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Abbreviation: None, just type the full name out.
Group Numbers: Unknown
Leadership: Delt
Goals: Eliminate all PKers.
Recruitment Policy: Anyone can join providing that they have at least pistol training and aren't a PKer or zombie.
Contact: Currenty at our talk page.

The Justifiers were formed in mid-May at Southern Blytheville to combat PKer groups. They are currently regrouping and recruiting new members before starting their First Crusade.


Death To Scum!

Mission Statement

In a city where there is no law PKers can easily murder a player and get away with it. Due to the lack of time, resources and citizens there can be no trial for those who have committed these wretched crimes. The Justifiers seek to end this problem. We are the Judge, the Lawyer and the Jury, yet the sentence remains the same for anyone who has proven they care not about life, DEATH.


The Justifiers follow a rigid procedure in order to ensure that the trail runs smoothly.

  • The Crime
    A person is murdered, they (or someone else at the scene) provide evidence in the form of a screenshot of the PKer killing the victim.
  • The Blame
    The Justifiers see if said criminal is related to any PKing organizations.
  • The Hunt
    Said murderer is tracked down.
  • The Trial
    The Judge recites the penalty to the offender.
  • The Punishment
    The Judge executes the PKer.
  • The Aftermath
    If the PKer is related to a PKing organization, the group will be targeted and punished accordingly.


In order to join our organization you must have at least pistol training and aren't a PKer or a zombie. Contact us through the talk page and leave a link to your UD profile and tell us how we can further contact you. Also tell us why you are interested in joining us.

Once you are accepted you will be given the rank of Initiate and assigned to a Judge. Initiates are new recruits who have yet to prove themselves in trials but provided that they stick around and remain loyal, they are almost ensured to be elevated to the next rank. After being assigned a Judge you will follow him around and accompany him on trials and help him execute the correct punishment. You will be providing support for your Judge. When your Judge deems you ready to be elevated he will speak with a Marshall in order to confirm the promotion, after which you will be a full fledged Judge.

Witnessing A Murder

If you witness a murder or are murdered, quickly take a screenshot of the murder and upload it. Contact one of the Marshall's and he will review the evidence, after which he will send a Judge out to exact revenge. If you want a picture of the punishment, or want the Judge to add something to the Trial (something you want to say to the criminal) include that in your report.


Although we do not neccessarily like ranks we do realise it is necessary in an orgainizations such as ours. The ranks are listed from lowest to highest below along with what duties the rank entails.

  • Initiate
    The Initiate's duties are two-fold. They are to gain experience and provide support to their Judge when needed.
  • Judge
    The Judge's are the main driving force of the Justifiers, as it is they who usually carry out the Trials.
  • Marshall
  • Grand Marshall


May 5, 2007

The Justifiers are formed as an antiPKing group.


The Justifiers wish to carry out their objective in peace, but understand that to further their own goals they must make some allies and inevitably, some enemies.


We currently have no allies.


Our enemies are all PKer groups at the present.


May 10, 2007

The Justifiers are now recruiting! To sign up look at the Joining section. We are working hard on creating a forum to better recruit members.

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