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Starting Occupation: Scientist
Group Membership: Creedy_Defense_Force
Goals: save as many as possible
Username: Shadowstar
More details: Urban Dead profile

Between the front cover and the first page of the journal are a small bouquet of lilacs, pressed flat.

If found, return this journal to the Fort Creedy area.

All the little angels rise up, rise up, all the little angels rise up high.

Truth! Freedom! Justice! Reasonably priced love! And a hardboiled egg!

October 2005

October 22

The rumours of my death have been slightly exaggerated. I've been killed five times in the past week, a few times it was twice in one day, but I've figured out how to get up quickly now. I've gone into hiding now, and hope that no one will find me. I met someone just before one of my deaths who was exactly like me, but when I'd been revived, I found that she'd been murdered: 10 bullets in the back. She didn't get back up. I hope that this means that whatever it is creating the zombies is leaving the environment, but I fear she is like me and simply hiding in a mass of bodies.

I suspect I'll be hiding here for a long time now. When the zombies aren't looking, I pull out a PDA and continue my work. I can't imagine how I must look right now. I'm glad all the mirrors were broken... means I'll never have to look at this. I can't help but wonder if we just think we're human now. How can first aid kits and needles really bring us back to full health? They can't. We're all dead already.

October 15

I live again! A private eye came and healed me. There was an attack at a NecroTech Building last night. I had no energy after standing up, so pretty much all I did was use first aid kits on the people most involved in the fighting. I think I swung an axe a few times.

Hey, you know, I've lost a lot of weight while here. If anyone wants a new diet plan, I think living in a zombie-infested city is good. I mean, you don't eat too much, you get a lot of exercise...

October 14


October 13

I feel sick. I lay on the ground for hours. I saw people passing while I was lying there. Freaky. Then I got up and someone revived me and I spent more time lying on the ground. I could see everything. When the doors to the building I lay in front of opened, I stood up and ran inside, closed them, and barricaded them. There was a zombie there. I revived him. I need to lie down just for a minute.

October 11

Well, I've decided it's a waste. That NecTech building had to be abandoned, but luckily, the bit of the system that I got online is still up. Any human groups who would like to access the NecTech Subsystem I brought online (login with test;test to see a little bit of what it looks like), try to send a note. You'll have to get it powered by your own team though. Only verified NecTech scientists in a recognizably human group not known to kill others will be given an access key for their area.

I'm working on additional features every time I get into a NecTech building, but they're all full of Them. Might be a while before I can do any more updates.


The pages are getting wet from dead body oozing.

October 10

I got in to the NecTech building while the zombies were vacant again. Everyone else was unconscious, and I did what I could to help them, but I know it won't be enough.

I was able to stay there long enough to get a small portion of the Malton NecTech system online. The power generation's still a bit wonky, but I managed to get access to one of the NecTech Subsystems. I guess we'll see how long it lasts, right? I added some passwording features to make sure that They can't use it against us in case of the collapse of the CDF... I'm not sure They have the brainpower, what with the rot and all, but I'm not willing to take the chance.

October 9

The zombies are still there in the building. I saw two that I had revived before, and I had one more epipen so I revived one of them and attacked the other. I really wish the people in there would get out... I upgraded the barricades to strong.

The zombies weren't exactly... asleep, but they didn't seem to notice anything I was doing. The zombies just had this vacant stare... Something related to the zombification process, perhaps?

October 8

So very tired... I found another two epipens today, which puts me back up at three. If only zombies wouldn't keep breaking down the barricades... I'm going to rest in the Kray Towers, try to regain my strength. I'm just so tired... I don't know what's causing this malaise... Maybe it's the fact that none of us have had a really good meal in a while. Wine and beer aren't substitutes for real food.

There was a calendar hanging off of the wall upstairs when I was looking for my syringes. Someone had been marking off the dates on here, instead of on the walls downstairs like everyone else, but the marks stopped midway through September. I've resolved to find this person, even if they're just a dead body lying on the ground now.

I've reloaded my weapons: 1.5 shotguns full, 3 pistols. I've also taken the opportunity to join with the Defenders of Fort Creedy. Maybe when I'm back up to a large number of revives, I'll head over to revive point alpha. Is it true that some zombies retain the presence of mind to go to a place for a revival? Or is it more a matter of trying to return to familiar places? I think some research on this would be an important finding.

I've made a lot of discoveries out here. Pity I can't send them to Science.


The NecTech building was invaded. I had to go get some first aid kits, but there don't seem to be any to find. I can't help anyone over there right now. There seems to be a constant stream that was coming in: they'd kill one, and another would take it's place. Barricading doesn't seem to help. I didn't go outside to assess the situation, but I can only guess that there must be a large number. I've heard that They are heading to Fort Creedy. I guess all the NecTech buildings in the area are good targets so that we can't revive them. I'm going to spend some more time searching for first aid kits here. Hopefully others will help there. I'm such a coward...

October 7

Wow! I woke up after a nap in the afternoon, and there was a zombie just standing there in the middle of the room. They even said something to me, but I didn't understand. Someone had already checked their DNA, but I took a chance and tried my epipen (that's what I've started calling the revive needles lately, as though this is an allergic reaction to life or something)-- and it worked! Marloc fell to the ground as the serum started to work.

It's disturbing that there was a zombie here though, even if the zombie wasn't hostile. How did no one throw it out? The barricades were still up... Maybe I should ask... but I just get so tired nowadays. Even speaking feels like a terrible hardship.

I found three more revive needles during the night and morning before I went for my nap. I'm feeling so tired though. I hope I'm not sick. That'd be just what I need, wouldn't it... I'm sure living in such cramped quarters-- with rotting zombies and bodies all over the place-- isn't good for anyone.

I'm going to go back up to the twelfth floor with my NecTech access pass. I've been trying to find out where the outbreak started, but there's no real information in the files. Bet it was all in the computers. Maybe I can come up with a generator or something. Just need some magnets.


The zombies! I came down from the twelfth and found Them inside! The barricades have collapsed, and a brain-rotted zombie is inside! I tried a revival on him-- damn whoever didn't leave him un-dna'd. I've left papers in the area to ask for help, but I fear it will be too late...

October 6

I can't believe how hard it's been to stay alive. After my apparent death during the destruction of Tynte_Mall, a good friend revived me, but I haven't felt the same since. I know I can save them! But... so many don't seem to want to be saved. Brain rot has been taking hold amongst many of the fallen. I revive when I can, and try to put them down if the rot has destroyed the possibility of revival. My DNA extractor is my most important tool these days.

I've revived over 15 people in the last two days, but now my needles are gone. I've seen many infected recently as well. They don't complain, don't even ask for help though they must know they'll be dead if they don't get to a medic. At least we're all well protected by the new management at Tynte (until the next time They come by). I fear for those living I see though. We're all afraid to talk about action against the undead lest their spies report back. I don't know how these people have done it, but they've made deals with the devil. I've even heard reports of survivors killing others! I don't understand why they'd do that: isn't the horde outside the doors enough to vent their terrible violence?

We need to band together. Before it's too late...

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