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KFTW Dulston.jpg
Abbreviation: KFTW
Group Numbers: 3
Leadership: Donut3
Goals: Broadcasting information and music to citizens of Dulston.
Recruitment Policy: Check out our recruitment policy.
Contact: Post comments here.

KFTW - A Brief History

KFTW! Dulston is a radio program hosted on Dulston's 26.36 MHz frequency. Formed in Christmas of 2006, we started playing Twisted Christmas carols off several CD's found a Tech Store's bargain bin while at our HQ in the southwest corner of Treweeke Mall. The songs were funny and as the humor caught on the radio station stayed on throughout New Years. However, after the holidays, we were out of music to play. Later we stumbled across a solution when DJ Donut3 "found" some more CDs in a fellow survivor's rucksack. However, that night, a zombie broke in and destroyed all the CDs except one, MONTY PYTHON'S GREATEST HITS COLLECTION.

Due to an unforseen forced hiatus, Donut3, KFTW's DJ has taken to hiding. Fortunately, times have changed, and KFTW is now broadcasting from Dowdney Mall in Santlerville on 26.06. This is a temporary change until Dulston is retaken and safe.



After an extremely long hiatus (and hiding from ninja assassins), Donut3 is on the scene in Dulston. Well not quite Dulston, he's in Pescodside, but KFTW's dulcet tones will be filling the airwaves once Dulston is finally liberated. Happily, in January, KFTW was able to broadcast a single transmission on 26.36 on location in the Whitlock Building. However, Dulston soon fell again to the zombie scourge that is plaguing our fair city. In other news, when the city is liberated, becomes a sleepy burg again and the power and radios come back, Donut3 plans to broadcast not only the news but also episodes from the famous radio series Gunsmoke for Dulston's enjoyment.


Hello Dulston, I'm Donut3 and you're not. Dulston awoke today to find itself bombed and taken over by M1 Abrams main battle tanks. May god help us all. Several buildings are destroyed and most survivors are dead. Outside sources said that the order came down from the PM two hours before the strike occured. A massive joint air strike was supported by the entire Royal Air Forces's bomber command, several American bomber groups and a EU coalition. After the bombers had left, the American 10th 16th and 56th Armored Cavalry Divisions moved into the city. Several tanks were spotted running into massive crowds of zombies, killing many. Much of the city is in smoking ruins. Communications are only now being brought back online and the cell coverage is at 29% Thats the way it was Dulston on this April Fools Day, 2007.


"Hello Dulston, Im Donut3 and you're not! A lot of things have happened in the suburb including the addition of a new group, the Sex Possy. Apparently, this group has no leader and its main goal is to take over all of the clubs in Malton. This has brought some controversy over the ownership of Club Garrett. There is rumors of a MASSIVE SEXY AWESOME DANCE OFF COMPETITION for the club. Former owner of the club, Gaybait has this to say "Jeez you guys like oh my gosh give me back my home."(note this is sensationalized news reporting. Of course we are using stereotypes.)There has also been a massive propaganda war on the wiki. The sex possy currently has claims on all the clubs in Dulston, and wishes that the inhabitants would switch over peacefully and join them. "Yes.... join us.... you will all join us in our quest... muahahaha" said Venetian Blind, a Sex Possy member. Their slogan "We take the Dull out of Dulston" seems to ring true, as the entire suburb is in a hububb about this important issue. Thats the way it was Dulston on this March the twenty second, two thousand seven. Good Night and Have a pleasant tommorow.


"Hello, I'm Donut3 and you're not! With the ransacking of museums, southwest Treweeke is starting to look like a art exhibit and less like a fortress. An interesting bit of news as well: in all of Malton there are only 34 or so Christmas Trees left. There have been reports of groups created to defend the trees to the last man. Mires has been found and promoted. We also have two more people joining us at Treweeke. So in a couple of days you will hear some new voices.

In Malton News, The Ridleybank Resistance Front is continuing its massive push into the SW Corner, on Excursion II.

Thats the way it was, today, Wednesday the seventh, March 2007"


"Hello Im Donut3 and you're not. Treweeke is back in black (heheh). Please! Refrain from Pking until the horde has left! Also those on cade crews SPREAD OUT!

Your diligence and cooperation will help us get out of this situaton. Mires is MIA and assumed KIA. If anybody IDs' a zed named Gerald Mires, please revive him! I haven't had a cup of coffee in 4 days!

That the way it was Dulston! Good Night and Have A Pleasant Tommorow!"


"Hello I'm Donut3 and you're not! Those of you who have not left Dulston yet should do so immediately. I am currently seeking life while Mires helps the n00bs out! Those of you who still have radios tune to 26.36! Good Night and Have A Pleasant Tommorow."

Our Broadcast Day

For the 10's

Once Dulston gets back on its feet, KFTW plans to continue airing the news at 6:00PM, but after finding some recordings on his travels through Malton, Donut3 also plans to begin airing the radio western "Gunsmoke", starring William Conrad as Matt Dillon, United States Marshal.

So Last Decade

Our broadcast is intermittent, but we try to get a peep out every day at 6:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. In our broadcasts we report daily NecroNet scans from the Whitlock Building, inter-suburb news, and citywide Malton news to the survivors of Dulston. If we have time, we also belt out the next song on the Monty Python CD. Currently we are still at The Lumberjack Song.

Our Known Members

-Donut3- Leader, Founder and DJ

Our Former Members

-Gerald Mires- Public Service Announcer and Coffee Retrieval Unit 2nd Class

Wait! Wait! I want in!

Okay, here's what you do to join the KFTW team. Go to southwest corner of Treweeke Mall and change your group affiliation to: KFTW DULSTON. Next, add your name and character profile to the list above so we know you're working with us. Then you will be given a task, such as doing a song or doing NecroNet scans and reporting in.

Preferred Skills

We would like you to have these skills before joining up, but if you don't we will help you level up. The skills we require you to have are:

  • Radio Operation
  • Free Running
  • Shopping
  • Bargain Hunting

click here for details Supporter of the ELT
KFTW Supports the Electric Light Torchestra in their hard work at keeping Dulston powered".

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