Kamikaze Tactics

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Survivor Tactics
The information on this page or section discusses a survivor strategy.

Kamikaze Tactics are a last ditch tactic used to avoid a battle you cannot win.

The Method

1. A large amount of zombies (what ever you cannot handle) have arived in your suburb.

2. Stop refueling the Gennie.

3. Begin refueling a bulding 1-3 blocks away (try to find a good resource building).

4. When the horde gets near choose a Martyr, they then stand outside the distraction building (attack the horde if they do not notice you).

5. Zombies kill Martyr and attack the building, Zombies find building empty.

6. Refuel another building that is even further away. (police, hospital or fire station)

7. Martyr stands up as zombie and goes to nearest revieve point and gets revied.

8. Repeat

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