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St James
Name: "Saint" James Smith
Age: 27
Place of birth: Portland OR
Occupation: Emergency medical technician
Awards: Henry Dunant Medal
Current Status: DEAD
Location: Earletown suburb, Malton
Current Level: 25
Heals: 311 (As of 05th May 08)
Deaths: 8
Group: Malton Red Cross The Dead
Character Details: Urban Dead profile
Journal: Journal:St James

Searching Clare General Hospital you find a black book. You almost toss it aside, mistaking it to be another medical text book or journal, then you notice something unusual.

Opening the book you notice a medal pinned to the inside front cover. On closer inspection it appears to the Henry Dunant Medal, awarded to International Red Cross workers. Underneath this is a faded picture of a young woman.

You open the book to the first page. It appears to be journal chronicling the life of a medic working in middle eastern countries. You skip ahead to the year of the outbreak.

This is the journal of User:St james




I writing this to help me understand. To make the world explain itself to me, to control it. Because if I dont get a handle on what has happened to me, I will not able to prevent myself from taking my own life.

Yesterday I came into being, I was born. A fully formed adult with a mind full of reason and morality. This body has lived another life. Perhaps many hundreds of lives. However, today has been the second day of MY life.

After I came to I walked through a mile of rumble, burnt out buildings and past some of the strangest corpses I’ve ever seen.

I am alone in this world. Yet I understand that to be alone is a concept, one that has a relation to the existence of others. Reading the street signs and the lifeless forms of those around me told me that there had once been others like me here.


All the streets are empty.

I found no signs of life until I stumbled upon Clare General Hospital. Something in my mind pulled my feet towards its doors. Almost as if I was returning to familiar ground.

Inside I found At least 30 patients suffering the most unusual sorts of injuries. Most disturbingly, some had bite lesions. These marks do not suggest canine made wounds. At the sight of this I immediately offered my assistance, though the doctor in charge was too tired to tell me anymore than where I could find First Aid Supplies.

I’ll start my search for Rebecca tomorrow.


One of the patients told me today that Malton is infested with the undead. What a ridiculous story, he’s obviously suffering so sort of Post Traumatic Stress related disorder.


I spoke to a man today on the Hospitals only Radio system. He was recruiting for the Malton Red Cross. I immediately offered my services. He wished me “the best of luck”.



Words cannot explain. Its true. The dead really have returned.

Too sick to write anymore.


More patients flood in everyday. The doctor has gone missing. The great realization I experienced on Wednesday has finally sunk in. Thank god there was only one of them outside the hospital. I may not be so lucky next time.

Hopefully drink will help me through this.


I discovered a map of the city today. Its size is immense. At least 100 suburbs, I seem to be in Earletown in the northeast. I feel compelled to leave here.


I have decided on a course of action. I’m relocating to Santlerville to help in a Mall siege. A helpful patient taught me the basics of free running, a technique which seems popular amongst the survivors here.


I’ve arrived at the mall. Free running is an incredibly effective technique. The place is large with many stores. I was encouraged to loot the stores in search of supplies and began healing the multitudes of saviors I found there.


I took my first look at the horde besieging the mall today. It made my brain hurt. Hundreds of walking dead. Its not right. What has gone wrong here?? I didn’t receive much information from the survivors. I have decided to stay until the situation resolves one way or the other.


I have become obsessed with observing the horde for sight of Rebecca. A survivor pointed out to me that I have become emaciated. I’ve been forced to stop drinking due to the lack of alcohol in the city. It seems people have already had this idea. He suggested I rested more often. I was assured that the siege would soon be over.


They broke in today. The smell was overpowering. I did all I could to reinforce the barricades along with other survivors. There are hundreds more out there. The look in their eyes stops me from sleeping most nights.


I discovered more medical text books today. Though they are hardly professional level pieces of literature I am fairly confident with most medical procedures now. The tides have also turned in the siege. We are now close to victory.


Victory has been declared! Though the mall grounds still have many zombies shambling around. I have decided to stay to continue to treat wounds and help survivor efforts.


I have been in this city for a month now. I have tried to keep my spirits up. I have tried.



I am still using the mall as my base of operations. However I now plan to return to Clare General. Hopefully I can help maintain the building to help the survivor effort. My goal really should be to help the remaining population.


I arrived at Clare General today. The building is in a poor state of repair compared to other hospitals I have visited since. I installed a Generator to provide light to building and to assist medical operations.


The hospital is under attack. A group of at least 13 zombies is attempting to break through the small barricade erected in the main hallway.

This is different to the mall siege; it’s only me and a few helpful survivors keeping the barricades up this time. I have used the radio to call for reinforcements from the local survivor group. I’m not sure if they will arrive in time.


What happened.....?

I remember the barricades falling and then nothing. It seems I blacked out. Or something.

Most disturbingly are the numerous deep scratches and cuts all over my arms and neck. I guess I was attacked by those things. There's blood under my finger nails, and all over my hands. Some of that must have come from myself, some of my nails have been ripped off.

The pain is unbearable, but I’ve got to keep moving. What was I doing for the last seven days?? I dare not think that I may have been one of "them". I’m heading back to the hospital to recover from my wounds.


I've taken some time out to recover from that experience. Its true, I was zombified. As ridiculous as it sounds. It seems I never strayed from the hospital though. Despite what happened here I’m beginning to love this hospital. I expect I defended it even whilst I was dead, or undead. I’m in talks with the local defense force, the BOW, to turn this in a Red Cross institution.


10 I healed my 286th patient today.


I have not had the time or motivation to write much recently. The dread and despair of the city has sunk in now. I am but another survivor clinging onto life in this forgotten place. For the second time this week I am at Dulston’s mall, restocking my supplies of First Aid Kits.


I have remained at Dulston mall. This life is getting too difficult to bear. I have considered taking the easy way out on a number of occasions. All that has stopped me is the thought that Rebecca is still alive somewhere. After I have had a significant rest at this location I plan to move further into the city, in search of more dangerous suburbs, where my expertise will be greater demand. For now I will find a safe place to hide and rest.


The pages between July of 2007 and April of 2008 are mostly blank. Here and there are lists of places with crosses next to them, and lists of items, mostly food and esstential survival equipment.



I found this diary again today. Reading the old entries almost makes me laugh. I was so different then. It’s been a year since I moved into my hide out in Dulston’s Mall. I have such a great set up, it’s almost like the plague isn't happening. I have plenty of food and water, sound proof walls and all the entertainment I could wish for with the help of the wind up generator I built.

I’ve been so out of the whole situation in the city that I didn’t even notice the break in that occurred in February. The creatures raided the whole of the mall. They didn’t find my hiding place though. I guess that’s a testament to my building and supply gathering skills.

I guess I became resigned to the fact that the plague was probably elsewhere by now so I might as well make myself comfortable. In the rush to set up this home from home I totally forgot about the diary. Seeing it again reminds me of what I put to the back of my mind. The search for Rebecca is over. She's dead. I’m all over it now. But I can't live like this any longer. There are other people to help. And I have the power to help them and I’m not using it.

I’ve got back into contact with the Malton Red Cross again. They assumed I was dead, rightly so. I haven't really spoken to anyone properly for almost a year. I’m waiting for orders. When I get them I'll leave this place behind.


It’s nice to go free running and be helping the injured after all this time. It gives me reason to go on.



I healed my 300drth person today. Remembering all those faces helps me retain what is left of my sanity.


Ive made plans to move into St Ninian's Hospital (Pescodside) while I wait for news from The Malton Red Cross. I went over and inspected it today, its certainly in much better condition than Clare General.


After waiting 8 days for fellow Red Cross members to arrive, I have decide to move again since the undead presence in Dulston is too high. I am now relocating to Ridleybank.



13 This diary is redundant. It has been exactly two years since I have recorded anything. Within that time I have been forced to experience the destruction of my consciousness more times than any man can bear. I am unable to write anymore. Hence forth I will record my movements to assist myself in the future: Twikie Mall -Dulston to Kelreher Walk Police Dept in Randlebank

14 Ridelybank - all the hospitals are ruined, I am therefore moving again to St Pius Hosptial in Darvall Heights as I have heard over the radio that is under siege.

15 Passed through Malton Zoo for the first time, found the hospitals in Eastonwood to be completely destroyed




I awake with blood on my hands. According to the pale faces I see before me, over two years have passed since St Matthews Hospital in Gatcombeton was overrun. The light bulbs slowly burning out in that hospital is the last thing I can recall. I am cold.

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