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DulstonAllianceAlly.jpg Dulston Alliance
This survivor group is a member of the Dulston Alliance.

– King Murek's Army –

Up until now you have only survived. We ask you, is that enough? Join us and learn how to live again, how to fight again, and how to finally break free from the cycle of undeath that has firmly held you in its grasp ever since you first came to Malton. United together, we will give you something worth fighting for.

We do not fight for fame, but we are famous. We do not fight for any kingdom, but we have a king. Our king is from Finland, as are many of us, but regardless of our home country we stand together with him. What we are is King Murek's Army and regretful are those enemies who unwittingly choose to challenge us.

So come to us, we wait for you in Pescodside. If you are interested in joining up, then come to our group forum or head over here to read more about us.

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