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Decmber 30,2006

Well, today the milatry asked me if i wanted to be a secout for there army. i said yes because i had no other choice and they sved by butt a few times. they gave me a armband that said"Army Scout" and thay gave me a flare gun and thier commder said that if you see a large horde of zombies, then shoot the falre up and we'll go in thier to kill them." Then they sent me off to a surab called Danversbank. I nver been thaere but i got to do my job.

Janury 1,2006

Today is my lucky day! i found a Shotgun,a Pistol, and some ammo for them! Well, im in some PD called Voss Lane police Dept. Sounds Russian. Well, i quess im stuck here and i shot at my first zombie to day! I quess if i find some beer or something ill pop at midnghit. or maybe i wont find beer. Im to tied to think about it anymore.

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