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Defenders Of Kempsterbank

This team will patrol Kempsterbank, run strikes on known zed hangouts, and generally protect K-bank from hostile forces within it's borders. This is probably the group for you if you like to play at your own pace and work a little more independantly. They will occasionally venture out to neighboring burbs to lend assistance if needed.

Primary duties include but are not limited to:

  • Installing generators and radio transmitters throughout Kempster, making sure radios are set to 27.55.
  • Spray painting helpful info, KT recruitment ads, and covering malicious messages throughout the burb.
  • Helping our local allied groups with zombie attacks and break-ins.

Recent News

Aug 2 '18

Continued local patrols of Kempsterbank while branching out into working with nearby ally groups to defend the greater Kempster area.

Jan 30 '11

Helping reclaim and protect Pole Mall and West Grayside.

Dec 21 '10

The Knights and the noble citizens of Kempsterbank have been battling the notorious St. Ferreol's Hospital Noise Abatement Society zombies for control of the Jillard NT and surrounding areas.

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