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July 16, 2008.

Today I'm being sent into Monroeville as a military scout. The quarantine has been lifted for about a month, and will probably be reinstated soon. Recently, the only news I've heard about Monroeville lately hasn't been good--rumor is, the fight isn't going well for the survivors--but I guess I be seeing for myself just how bad it is, won't I?

I have to admit, I'm pretty nervous. But somehow, the idea of being dropped into the quarantined city is kind of exciting.


I have been dropped into South Monroeville. Quite a few buildings in the area are ruined, but some are still intact. There is a surprising number of survivors in the area, and well as a hospital and police department, although none of the buildings in the area appear to have power. However, I did mange to find a few medical supplies in the hospital.

I've had my first encounter with the zombies, although I kept my distance. We were fully briefed before being sent in, but it still takes seeing the damage--not to mention, the zombies themselves--to fully believe it.

The building I decided to spend the night in is tall enough to use my binoculars from the roof. Currently, there are four zombies to the northeast.

July 17, 2008.

I spent most of the morning looking for more medical supplies in the nearby hospital. The hospital's barricades are down and three zombies are wandering it's halls. One zombie broke into the police department, but apparently the barricades have been brought back up.

July 18, 2008.

I went out scavenging today and found quite a few useful items: a pistol and two clips, a fire axe, a handheld radio, some fuel, and a toolbox.

There are now seven zombies in Geary Plaza Police Department, along with seven more outside, and it's barricades are down. I'm honestly not sure we can hold them off. I took a couple shots and one of the zombies, but only hit once; I haven't had much in the way of firearms training. The local hospital is in ruins. The only good news to offer is that the factory north of us is lit.

While I've been writing, some news has arrived: Geary has fallen.

July 19, 2008.

The lights are back on in the hospital, so I went to find more medical supplies. There seem to be fewer zombies in the area today; I hope that isn't just wishful thinking.

July 20, 2008.

The zombies are slowly making process at taking down the building in the area. I should probably think about moving on, but I'm not sure where to go. I'm not sure if anywhere else is any safer than being here.

July 21, 2008.

The zombies have been beating on our barricades all night; they probably won't hold much longer. I've moved to a safer building.

July 22, 2008.

Except for the few around us, most of the buildings in the area seem to be in ruins. I've been able to learn a little about creating barricades and repairing buildings. Hopefully I can help repair some of the damage that the zombies have caused.

July 23, 2008.

Last night, zombies broke into the building I was staying in. I got clawed up pretty bad. Currently, I'm in a nearby factory that still has power and barricades, but I'm planning on finding a different area to stay in. No news over the radio, so I suppose I just pick a direction and go.

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