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Judgewood Vector Control (JVC) is a survivor group based in the Malton suburb of Judgewood. Formed by a group of residents fed up with incessant moaning, ruined buildings and the devouring of their neighbours, the group consists of soldiers, civilians and scientists operating with a single aim - keeping their 'burb beautiful.

Their activities include keeping buildings lit and maintaining their barricade levels to those provided in the Judgewood Barricade Plan, especially the tactically important buildings often targeted by hostile groups. The suburb's revive points are routinely monitored and any zombies seeking another shot at life are attended to as quickly as possible.

Due to the high levels of zombie activity in the area, and in particular from the zombie group Extinction, constant communication and sharing of information between members has been made a priority so that any incident can be quickly acted upon. The group has also formed alliances with the Soldiers of Crossman, the Umbrella Biohazard Containment Service and the Dunell Hills Police Department, and has worked in conjunction with visiting mobile survivor groups such as The Big Prick.

Judgewood Vector Control
Abbreviation: JVC
Group Numbers: 12 (as of 8th March 2010)
Leadership: Artemis Hornsby
Goals: The development and protection of Judgewood
Recruitment Policy: Survivors of all classes
Contact: Via group forum or Talk Page


Judgewood Vector Control - there's an app for that.
Judgewood Vector Control - there's an app for that.

Like the rest of Malton's north-west corner, the suburb of Judgewood has seen many sustained zombie attacks during the past few years. In October 2009, a collection of locals held a hastily-arranged public meeting in the Brentnall Grove Police Department. Tensions were high and it was obvious the people were well and truly fed up; one local was heard to say:

Zombies? Oh, don't get me started on zombies! I fuckin' hate 'em, I do. I mean, they come over here trying to impose their strange undead ways on us. They ruin our homes, they destroy our livelihoods, they eat all our women... well I say enough is enough. It's time to send them back to where they came from - hell! Except for the ones who want to assimilate into normal human society though - I guess they're welcome.

Three individuals who just happened to be passing through the neighbourhood – Artemis Hornsby, Totem Freely and Private De La Garza – decided it would be rather nice of them to help reclaim the suburb for the living, and so they founded Judgewood Vector Control. They set about putting the word out on the street, and the group's numbers slowly rose.


Not surprisingly, JVC's operations are centred on Judgewood and the group often works alongside other local survivor groups as well as mobile groups such as The Big Prick. Shortly after the group's formation, they formed alliances with the Soldiers of Crossman, the Umbrella Biohazard Containment Service, and the Dunell Hills Police Department.

The group's priorities are: -

Judgewood has three NT buildings, three hospitals and just one police department, and these are all commonly targeted by local hostile elements because of their importance in reviving the suburb. Therefore, defending these from attack and ruin is JVC's main goal. As power is vital to the supply of resources and services from these buildings, JVC members also make sure they are powered for as long as possible.
  • Support team-mates and allies
Whenever a building occupied by a group member or ally is under attack, any nearby JVC member will do what they can to help them out, whether it's disposing of the intruder, reinforcing the barricades, or healing any wounds. Likewise, any member or ally who meets an untimely end will be quickly revived.
  • Revive survivors
JVC's rather well-equipped headquarters, located somewhere in Judgewood... or is it?
JVC's rather well-equipped headquarters, located somewhere in Judgewood... or is it?
Judgewood Vector Control help to maintain a number of local revive points. They operate a Revive Request service, which helps survivors receive prompt attention. If a large queue is spotted in any of the suburb's revive points, group members are prepared to go on a suicide revive run in order to maximise the number of survivors.
  • Keep our 'burb beautiful
Ruins are an eyesore, that much is true, but tidying up the rest of the suburb by repairing, barricading and powering buildings has a benefit more obvious than simply being easier on the eye: Powered, properly barricaded buildings = attraction of more survivors. More survivors = a safer Judgewood.

JVC operates from their Central Headquarters, where members can gather after a hard day's graft to share information, alert others to an attack in progress, discuss tactics and ideas, or simply prat about by playing in the arcade and posting random stuff they may have found elsewhere on t'interweb. It is here that that the group welcomes ambassadors from other survivor groups, and it is also the location for Judgewood Municipal Court—presided over by the honourable Judge Totem Freely, this court was set up by JVC to discuss various crimes that have been witnessed in the suburb such as vandalism, espionage and murder, and to pass judgement accordingly. PKing by group members is not condoned unless sanctioned by the court.

The group also has an extensive list of individuals who are either known members of hostile groups or have been witnessed committing a crime within the suburb. JVC members are highly discouraged from wasting their precious needles reviving these zombies, and (if they are found living) are encouraged to help them re-find their true zombie selves.


know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 26.86 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: Undisclosed Locations

Outside headquarters, JVC members employ a number of methods for keeping in touch. A radio transmitter located somewhere in Judgewood (or is it?) broadcasts JVC messages (and the occasional cheerful tune) on the 26.86 MHz frequency. They try to keep the mobile phone mast located in the MacCarthy Building operational—however, this isn't regarded as a top priority as a number of members prefer to use their custom-made "jPhone" (pictured above) instead, which incorporate a satellite phone, DNA scanner and revivification syringe dispenser.

One communication service started by JVC is the Judgewood Zombie Report which is available to all citizens of Judgewood, free of charge. Judgewood Vector Control believe the information in this report will improve the efficiency of anti-zombie activities by reporting on DNA scanned zombies in the area, particularly those waiting at revive points.

Any zombie waiting for a revive at any of Judgewood's RPs can let JVC know by using their Request-a-Revive service.

Breaking News

This section only contains the most current news for this group. Older news can be found in the News Archive.


Red Snow on Christmas!

It's the Crime of the Year, a shocking murder that rocked the suburb of Judgewood on Christmas Day, as Extinction's hordes continue to beat on the doors of huddled survivors. This story has it all...intrigue, suspense, and a mysterious, sexy latin woman found dead, her blood staining the pure untracked white snow that has fallen over Judgewood for the first time since the outbreak began.

Openly confessing to the murder is high-level survivor scout 'logan, who wandered into Brentall Grove Police Department early Christmas morning, wearing a blood-soaked grey long-sleeved shirt, a torn and blood-soaked black jacket, a torn and blood-soaked pair of dark blue jeans and a battered and blood-soaked pair of black leather boots. He is reported as having calmly told the JVC and SoC officers that he assassinated the young woman for her alleged zerging relationship with one Jack DeLeon, also of Judgewood. 'Logan also accused one of the DeLeons of 'combat rezzing' members of Extinction, though it is unclear which member he was accusing and the nature of the argument, since no law against combat rezzing currently exists in Judgewood. Charges against Samantha and Jack Deleon and scout 'logan have been brought forward, with 'logan facing the death penalty if the Deleon's are found to have a zerg-free relationship.

Investigating officer's have described the murder as 'most brutal', allegedly involving pistols, multiple shotgun blasts to the face, a fire axe, and a length of pipe. Following revivification, Ms. Deleon is quoted as having said 'What the hell, scout 'logan??'

The Honorable Totem Freely, Judgewood's Municipal Court Judge, has declared the trial in progress and will issue a decision on New Year's Day. Visitors can observe the proceedings at Brentall Grove PD. Both the DeLeon's and 'logan have declined comment.

Would you like to know more? [1]


Judgewood Vector Control
Are you interested in clearing out the zombie menace in Judgewood? Are you tired of being constantly molested by the dead? Would you like to feel safe sleeping on the streets at night?

Judgewood Vector Control is a combined effort by soldiers, civilians and scientists to defend the suburb's essential buildings and keep it full of life.

Survivors interested in joining can sign up at JVC's group forum.


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