or possibly one of the Arkhams, with a pit stop near Buckley Mall, but only made it as far as the Saffyn Museum before having to stop for the night. Apparently I was killed during the night, because I woke up with a bad pain in the neck, even more holes torn in my nurse's uniform and a note from dear Tanya to come look for her and company in a junkyard not many blocks away. That is where I am bedding down tonight. We have been talking about staying here for a few days, perhaps even a week or more, to help set up a working hospital and perhaps a first aid station as well. I'm hoping we can set up a revive spot, seeing as most of the zeds I have seen so far have been ordinary, if undead, people just standing listlessly about.

I really need to go by the storage room of the local hospital, this nurse's uniform is getting worn to a point where I'm showing more to the world than I feel comfortable with, other than in very private surroundings and select company... One of the gentlemen keeping this junkyard safe helped me out with my shotgun today, he showed me how to saw off the barrel and stock to make it more portable, and I can't help thinking that he may have been less forthcoming if my uniform consisted of more cloth and less holes and safety pins... Not that fortcoming gentlemen necessarily is a bad thing, mind you. Perhaps some discreet alterations of my new uniform, to make it fit more snugly, may be of order.

This place has a shower! Somebody had set up a tank on the roof to collect rainwater, and run it through a filter, and it lets us take showers, albeit cold, in an alcove in the back. There's even a shower curtain, made from some semi-transparent plastic sheet. I have been trying my best to keep my hygiene up, as any medic would, but making do with disinfectant soap and rainwater just isn't the same, in spite of deodorant. I only wish the shower wasn't in full view of the cooking area, but what can you do? I'm sure the boys are enough of gentlemen not to stare too intently...


It's been more than a week since I had time to write last. We were attacked in Hollomstown, and the last thing I can remember is hearing the barricades breaking open. After that I seem to have lost a few days, and I woke up in a cemetery in Wray Heights. It would seem that I was killed and revived again. I really hope I didn't do anything unspeakable while I was undead...

I trekked through Tollyton, and it seemed more or less abandoned by humans. Most buildings I saw were open, with at least one or two zombies inside. I found only two houses with survivors inside, and they were all extremely heavily barricaded (both the houses and the survivors, rarely have I sen such an uptight lot. I guess a long siege does that to you. Perhaps we should recruit a counsellor to FANNY?).

After staying with Tanya and meeting up with Raharu and others in Shackleville, attempting to set up a first aid clinic and perhaps operating a hospital, we realised that the situation was getting too hot, especially after Tanya got dragged out and eaten in the middle of the night. I remember a time when "getting eaten out" used to be a good thing...

We have now relocated most of our resources to Gulsonside, hopefully we will be able to use that area as a base of operations into other, more infested suburbs. Tomorrow, I will slip into the local mall and see if the drugstore there has a better supply of FAK:s than the hospital I tried today, they really need to tidy up their supply rooms.


When I woke up I found that not only had Tanya cleared up the clutter a bit in the old teachers' lounge we used as a bedroom, but we had been joined by Mr Estrogen, another FANNY! Mr Estrogen is a transvestite, much like my cousin Anne, or George as (s)he wanted us to call her, but a lot bigger and probably better with the fire axe as well. I hope George is all right, (s)he wasn't in Malton when the outbreak came.

There is a zombie outside, persistently knocking at our barricades, and I keep having to rebuild them. I have suggested that we don't spend more than one more night here, and move on to a safer place to regroup. A NecroTech employee who passed by on the street as I was working on the barricade said that everything from here to New Arkham is more or less overrun, but the zeds seem to be heading back toward the city center. Regardless, this part is still heavily infested and she said to take care. "We always do", said I.


It seems that I was killed and revived again. I have no memory of what happened, but I woke up at a cemetery in Wyke Hills in pretty bad shape, surrounded by zombies who were just standing there, waiting, mumbling.

Today I met up with another FANNY, Tanya Seratonin, in Hollomstown. I heard on our radio channel that she had been forced to seek shelter in an old school in Hollomstown, and since I had just been revived and was in the neighborhood I decided to drop in.

Lucky for her that I did, since she had been to exhausted from fleeing the zombies to erect any barricades, the doors were only locked and I have myself seen zombies open doors. It seems as though not all of them are able to do this, but it only takes one...

After I had set up barricades, I made sure that Tanya was unhurt. There was nothing wrong with her, apart from being completely exhausted from running from the zombies, the poor dear. She was barely able to register my presence before nodding off again. I took time to rummage through the mess in what was left of the school nurse's station, but I couldn't find anything useful. Tomorrow when I wake up, I will look for a spray can, to let people know that FANNY was here.


No text, only a bloody smear across the page.


Today I have left Scarletwood to move toward Wyke Hills, because I heard from Raharu that a large zombie horde is moving through the southwest part of Malton. I'm a little afraid, but we must all pull together if we want to get out of here. Right now I'm sitting in an abandoned church in Hollomstown eating some bread and dried fruit, trying to stay out of the noon heat.

I have just had a close call. As I made my way west toward Wyke Hills I realized that I would have to find a place to sleep, or I would be caught outside. I walked into several buildings around here, only to find them wide open and full of zombies. I kept getting more and more tired, and it kept getting darker. Finally I came here, the Fluck Library, which was also open to the winds but at least free from zombies. I have closed the doors and put up a small barricade, but I'm really hoping that the zombies don't try to get in while I sleep, because that barricade is not solid at all. I'm really tired, and have to take my chances anyway, because the only option is to keep moving and then I will certainly be caught -

I have heard a noise at the door. Will finish the diary when I've checked what it is.

June 2006


During the last week I have been communicating on the radio I found in an abandoned EMT vehicle, particularly with other parts of what used to be Malton's emergency services. Apparently those who have survived have banded together and reformed the Malton Emergency Medical Service. I have asked if there was anything I could do, and have been directed to an smaller, independent group called FANNY. I thought the name sounded familiar, and eventually had it explained to me by one of the original members as a development of FANY, which I had heard of before the outbreak.

After talking a bit back and forth, I have become a member! I will probably not meet very many of the other members, since we all operate independently, but just having someone to talk to and coordinate with will make all this so much easier!

May 2006


Today I made it into Blesley Mall in Gulsonside. I suppose I should start from the top and work my way down: I have been moving through malton for a little over a month now, and have recently been staying low in Scarletwood helping injured survivors. A few days ago, I decided to make a longer trip for supplies, and as Scarletwood doesn't have a mall I had to come here. The entire mall is completely barricaded, which is very impressive considering that most of it's outer walls are made of glass... If I hadn't figured out how to move between barricaded buildings I would never have gotten inside. Now that I'm here I have been picking up as many First Aid Kits as I could carry, but my small tote bag wasn't up to it, so I made my way into the sports goods store to pick up a back pack. While I was there I got some freeze-dried food and some warm clothes as well, and a camping stove. Yay, hot meals!

I also made sure to pick up a small generator and a couple of fuel cans, because it is twice now that someone has destroyed the generator in the hospital in Scarletwood. The machine is very compact, and less of a trouble carrying about than I expected.

When I made my way up to the second restaurant level where the survivors of the mall have set up sleeping areas, I passed by a little stationery shop and saw this diary in the display window. On a spur of the moment i picked it up. We will see if I will get around to using it much. Good night.

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