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Poodle of Doom's Urban Dead Jornal

May 25, 2007 - We had a zed group come rolling through, and called up one of our allies, The Randoms. We had the MOB leaving Kempsterbank within two days. Funny they should say that we didn't defeat them. Guess they always play the "You didn't win. We got board and left." Card each time we win.

May 6, 2007 - Today, there has been a bit of disension in the ranks. But it's all good. We'll get 'er fixed in no time. In other news,... we went all loco on the Kempsterbank zed populance. Numbers dwindled to 7 as of earlier this afternoon. Revive point is clear, for the time being. I'm just a bit disapointed in knowing we couldn't have a little more fun.

April 25, 2007 - Where to begin? Revive points are moving slowly. We have our mall back (After Mall Tour '07 came ripping through), but we can't seem to catch up on revives. They're lining up faster than we can get them to stand up. We'll be there soon though.

In other news, the Knights Templar are finally seeing some action. I hope they have the time of their lives. I, personally, am looking forward to going all ape sh..... well, you know, crazy on the zeds. Can't wait to get this party started.

April 9, 2007 - Been a while since the last entry, but for good reason,... It's been a bit busy in the last couple months. We've recieved about 7 new members in the last two months. A few of my comrades left,... they've decided to venture out, and extend their graces to the rest of Malton in their own stylings. It's a shame to lose them, but an honor to have our good name honored by their continueing sacrifices.

In Kempsterbank, we've closed both our revive points, and re-opened Ebbutt Road. For those of you who were around at the time, you'll recall that it was our original revive point. We've managed to score some action down home as well. Reflecting on my January 8th entry,... I realize my fears have come to life. Shackleville has fallen. A few of the groups from up north came to Kempsterbank hoping to stay with us for a bit to regroup, and hit the zeds hard. The zeds from up north have followed them into the northern most section of our suburb. But its okay,.... We shall repel them! We've also made a Special Ops Team/Strike Team. These ever vigilant folks are ready to go at any time for any worthy cause, throughout the entire city of Malton. So, if your ever in need,... just call the Knights Templar. We'll be there!

January 10, 2007 - Wow! Bit of excitement over the last couple of days. Nothing really major. Some group of newbies tried to step up to us today, and tell us how we're going to run the show! Ha! How pathetic?! I couldn't stop laughing at The Hellfighters. And ever since I stood up to them, and told them that the Knights Templar, and all their allies were willing to go whenever they were, they've been no where to be found! Again,... How pathetic?! Poor poor noobs.... stupid enough to make demands when they aren't in a position of power, and to stupid to stick by their ideals. What a mockery to the human survivors in Malton!

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