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Walking into a necrotech building, you see it is unpowered. While pulling out a generator, you notice a flickering console in the back. Peering closer, you see it has dated entries, and you stop to read...


Various dates line the screen. You tap one, and a box containing text appears...

November 6

Today we released Subject 212 outside of The Showers Building. Subject 212 paniced, and began attacking the barricades. After we reinfoced them, he stopped and began attacking the horde of zombies that were gathering there. After this bout, we noticed that in addition to the Enhanced Bite he had devoloped during his "training", he now had Enhanced Speed. We will proceed with more training tomorrow, the horde has destroyed the barricade completely, and only our closed doors hold it open.--Pharo2i2 02:00, 7 November 2007 (UTC)

  • Subject 212 has been seen moving away from our current site.

November 7

Subjet entered East Grayside and was headshot. Subject will not be active for at least 12 hours, so we will spend this time telling you what Project Pharo is.

Project Pharo:

Project Pharo was started to make a Survivor-Like zombie; the major difference being the fact that you couldn't kill it. (the name refers to the Egyptian mummies, who were very well preserved, a major goal of this project.) Subject 212, the latest experiment, was designed to mimic human speech, speed, and apearance. so far he has 2/3 of that done, the final third being speech.

November 9

AlERT! ALERT! Code Blue! Subject has been revived!

November 10

Subject has taken refuge in a warehouse in buttonville, warehouse is powered. Subject must be killed soon, we can't let our $5,000 zombie become a survivor, and waste the last of our budget.

November 11

Subject 212 is currently in locketside, revive danger level is minimum ( requiring mass survivor attacks and revives in locketside, or a covert stealth revive strike team targeting him, then leaving silently, like ninjas, in the night/day/universal-level-of-light.

November 13

Subject has joined A massive suburb-filling horde. This will be sufficient to protect him from revival (Do not underestimate this horde. Entire suburbs have had to be rebuilt in its wake, only to have it notified by its Hive Mind and return to crush the survivors).

November 17

Subject has demonstrated a jump in brain activity. Thoughts exhibited by the subject must be recorded.

Dr. Zed

A box pops up, and a video plays. You see a Doctor, who seems to have a greenish tint to his skin. He is wearing a lab-coat and Dark shades, and has long and unkempt hair.

Zombie Hive Mind

One of zee many thingz that we have learned from Zubject 212 iz more zpecificz about zee zombie hive mind. It zeamz that hordez of zombiez have a loozely concentrated collection of thoughtz, impulzez, and inztinctz that control thiz horde. Individualy memberz with radical ideaz can propoze additionz to thiz that muzt be allowed by leaderz of the horde.

Mutationz Through extended rezearch, we have dizcovered how zombiez gain new abilitiez unique to them. It appearz that the viruz that created them haz zomehow been releazed into the air, and haz cluztered in living organizmz. The bodiez natural defenzez prevent it from zombification, but az zoon az they are ztopped, it beginz itz work. Zombiez eating harmanz abzorb zome of the viruz, which cauzez mutationz occazionly, allowing the zombie to change itz intellect, zpeed, and offenzive capabilitiez, to name a few.

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