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07/10/05 .0425 hours

I moved out from the H.A.Z base early yesterday morning to scout for a new hide out. It was getting too crowded and the zombies must have been able to smell some of the wounded. I managed to get down to Havercroft and haul up in a trainstation. Unfortunately a dead head jumped me and took a chunk out of me with its claws. I'm lucky it didnt' decide to take a bite out of me.

Not long after I got here a guy called BingoLittle showed up. He's a pretty tough guy and before I knew it he had barricaded us in. This was great, but the rest of my squad cant get in now. I told BingoLittle they where coming, he didnt say much.

Later yesterday evening I got word from Smithatron_5000 that the old base had been breached. They took the zombie out pretty quickly. But it just goes to show what we had all been worrying about was true. I haven't heard from the squad since then.

Every chance I get I try to knock down some of the barricades so my men can get in. Hopefully BingoLittle doesnt get too pissed about this and decide to put a bullet through my head while im in the land of nod.

I've still got a few deep wounds and after I get these barricades down I'm gonna be heading to the nearest hospital to stock up on supplys.

Untill then I guess I'm gonna have to rest.

Roll on sunrise.

Dr Richard J Crypt, H.A.Z Squad medic.

07/10/05 .1503 hours

I slept a little longer then I wanted. When I woke up, BingoLittle was gone. I tried smashing down the barricades untill I was exausted. This train station was useless to me.Rooney and Smithatron_5000 had tried moving to my position while I slept, but the barricades kept them out. They where hauled up in some over crowded tower block.I moved over to their position when I got the chance. We're going to have the same problem here that we did before. The dead will smell the wounded and come knocking.

I proposed to Smithatron_5000 that we continue moving south, I can still smell Shearbank.

Dr Richard J Crypt, H.A.Z Squad medic.

10/10/05 .2326 hours

I moved south to Shore_Hills a few days back, I found a quaint little pub that I decided to barricade and make our next base of operations, The next day the rest of the squad moved down to join me. While I waiting for the rest of the squad to move it looks like we lost Katii for a bit, due to Sioul messing around with a flare gun. Shes back now, we've found some pretty fucked up chemicals since we landed in Malton. A single dose of a strange glowing green liquid we usually find in syringes can turn these walking corpses back into men. I would like to take some of this liquid back with me to examine, thats providing we actually get out of this god forsaken city.

I went on a supply run to a police station thats close buy. I ended up finding a few pistol clips among the vagrants that flock to these places. As soon as I climbed out of the buildings barricades, the dead where apon me. I dispatched one of them with a few shots. While I was sending this thing back to hell another one showed up. I left before we could get aquainted.

I'm back at base now, Rooney and Smithatron_5000 are out, probably scouting the area. The beer flows freely here, but nobody drinks it. Nobody dares to be unfit to escape should one of those things break in here. It's a bit of a mood killer really.

I'm out for the night.

Dr Richard J Crypt, H.A.Z Squad medic.

12/10/05 .0122 hours

I finally figured out that it's easier to jump from building to building then to wander the streets. It's a little less dangerous too. I've been conducting ammo runs for the past few days this way. The station has been looted pretty badly so I'm lucky if I find anything on must runs. Today was pretty good. Lots of shotgun shells. On my way back I heard a struggle down on the streets, a kid no more then 15 years old was struggling with a deadhead. He tried with all his might to keep the corpse away from him as he scrambled to get inside the barricaded building. I could of just let the kid die. It was more ammo for me and less of a risk. Unfortunately I'm not that much of an asshole. I jumped down onto a burnt out truck and unloaded a few shotgun shells into the creatures chest. The ugly son of a bitch must have been wearing a flack jacket, because he took the news pretty well. He didnt seem too happy when I dropped the empty shotgun, jumped down to street level, and aimed my pistol at his face. Bam. His face was now all over the place. The kid had already made a run for cover. Not even a thanks. Before I could climb back into a building the ghoul was up again, took a good chunk out of my leg too. Thankfully I'm not infected.

When I got back to base I found that Spudulike and sioul had decided to head towards Fort_Creedy. This is obviously a bad idea. I dont know If we should go after them and risk the rest of the squad or leave the madmen to their devices. Me and Smithatron_5000 Will talk it over in the AM.

Until then, it's a long way to daylight.

Dr Richard J Crypt, H.A.Z Squad medic.

16/10/05 .2329 hours

Still have not heard from Sioul and Spudulike. I'm assuming the worst.

Shore Hills was rotten. It all started when I small deformed smelly man kept crawling in and out of our barricades, laughing to himself and mumbling about "hamburgers". I dismissed him as an insane local and let him be..One day I woke up and he had been.The bastard had smashed our barricades wide open, letting in a shambling pussbag. I stuck an axe into that corpses skull and dumped him outside before the rest of the squad had even woken up. Together we re-inforced the barricades and went about our business. Again, the man came while we slept. Welcoming more zombies into our home. Could it be possible that this man was leading them to us? Why would he want to do that?! Insanity obviously has him by the balls.

Me and Smithatron_5000 continued moving north. We found an empty theater next to a run down church. It'll do. Just waiting for the rest of the squad to move down..Hoping the "hamburger man" wont usher them off their mortal coils.

Earlier today on my trek to the local police station to hunt for ammo.I came across a couple praying in the church. It baffles me that people can still have faith in times such as these. After stocking up I headed home. I passed the church and heard screams from within. Three ghouls had set apon the couple. I blasted the heads of two of the deadites clean off. The other had the brains to run. I left quickly.

We're all looking for a saviour in one way or another right now.

Dr Richard J Crypt, H.A.Z Squad medic.

19/10/05 .0128 hours

Silent movies get old fast, especially after you've seen them 20 times in the past couple of days.Kati is with us again, So is Rooney.. I don�t even want to think about what�s become of the rest of the squad..

I sit here in this darkened movie theatre and think about all that has happened to us, once a proud squad of over 10 men we are now just 4 lonely humans stranded in a pit of corpses. It's been too long, the government must know about this place. It was once a major city, these places don�t drop off the map over night..

Perhaps they do know.. Perhaps this is their doing. Maybe its some kind of experiment.. A conspiracy.

It just all fits to well, We've met tons of other soldiers that aren�t meant to be here either. It�s all a little too convenient. for my liking.

I think I'll keep these thoughts to myself for now... If I go blabbing this kinda shit to the rest of the squad they might put me down for being a loon.

I think Smithy shot the couple in the church today� I�m not gonna ask him about it. He probably had his reasons, but in these days, after the crazy shit we�ve seen� I think everyone in the squad is a bit tetchy about one of his comrades loosing their minds and turning a gun on them.

I got so nervy about Smithy I stayed in the police station over the way last night. He was getting a bit too �trigger happy� for my liking. The vagrants took me in and patched up some of my wounds. And then I headed back to the theatre when I felt a little more �stable�

That�s another thing, I�m a medic, I should be able to patch myself up if I need too. But supplys are so scarce, I don�t even have a pack of plasters to fix the cuts on my fingers.

I miss Emily so much�

Dr Richard J Crypt, H.A.Z Squad medic.

14/11/05 9.05

Almost a month since my lest entry into this thing. Not much has been going on. We're still at the cinema. Holding up a pretty tight base here.

Looks like the dead are back in business, the place is swarming again. At least Smithy is enjoying it.

13/02/06 0200 hours

I thought I had lost this journal, but it was at the bottom of my backpack.

Things are looking up, we've had a rough time since my last entry. But now we're back in Shearbank and staying with a mighty fine bunch of warriors known as the Bellhop Boppers. Things arnt as perfect as they could be. We've lost alot of men since we got here. Spudulike and sioul went to fort creedy and we didnt hear from them again. Maybe they made it. Maybe they are still alive. Who knows. Kati just dissapeard. I fear the worse for her. A young girl trapped in a city full of lonely soldiers and the hungry dead. Lone Survivor went too. Did he leave with Kati? Accountant found us, one of our men we havent seen since dust-off. Ollyzor found us too Good to have him back. We've had reports that one of our men is walking around as a zombie. Shouldnt be long untill we find him.

The zombies are no longer just a shambling threat. They are now an organized army. Over the time we have been here we have watched them evolve from slow,mumbling pests. To screaming death machines. They wiped out our last two bases. It's scary now.

Valentines tommorow. Maybe I'll find a pretty dead girl to give a card too ;)

Singing out

Dr Richard Crypt.H.A.Z Squad medic.

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