Karnaus Row Fire Station

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Karnaus Row Fire Station

Scarletwood [72, 88]

Meetcham Library Turnock Drive Railway Station Stayner Road
Lovell Alley Karnaus Row Fire Station St. Telesphorus's Hospital
the Tryme Building Luellin Towers Adlam Towers

Basic Info:

  • Can be barricaded normally.


Karnaus Row Fire Station
VSB, unlit
Danger Updater MDUDC 15:19, 31 March 2020 (UTC)


Karnaus Row Fire Station is a small metal-and-glass building covered in abandoned scaffolding.

Barricade Policy

In accordance with the Scarletwood Barricade Policy, this site is to be kept at Very Strongly Barricaded (VSB+2), in order to permit entry by rookies and those needing Free Running access.

Current Status

23 May 2009 - Wow, that was quick: rebuilt to VSB. A few dozen zombies are wandering the neighborhood, most on the east side towards the hospitals. --Lariat2301 02:57, 24 May 2009 (BST)


23 May 2009 - "The building has been completely ransacked, and has fallen into ruin. A thin layer of dust covers the debris. The doors to the street have been secured." One zombie is locked inside the building, along with a dead body. A smattering of zombies are visible in the streets of the area. --Lariat2301 22:02, 23 May 2009 (BST)