Junkyard 14,25

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Junkyard 14,25
EthrDemon (talk) 18:35, 10 January 2020 (UTC)
a junkyard

Chudleyton [14, 25]

Downton Square Club Hodson Carpenter Grove
the Harraway Building a junkyard the Hawtrey Museum
Reid Library the Binney Monument Clifden Way

Basic Info:

  • All junkyards were sealed and locked at the start of the quarantine, and required wirecutters to enter, unless someone else had already cut the fence. It is widely recognised that all junkyards in Malton have already been cut open.

Junkyard 14,25


Considered the second safe house to the Zombie-Human Alliance group Urban Anonymous in Chudleyton. Here they scavenge for their needs to survive and spread their philosophy of humans and zombies walking hand in hand in a platonic kind of way.


There wasn't much history for this particularly lonely junkyard until the Zombie-Human Alliance group Urban Anonymous moved in. After this a series of historical events occurred that will forever be put into the annals of Urban Anonymous history.

05:28, 26 September 2010 (BST): Prvt Arnold Bold decides to make sure that the junkyard will forever be synonymous to Urban Anonymous, failing to find a spray can, he decided to tag the area the only way he knew how. He unzipped his pants and peed on the place like an undomesticated dog. It would be worthy to note that the other Urban Anonymous members drew the line though when Prvt Arnold Bold wanted to seal the deal by pooping.

06:35, 27 September 2010 (BST): Chau Fan arrived and flipped when his famous porn collection was wet and smelled of human urine. After finding out Prvt Arnold Bold was the culprit, he emptied a fuel can on Bold and almost lit him up with a flare gun but was held back by kaliause12.

03:51, 14 October 2010 (BST): With minimal zombie activity members of the group Urban Anonymous sat around the whole day doing nothing but twiddling their fingers. Of course twiddling your fingers while they are on the trigger of a pistol almost made Andrew Hunter end up like One Nut Nelson, thank God he just got hit on the right upper thigh, Urban Anonymous pointed and laughed at him while he bled to death then he was promptly revived with a NT revivication syringe...

Barricade Policy

To be kept at VSB+2 at all times except on heavy attack.

Current Status

Single after being dumped by Junkyard 17,23, he has reverted to his introverted ways and lives in his mother's basement.

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