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Junkyard 9,89
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a junkyard

Foulkes Village [9, 89]

the Henley Building Loader Walk Railway Station Strange Alley Fire Station
Woolford Boulevard School a junkyard the Dobson Museum
St. Hormisdas's Church
(New Arkham)
a cemetery
(New Arkham)
Church Bank
(Old Arkham)

Basic Info:

  • All junkyards were sealed and locked at the start of the quarantine, and required wirecutters to enter, unless someone else had already cut the fence. It is widely recognised that all junkyards in Malton have already been cut open.


Jones Junkyard


Green grow the grasses, tall amid the husks of derelict automobiles.

Barricade Policy

In accordance with the Foulkes Village Barricade Plan, all of the junkyards in Foulkes Village are kept at VSB, to provide entry points which cannot be ransacked or ruined.


The Jones Junkyard is of historical note, since it is rumored to have been the sight of the Battle of Aelred, and the inspiration for a series of boy-sleuth novels.

The Battle of Aelred

A scene similar to The Battle of Aelred, but with less decapitations, and the losers wouldn't have had shields, armor, or weapons.
In the year 1345, a feud between rival Lords escalated over the fate of the Jewell of St Aelred. At the time, the Jewell (not jewel) was perceived to impart an air of integrity and legitimacy to its owner, and so it was desired by both Douglass the Bruce and Robert the Douglass, who each sought to ascend to the rank of undisputed king.

Robert the Douglass had recently come into possession of the Jewell and resolved to hoard it, so that no one else could ever lay hands on the precious treasure. However Douglass the Bruce learned of this plot and sent out his mighty armies to vanquish Robert the Douglass, who had no armies, and who was thoroughly vanquished.

After the battle, the armies of Douglass the Bruce buried the slaughtered, along with various treasures and the Jewell of St Aelred. While the location of the Bruce Hoard is currently unknown, in 2003 the popular TV show "History Busters" conducted an investigation which seemed to indicate that the hoard was buried somewhere under Jones Junkyard. Unfortunately, the owner of Jones Junkyard, Bruce Jones Douglass, considered himself to be a direct descendant of Robert the Douglass and refused to allow the History Busters to search for the hoard on his property as the Battle of Aelred is a bitter topic among Douglasses.

Since the location of the Battle of Aelred is unknown, it is possible that the Bruce Hoard remains buried beneath Jones Junkyard.

The Investigator Makers

"The Investigator Makers" was a series of fictional detective novels, popular in the 1980s, featuring a team of adolescent boys who solved various mysteries through research and hard work. The Investigators Makers were Patrick Smack, an athletic youth and the "action" member, Adam Book, the studious researcher, and Juniper Jones, their portly leader who lived with his Uncle Jones, owner of Jones Junkyard. The Junkyard served as the secret headquarters for the boys, and featured a number of secret entrances to a hidden room beneath a rusted school-bus, marked by a single saltire flag.

It is rumored that the author of the Investigator books, Arthur Park, may have been inspired to write the novels after a visit to Jones Junkyard in the Summer of 58. The following excerpt is said to be from a page of Arthur's boyhood diary, allegedly included in a submission of a manuscript by accident and discovered by Arthur's publisher:

The Investigator stories always featured a fictional introduction by Alford Hitchcock
"...there are three boys who live in Jones Junkyard and I hate them all. I merely wanted to play with them but they were very cruel and beat me very badly. Adam and Pat and Juniper, that stupid fatty fat bastard.

First, we went to the school for a little while and played hopscotch, it was dandy. Then we went to the cemetery and I got scared because Adam said a story about the dead walking. Finally, we went back to their secret hideout at the junkyard.

It was very nifty. My friends told me that they had found treasure in the junkyard and so I asked if I could see it please. All I did was ask, golly gee. However then Pat held me down while juniper punched me in the tummy. The whole time adam was laughing and rolling around but it was NOT funny.

In conclusion I hope I never see those meanies again!"

When confronted with the diary excerpt, Arthur denied any connection, claiming it was a forgery. However the ink and paper used are consistent with the materials available in the late 50s. Further corroborating evidence, while circumstantial, has also come to light when the location descriptions in the text are cross-referenced to the nearby school and cemetery.

Current Status

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