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Since the formation of Knights Templar, certain individuals have stood out and contributed above and beyond the average Knight. This thread is a way to help preserve their legacy for new Knights, so that their actions and deeds won't be forgotten. Some of these Legends are still active, and some have long since faded away, and may be forever lost. But all deserve our respect and thanks for their outstanding and enduring efforts for our group.

Names will be added periodically to the hall. If anyone delves into the history archives and would like to nominate someone for the hall, please do so. I can think of several people who deserve a place here, and I will get to everyone eventually.

Knights Templar Hall of Legends


Active July 26, 2006 - December 2006.

Inducted to the HOL Feb. 10 2010

Silkentresses was the hub around which the Knights Templar was formed. She began the group with Poodle of Doom in July of 2006. The justifiably designated "Queen Mother" was responsible for many of the methods and concepts which the group follows to this day. A vivacious and cheerful soul, the other Templars were always quick to come to Silken's aid and defend her honor. She was always an ardent rallying point for the Knights during her time with the group.

Without Silkentresses, there would be no Knights Templar. Period.

Today, Silken is retired from UD. For too long she remained unknown to most of the later era Knights. Thankfully, she has recently re-connected with us, and will hopefully continue to honor us with her presence.


Big JD

Active: July 30, 2006 - present day.

Inducted to the HOL Feb. 10 2010

JD was raised to the Grand Council mere days after the formation of The Knights Templar, and has been here ever since. He was the person responsible for picking Kempsterbank as our home suburb, and the Whitenoll Bldg. as our HQ. He has always been the voice of reason when tensions within the group were at their worst. He was instrumental in keeping the Knights together after the drama of the Poodle of Doom resignation. JD has led our team through more battles and operations than can even be counted. JD was also the first Public Relations specialist for the group, solidifying some of our earliest alliances.

Today, JD remains active in the game, keeping watch on all corners of Kempsterbank. He is also the 'go to' person when anyone needs a wise thought concerning the group and it's direction.

Though not as active on the forums as before, rest assured, JD is always watching, and hopefully smiling at the rest of us. He is now considered a 'Council Advisor', and remains at the rank of Grand Council.

Every Knight past, present, and future owes JD a bow and a salute. He has seen it all throughout the history of the Templars. So next time you see Big JD, give him a slap on the back and a hearty "Thanks" for all he's done through the years.


AbleSentinel Knightsentinal a pit bull

Active: July 30 2006 - February 2007

September 13 2007 - February 27 2009

Inducted to the HOL Feb. 11 2010

No matter which name he went by at any given time, Able has certainly been a prominent figure from the beginning of the Knights. One of the first people to sign up for the Knighthood, he was promoted to the Grand Council mere days later. A skilled strategist and well-liked person throughout the entire UD community, Able was the impetus behind several of the Knights alliances and multi-group coalitions. Despite a hiatus of several months in 2007, Able has always been one of the most vocal and energetic Knights in the groups entire history. Always considered a leader even when he may not have thought of himself as such.

During the Knights downward spiral in the last half of 2007 and stretching into 2008, Able almost single-handedly kept the Knights alive until momentum started to rebound. He is the founder of this forum that we all know and love. His tireless efforts at promoting the Knights and keeping activty as brisk as possible during that period are the definition of the spirit of our team. While others are the founders of the Knights Templar as a whole, Able is the founder of the modern era Knights hands down. None of what we have now would be here if not for his efforts.

Today Able / Pit Bull is retired from UD. He stepped down from active Council membership in February 2009. He remains, along with Big JD, a 'Council Advisor', and continues to lend his wisdom to all current Templar happenings.


Owen Coyle

Active: July 30 2006 - December 2007

Inducted to HOL February 18 2010

One of the original band of comrades that eventually became the Knights Templar, Owen Coyle proved himself an invaluable addition to the Order immediately. An excellent communicator and strategist, Owen made sure the group was always aware of their surroundings and any impending threats. He was brought up to Grand Council members in August of 2006 for his deeds. Always a calm voice within the group, Owen was looked to regularly for his opinion and all group plans and happenings.

Next to Big JD, Owen had the longest continual active membership of the original Knights, until his retirement in December of 2007.

Today, Owen remains retired from UD and the Knights. But, like the other members of the Hall of Legends, he will always be considered one of us.


Omish Warrior

Active: December 2006 - May 2008

June 2009 - October 2010

Inducted to the HOL Apr. 27 2011

A truly honorable and dedicated Knight, Omish Warrior defined what it meant to be a teammate. Always ready to help his fellow Knights, local citizens, or whoever else was in need, Omish was always towards the top of everyone's list of genuinely friendly and helpful Knights. Even our former leader Poodle of Doom, who seemingly hated everyone on the team at the end, had nothing but kind words for Omish, calling him "a great friend". He was raised to the Grand Council in January of 2007, solidifying his place in KT history.

Omish retired for a year in 2008 but returned in June of 2009 to help evolve the fledgeling CEF team in Wray Heights. As of the October 2010 membership update, Omish was still alive somewhere in Malton and still wearing

KT tags, but has seemingly taken another break from the meta game.



Active: January 2007 - September 2007

Inducted to the HOL Apr. 27 2011

While his time in the KT was relatively short, Ramarez made up for it in activity and style. After joining in January of '07 he quickly made a name for himself and stood out from the pack with his take charge attitude and coordinating skills. He was brought up to the Grand Council on June 5, 2007 but was demoted shortly after due to the 'MOB Spy' controversy. His career with KT continued in the aftermath, but when the groups' fortunes took a downward turn during the 'Dark Times', he finally left for greener pastures in the fall of '07 along with several of his comrades. His actions during his time here however are not to be overlooked, as Ramarez was a true hero of the Templars, and he is well deserving of induction into the Hall.

Today Ramarez is retired from UD completely.



Active: December 2007 - Present

Inducted to the HOL Apr. 27 2011

Beno was the first true hero of the 'New Era' Templars. Joining at a time when the KT was little more than a couple of members and a new forum, Beno brought a much needed burst of energy and vigor to the group. His "All In" attitude and energetic nature was a primary factor in the rejuvenation of the Knights in early to mid 2008. He was brought up to the Grand Council in March of '08. Beno was a prime figure in the Flowers of Disease War. His verbal sparring with the FoD was "lively" to say the least! He was a charter member of the HdP strike team as well.

Beno stepped down as an active Councilman in July '09. He remains a Council Adviser and still graces us with his presence to this day.


Travis Wells

Active: May 10, 2007 - September 2007

April 14, 2010 - August 2011

Inducted to the HOL Apr. 4 2012

Travis joined the KT ranks at the tail end of the first era Knights in May '07. He quickly established himself as a very active and productive member of the group as well as showing great loyalty during the summer / fall of '07 when group membership and activity waned.

After stints with other survivor groups, Travis came back to KT in April of 2010. He joined up with the now defunct CEF team and helped take that team to great achievements until its demise. He was then promoted to Senior Drill Instructor in June of 2011 where his experience helped incorporate new members into our group.

Travis has since fallen silent but retains his affiliation with KT. He will always be a true asset to our group.



Active: May 6, 2007 - February 2008

Inducted to the HOL Apr. 4 2012

Skrav joined KT in May of 2007 when he soon rose to the top of the class, providing much needed support and excellent motivation to the team through the lean times. His never quit attitude made Skrav a standout in late 2007 / early 2008 when he was one of only 2 or 3 voices participating within the group. He kept the KT banner flying when others moved on or faded away.

Skrav has not been heard from since 2008 but his contributions in keeping KT alive will from now on be remembered and applauded.



Active: February 20, 2008 - December 2010

January 2012 - Present

Inducted to the HOL Apr. 4 2012

Not to be overshadowed by his ever present prized beer keg, GoingMads actions speak for themselves. His quick wit and exuberance helped propel the KT into its glory days.

He rose to the Grand Council in July of 2008 where he remained until November 2010. All the while he provided excellent service to all members and aspects of the group.

After a too long hiatus, GM has recently reconnected with us and is currently contributing his skills and humor to the newer generation of Knights.


Finny McGee

Active: February 27, 2008 - Present

Inducted to the HOL Apr. 4 2012

There is virtually no area within KT that doesn't have Finnys fingerprints all over it. Excellent teammate. Master PKer hunter. Beloved Ambassador. And ultimately one of the greatest leaders our group has ever seen. Finny has always been the prime example of what a Knight Templar should aspire to.

Raised to the Grand Council in February 2009, Finny has led with a level-headedness and wisdom seldom seen anywhere else. His leadership and actions ultimately led to him receiving the unprecedented title of "Grand Master" which he retains to this day.

It is impossible to imagine a KT without him.



Active: February 28, 2008 - Present

Inducted to the HOL Apr. 4 2012

Fun loving and wise cracking Gakul was a staple of the KT throughout it's rebirth in 2008. He is always ready for a fight or to lend a hand to those who need it.

Gakul has the distinction of being the first leader for what is now the 'Grasshoppers Guild' formed in 2008. He is the only such person to be christened "Grasshopper Guru". He can be credited with being the cornerstone of raising the KT to new heights by his guiding hand with all new members during his time as Guru.

Gakul is still with us and prowling Kempsterbank. Give him a warm greeting next time you see him!


Jonathan Kynde

Active: March 30, 2008 - Present

Inducted to the HOL Apr. 4 2012

If nothing else, Jonathan deserves recognition for all of the colorful anmes he has given the group throughout the years! "Order of St. Joan', "Hugues de Payens", "Cleansing Fire of St. Charles" and "Order of the Archangel Michael" are all his handiwork.

On top of that, his skill as a team player and zed killer is the stuff of legend in it's own right. Jonathan was also a member of the elite OSJ team in 2008, and part of the initial CEF missions to other suburbs.

Jonathan maintains his Paladin staus within the group and offers his hand to Kempsterbank when able.


Robert Shadow

Active: May 23, 2008 - March 2010

Inducted to the HOL Apr. 4 2012

Another of the main spokes in the rise of the KT during 2008 / 09. He was one of the proud few members of the OSJ team during that time as well. Robert was the first Lieutenant Commander of the OAM team in 2009 and lent his services to all in a grand manner.

Robert has apparently retired from UD since 2010 but a place at the Paladins table is always kept open for him should he decide to honor us with his presence again.



Active: July 1, 2008 - Present

Inducted to the HOL Apr. 4 2012

Rugby, booze and poetry. Put them together and you have one of the most delightful personalities to join our ranks. Do yourselves a favor and dig through the archives to find some of his poetic opuses.

A member of the OSJ, Co-Commander and eventual Commander of the CFSC, and ultimately member of the Grand Council, Harley is a staple of the KT. Always ready for a fight and willing to do whatever it takes to get to one, his service to the KT has been invaluable.



Active: August 5, 2008 - December 2011

Inducted to the HOL Apr. 4 2012

Originally looking to ally his own group The Black Knights with KT, Vidad eventually joined us in late 2008. An enthusiastic and highly active teammate, Vidad went on to lead the OAM and the CEF teams over time.

His value to KT goes beyond the game as well. He was co-creator of the KT comic "Sons of Kempsterbank", contributed and collaborrated on several group projects and activities, and was an active voice in many of the off topic community building efforts.

Vidad is currently retired from UD.


Stan the Chopper

Active: November 12, 2008 - October 2010

July 2011 - Present

Inducted to the HOL Apr. 4 2012

Accurate comparisons between Stan and the Energizer Bunny, Tasmanian Devil or Robin Williams could all be made. He is a whirlwind of positive energy and humor. His avatar art of Billy Forks was wonderful! He is also a master at taunting and verbally sparring with our enemies over the years.

Stan has been the Senior Drill Instructor, Commander of the CEF and the OAM as well as a Grand Council member from November 2009 to October 2010.

Stan is back in the KT where he belongs after an extended break.


Roddy Winters

Active: July 19, 2008 - present day.

Inducted to the HOL April. 12 2012

Roddy has been one of the most enthusiastic members of the KT since his enrollment. Even more so upon being asked to join the ranks of the council. Roddy has always been around to lend a hand to a person in need, assist a team mate, or just cause a little extra trouble for the undead population.

Initiator of many fantastic ideas for the group, historian/archivist extraordinaire, and all around great team and council member, the group would not have been what it is today without him.


Yisselda Icebytch

Active: Dec 20, 2008 - present day.

Inducted to the HOL July 22, 2014

Always friendly but with a hint of "Don't ‘F’ with me", Yisselda has been a great asset to the KT consistently since joining. Good in a fight and with a FAK, Yisselda always appears right in the nick of time. A former Commander of the OAM as well as participating in every aspect of the KTs various groups and operations. Yisselda also isn't too shabby at picking off PKers. She is very fond of the Darnell NT in Wray Hts. (we need to get the scoop on that) so swing by that area and buy her a drink some time. Just don't get fresh fellas' or you may end up singing soprano! The Lady Knight who can whip anyones ass.


Coffinbob Bowman Reverend Ed Dooley

Active: Dec 21, 2008 - Nov 25, 2009 Mar 12, 2010 - Oct 22, 2010

Inducted to the HOL July 22, 2014

CB dropped on the KT like a nest of hornets, bringing a frenetic enthusiasm right when we needed it most. He taught all of us everything we know regarding PK wars and he was probably our most dangerous PK hunter to date. He single handedly built our Rogues Gallery on the forum. Infinitely wise in the dark underbelly of player killing in Malton. CB was at different points the Drill Instructor, leader of the OAM, and one of the Commanders of the CEF unit. One of his greatest KT achievements was the fantastic artwork for the comic "Sons of Kempsterbank" (will we ever find out what happens to Roddy?).

CB left the Templars several years ago, but the waves he made while he was with us are still felt today.



Active: Jan 21. 2009 - Present

Inducted to the HOL July 22, 2014

One of the most jovial and invigorating Knights in our history, Possum has been a tremendous spirit lifter over the years. Always quick with a bullet or a newspaper to the head, his enthusiasm in group activities always makes it a lot more fun on the battlefield and keeps the mood of the Knights up when things get a little too dark. Definitely would have a spot on the KT Mt. Rushmore of comedy…. if we had one of those.



Active: Mar 25, 2009 - Present

Inducted to the HOL July 22, 2014

Unwavering in his loyalty to KT, Jimbo will do whatever you need whenever you need it. As a long standing Drill Instructor, he kept the new recruits interested, got them up to speed, was a wonderful trainer of the rookie Knight and great wisdom giver to the veteran. Excels at retribution against our PKers and earns respect for his ability to be in the right place at the right time. Worked his way up the ranks to become as fine a Councilman as there has ever been. He keeps the KT on track, holding ideals like honor and diligence close to his heart. Protecting his fellow Knights as best as he can, you will always find him near the action, carving the way for the rest of the KT to follow.



Active: July 18, 2009 - Present

Inducted to the HOL July 22, 2014

Starting as a close ally of the KT with another group, Wayson, luckily for us, joined in the middle of the ‘09 PK wars. Another ace PKer killer who's not afraid to get his hands dirty. He is always there, quietly supporting everyone and being where he is needed. Originator of numerous team activities and ideas to keep things exciting for KT. He was also co-creator of the "Lost Templar Treasure" hunt game. Wayson has lead both the OAM and CFSC on many great adventures over the years.


Knut Staake

Active: July 22, 2009 - Present

Inducted to the HOL July 22, 2014

Being an experienced veteran in Malton already, gaining Knut as a member of the KT was a major windfall for the team. As long standing Commander of the CFSC, Knut makes the impossible possible, always trying to keep the group moving, and adding things to keep the game fun. A laid back leader with the respect of his followers, Knut always makes it work, no matter how big or how small an operation, even with sometimes limited resources. Knut is the Sun Tzu of Malton and we’re damned lucky to have him.



Active: Sep 25, 2009 - Present

Inducted to the HOL July 22, 2014

One of the first members of the CFSC team, Mcnuckles eventually rose to become probably the greatest and longest serving of Drill Instructors. Nucks is always helpful, from the beginning of hopper training until the end and well beyond. Always there when he is needed most with wise advice for all Knights. His ability to juggle the Grasshoppers and still support other missions and teams is amazing. As the first personality that new members interact with, his job is of utmost importance to the continuity of the KT. And he does it exquisitely.



Active: Oct 20, 2009 - Present

Inducted to the HOL July 22, 2014

A master of intel and contacts, Scarbs provides guidance to the group with his dedication to understanding all of Malton. An unbelievable source of knowledge, he is also extremely friendly and helpful to anyone at any time, and is a must in planning any type of op, small or large. His achievement collection is the envy of every Knight. He is also the only winner of the “Lost Templar Treasure” game from way back. Taking the Cursed Knights under his wing, he transformed a small group of zombies into a horde worthy of fear and awe, garnering compliments even from those who are on the menu.


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