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Sons of Kempsterbank, Part 1

SoK is a semi-regular webcomic written by Vidad12 and drawn and inked by CoffinBob, both officers of the Knights Templar who have graciously volunteered their time and talents. The first story arc, presented below, presents a retelling of the Templars' siege of Fort Perryn, conducted in the spring of 2009 with the cooperation of elements of the DEM, the Fortress, Pole Mall Security and Fuerza Latina. Some artistic license has been taken to translate some of the abstractions inherent to the UrbanDead game mechanics to the comic genre.

17 Aug 2009

SoK 001.jpg SoK 002.jpg

2 Sep 2009

SoK 003.jpg SoK 004.jpg

25 Sep 2009

SoK 005.jpg SoK 006.jpg SoK 007.jpg

27 October 2009

SoK 008.jpg SoK 009.jpg SoK 010.jpg SoK 011.jpg

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