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January 8, 2007 - Everything is quiet. The silence of the streets is deafening. Today, I heard my first groan in months. With any luck it will be the last, or at least for a time. I fear the zeds in the suburb just north of us may have heard. I hope this doesn't attract anything that we can't handle. With these nimble warriors behind me, I believe that we are capable of handling just about anything that comes our way. However, I fear those zeds up north. They have been ravaging that suburb for a while now. I find myself tempted at going northward, and attempting to help for a time. But I don't wish to sacrifice the safty of the suburb in which we currently reside. I also fear losing ground in Kempsterbank if we do go northward for a time. I will wait and see. Time, yet again, will be remedy to this situation.

December 23, 2006 - After having been one of the living dead, I find myself revived. I managed to find one kind citizen at Bant Park willing to revive me. I would be honored to have this kind citizen in my alegance. What more could one ask for, then commrades willing to fight togethor, die togethor, and more importantly, willing to risk life and limb coming to your aid? This is why I admire this group of individuals, these Knights Templar. Yes, I am their leader, but it is an honor, and a privilage. Not a right. I'm glad to fight with them. We most certainly work well togethor, which is proven by the lack of a zed presence in Kempsterbank, as well as the amount of powered buildings, and number of people feeling confortable enough to sleep in the streets. Mind you, it is never good to sleep in the streets, but it just goes to show you how safe it really is down here. I'm glad to call it home.

December 13, 2006 - I have, yet again, ventured to Pole Mall. The Knights Templar are doing well. I ran out of ammo and supplies, but have left a great number of my fellow commrades behind to hold down the fort without me. Low zombie activity in Kempsterbank has allowed me, and most of my fellow Knights, it seems, with a greater amount of time on our hands. Not to mention that most of our supplies are lasting longer. I wonder,.... should the zeds be planing something, are we prepared? I believe so. But, time, yet again, shall be the best remedy, and only solution to this puzzle. We shall see. And if they do happen to come back yet again,... we'll be happy to send them packing to whichever plain of hell it was that their dead decrepid bodies came crawling out of.

December 3rd, 2006 - Today, it is freezing out. First snowfall of the year. I'm glad to have installed genorators in the buildings I'm currently sleeping in. Its nice and comfy cozy. Sounds a bit christmasy doesn't it? I only wish that it were. My only christmas wish would be for this dreaded infection to end. Even if only for a day. We've had the dawn, and day of the dead. Where's the day of the living? The one day when all this maddening death and decay will end? Pehaps this is the kingdom of the darklord in which we all reside? I can't believe it. This is why I exist! To end this maddness! To bring this one holy day. The day of the Living! Perhaps,... one day,... With this group of humble warriors behind me,... these Knights Templar,.... I shall.

Novemember 29th, 2006 - Today, my group, the Knights Templar, have decided to move northward through Kempsterbank. We are not leaving, mind you. Oh no. We are currently expanding our territory, as to include all the Hospitals in Kempsterbank. We were ready to attempt to do this earlier this year, but the Shacknews Horde hit us. Now we're ready to do it again. I hope all goes well this time. I am currently at Pole Mall gathering supplies before I move northward with the few brave voleenteers I have from my group. I thank them whole heartedly.

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