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Into this city full of horror, Came warriors of honor, A brave band of friends, Called the Knights Templar!

Living only to serve, And to help those in need. Taking their loyalty To the grave and beyond!

Ultimate urban combat, In the once great city of Malton. Many will fall as death finds us all, Yet we shall live again!

Undead against man, This war will rage on, We battle for Kempsterbank, Wray Heights and beyond!

Knights Templar, Wray Heights Divison
Knights Templar
Abbreviation: KT
Group Numbers: 50+ K-Bank, 7 Wray Heights
Leadership: The Council
Goals: To keep the survivors of Malton safe and provide a nice, warmly barricaded place to stay with free heals and revives. Not to mention taking out those pesky zed hordes!
Recruitment Policy: All levels/classes, apply in-person or via our forums (see below).
Contact: Our group forum

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 26.16 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: Everywhere in Wray Heights

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 27.55 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: Everywhere in Kempsterbank

Knights Templar, Wray Heights Divison, Retired

Who were we? We were an extension of the Knights Templar sphere of influence. We were organized and dedicated to help those survivors that we came across in our new home.

Simply, we were & are part of the famous Urban Dead group Knights Templar, dedicated to defending Wray Heights from zombie threats.

The KT WH Div has gone mobile, once again becoming the CEF (Colonial Expeditionary Force) and will no longer be defending Wray heights.

You can view our main wiki page here:


We intend to maintain an area of operations in Wray Heights by:

Supporting other survivors by offering heals and revives to those who request it.

Scouting and alerting the inhabitants of buildings threatened by zombies outside to take cover and pointing them in the direction of a secure house.

Securing buildings under our care and maintaining the barricades and generators to help give those who are less skilled a better chance to get equipment for survival.

Finally, the goal of every survivor in Malton, and the ultimate goal of our group, survival.

This now includes the entire suburb of Wray Heights.


Why join the Knights Templar?

Why NOT join should be the question. We are a highly active, very effective, and very close knit group of people who have come together to rid Kempsterbank, Wray heights and surrounding suburbs of the undead threat. We work close with our friends and allies. If you wish to delve deeper into the world that is Malton, the Knights Templar is the group for you!

How to join the Knights Templar

Joining is simple! Look for any of our members inside the Silvey Towers, and they can help you out from there. If you want to be a little more formal, or just cut right to it, visit us at [1] and ask to be a part of our illustrious group! Mention that you are interested in joining the CEF, or Colonial Expansion Force in Wray Heights!

Upon joining

All new recruits, regardless of level and experience, will at first be a part of the new Grashopper Academy in Wray Heights.

Newer players will be trained in any and all aspects of the game and will be helped to level up quickly. A minimum set of skills will be required to move up in the KT ranks, and the Academy is where you'll get them.

For more experienced players, your time in the Academy will be spent getting to know your fellow Knights, aquainting yourself with our policies and procedures, and participating in operations in and around Wray heights, giving you a chance to show us what you've got.

Upon graduation, new members will have earned the rank of Knight and shall choose a specialty team, reporting to that team leader for operational orders.

Recruitment Video

A great bit by our own Dana Miller!

Group Structure

The KT Wray Heights Divison has established several teams for your consideration upon completion of Grasshopper training:

Medical Corps: Provides Faks and revives, responsible for monitoring/ maintaing the hospitals and NT facilities of Wray Heights. Also responsible for the Rotter's Revive Clinic!

Corps of Engineers: A rapid response team responsible for repairs, cades and genny's in our area of operations.

Men-at-Arms: A rapid response strike team to deal with threats both living and undead in our area of operations and Kempsterbank.

Current members

Team Leader: Scarbrand

Lieutenant: Dana Miller

CEF Knight: Omish Warrior

CEF Knight: CrisisOfficer

CEF Knight: Llamajuice

Revive Points

As of February 2009, our advance party began operating a revive point at Trivola Street in Wray Heights. We will also provide revives on request at Cemetary 61,71.

If we are not already familiar with you, please be patient while we check your profile for PKing, GKing, RKing, or other offenses. For faster service, please request a revive via our forum.

Silwood NT Rotter's Revive Clinic

This is a new and bold step for the Knights Templar! We will work hard to open the clinic doors a minimum of once per week when fully operational, but we can only open it by special request at this time. The Rotter staging area is Bingham Walk 66,75 which will be monitored for activity and your safety.

28 May 2010 Update: currently, we have only revived 2 poor souls afflicted by "Brain Rot"! Any revive requests should be made on the KT forum & include a link to your profile as well as your current location! We will make every effort to help those who ask!

Zerging Policies

The Knights Templar are against zerging in all it's forms: Knights are limited to a single account in the group in total, acting without the assistance or collaboration of any of their alternate character accounts. Any member found in violating of this policy will face the sanctions of the Grand Council.

Sons of Kempsterbank

Two of our members, CoffinBob and Vidad12, have kindly contributed their time and efforts to produce a semi-regular webcomic entitled Sons of Kempsterbank, immortalizing past deeds of the Knights (with some artistic license taken as to the setting). All issues to date are archived on that page. (Now archived.)

Contact Us

Please feel free to drop us a line via our wiki discussion page or on the KT forum to contact us, or stop by our stronghold at the Silvey Towers, normally staffed by a handful of members. Our radio frequency in Wray Heights is 26.16, or 27.55 in Kempsterbank, which you can also use to reach us. If there is ever anything you need, please feel free to use any of these methods to get a hold of us.

Always at your service,
the Knights Templar.

Major Events and Victories


September 15th Knights Templar, Wray Heights Divison has been Retired! The KT WH Div has again become the CEF, or Colonial Expeditionary Force, but instead of maintaining Wray Heights, the new CEF has become a mobile team to expand the influence of the Knights Templar all over Malton!

Defense of WH will now fall on members of the newly formed Knights Templar Corps of Engineers and any locals who are brave enough to assist!

August 25th The WH Div has returned from abroad and is busy checking the burb. Buildings look good for the most part, and survivors are plentiful in the Southern part of WH with only a scattering of loose zombies to be seen.---Stan the Chopper

August 10th The burb has been mostly restored, the zeds are few and survivors are returning to WH! The WH Div will be suspending further activities while undergoing a redeployment of personnel, especially with the zombie battle for Whitenoll Plaza draining manpower and resources...---Stan the Chopper

July 26th After a month long hiatus, the WH Div has returned to find the burb badly damaged. Repair efforts are underway!---Stan the Chopper

May 28th The CEF as a tactical unit is moving on to continue founding Templar colonies in other areas of Malton! The group remaining in Wray heights will known hence forth as the Knights Templar Wray Heights Divison or KT WH Div for short!---Stan the Chopper

May 25th Wray heights is mostly safe with many survivors and few zombies. All of the resource buildings are repaired and lit, with many of the other buildings following suit.---Stan the Chopper

May 18th CEF is currently in Gulsonside working with the CFSC and other allies in retaking Blesley Mall. Keeps switching hands between zombies and survivors; we've literally retaken it once per day only to have zeds take it back and so forth. No idea what Wray Heights is looking like at the oment. --Travis Wells

April 30th Wray Heights is back in the green! And with the addition of Travis wells, one of the original KT, and the promotions of Scarbrand to Team Leader & Dana to Lieutenant, the CEF will continue it's diligence to keep it that way!---Stan the Chopper

April 15th The CEF and main KT contingent Grasshoppers have again teamed up to battle the zombie menance in Tollyton. Together we have returned Woodroffe Mall and many of the local resource buildings to survivor hands!---Stan the Chopper

April 7th After fighting rogue zombies for weeks now, the burb seems to be back to normal and survivors are returning. The CEF has been busy with maintaining Fram NT as a few zeds remain out front & continue to work the cades. Most resource buildings & freerunning lanes are now restored!---Stan the Chopper

March 23rd Much to our dismay, a portion of the MOB along with SFHNAS & some ferals have returned to K-bank, with plenty of stragglers drifting into Wray Heights. The CEf continues to work relentlessly to restore resource buildings and freerunning lanes.---Stan the Chopper

March 11th With the MOB having eaten it's fill in Tapton, K-bank & at Pole mall, it appears to be moving into W Grayside to digest it's huge meal. Meanwhile, back in Wray Heights, an increase in Pker activity has been seen, especially by the group MITS (march into the Sea-who worship a big nasty poo fish called Leviathan). It's ok though, at best they're only a minor annoance!---Stan the Chopper

March 4th With the MOB still in K-bank & at the edge of Wray Heights, the CEF has been doing a great job of providing safe houses, faks & revives to the KT & our allies, as well as other victims of the MOB. SFHNAS has been sighted helping the MOB wreck destruction in K-bank as well.---Stan the Chopper

Febuary 26th With the MOB invading K-bank and our Gulonside op ended & very successful, the CEF has returned to Wray Heights to monitor the K-bank situation, helping our fellow knights with revives & faks, or where ever we are needed!---Stan the Chopper

Febuary 18th Our small team is currently opperating as in Gulonside with the Chief Drill Instructor Jimbo3 and the KT grasshoppers, giving the zombie group Clubbed to Death a run for their money while getting the Grassie's some good training!---Stan the Chopper

Febuary 5th After the tour, many of the original CEF team members either left for other teams or are MIA altogether. With only two memebers & alittle help from the CFSC, we have returned Wray Hrights to working order! Hail Knights Templar!---Stan the Chopper

January 15th After the fall of both Kempsterbank & Wray Heights, the KT temporarily withdrew to lick it's wounds. A very sad time indeed! Soon after, a grand tour of Malton was instigated, and many of the Knights left to go sight seeing. Several of us stayed, repairing K-bank and Wray Hieghts, which began drawing our bretheren and other survivors back to our home. Both burbs are now back in survivor hands, and the brave Knights Templar have returned to Whitenoll & Silvey!---Stan the Chopper


December 15th The Holiday season has the CEf stretched very thin, with both K-bank & Wray Heights fallen, things do not look good. Several Knights have become MIA, So the remaining CEF members have been ordered into K-bank to support rebuilding efforts. A truely sad day in our short history! Hail Knights templar!---Stan the Chopper

November 9th Though hounded by the undead horde at every step for several weeks, the CEF has fought valiantly with the main KT contingent to pacify & retake Kempsterbank. With the loss of both Pole and Woodroffe Malls, our hardship has doubled, yet we endeavor to persevere...---Stan the Chopper

October 31st Happy Halloween from the CEF!---Stan the Chopper

October 25th The CEF, with the main KT contingent, struck a blow to the zeds occupying Pole Mall by taking it back! Of course, ALL of the zeds in the local vicinity showed up to retake the mall, and though we battled a vastly superior force (30+ zeds) we still held for 3 days before abandoning the mall to the undead..---Stan the Chopper

October 14th After fighting a prolonged battle with an ever increasing zombie horde, much of Western & Southern Wray Heights lays ruined. The CEF is regrouping to rest and recover. The horde seems to be passing through Wray Heights moving North, though Kempsterbank was also attacked and currently is in worse shape.---Stan the Chopper

October 6th Another promotion! Ser Kassidy has achieved the rank of CEF Knight! We are now battling a small horde numbering 25-30 zombies, who are intent on destroying the buildings around Silvey towers! Ser Kassidy has shown exceptional fortitude & skill while combating this undead menance!---Stan the Chopper

October 1st After proving himself in a running battle with a small but organized bunch of zombies in and around St Hilarion's Hospital, Ash Gordon has become our first CEF Knight!---Stan the Chopper

September 23rd Members of the CEF, reinforced by the main Grasshopper contingent led by the powerful Paladin Jimbo3, have struck a disorganized group of zeds that had ruined several buildings in SE Wray Heights. Though there are several zombies still shambling around the burb, for the most part, safety has been restored!---Stan the Chopper

September 17th The CEF has been out on patrol, repairing & recading, maintaining cades, refueling genny's and assisting the locals with free heals & revives! We've also rooted out and dispatched several known Pkers that had been hiding in the burb, and our recruiting drive has brought us several new enlistees as well! Go Knights Templar! ---Stan the Chopper

September 6th We have officially launched our permanent base in Wray Heights. Called the "Colonial Expeditionary Force" or CEF for short, this group of Knights, while still part of the team as a whole, will be for the most part independent of our Kempsterbank operations. If anyone who frequents Wray Heights would like to join up and lend a hand for the greater good of the burb, please get in touch with us via our forum, or contact one of our members in-game. Roddy Winters 19:03, 6 September 2009 (BST)

Wall of Heroes

The following former memebrs have all distinguished themselves within the CEF/ WH Div. We honor them here, now & forever!

CoffinBob Bowman

Omish Warrior

Ash Gordon


Aaren Ryan

Dana Miller

Dylan Grayson


Korpse Maker



Travis Wells

Stan the Chopper

"Kill On Sight" List

Groups not welcome in Kempsterbank or Wray Heights(shot on sight orders given):

"Wray Heights Most Wanted"

The following Pkers have murdered KT personnel, our allies, and or citizens of Wray Heights! Their location can be reported on our forum, by radio freq 27.55, or you can report them here:


2) Crystal Chandelier

3) Storms Shadow

4) DBT

5) Klaus Barbie

6) jesuslove

7) Pak40

8) Ded bob Sho

9) Elvis H Christ

10) Ilderim Khan

11) Lee Dualla

12) Poodle of Doom

13) B0NESY

14) Delrod the soldier

15) The Brain Surgeon

12) Patrick MacManus

13) Rob Collick

Suburb Map

The Malton Suburb of Wray Heights
St. Danilo's Church Whitchurch Cinema the Bourder Building Beagly Bank Blaxall Library wasteland wasteland Kennea Way Crossman Auto Repair Oates Bank
Bewsey Lane a cemetery
Fairclough Drive Turnock Park the Fram Building Beviss Library wasteland Gentle Drive Fire Station Trevelyan Crescent Stapleton Park
Jukes Auto Repair the Setter Building Lewyes Auto Repair a carpark Trivola Street
the Byers Building a junkyard Broderip Avenue Ennever Library McInerney Grove
wasteland Hudson Place Police Department the Hickey Building Diaper Auto Repair Clevely Way the Cherington Building a junkyard the Gooch Building Sinkins Library Shearston Square Railway Station
wasteland Hocknell Way School the Counter Motel Standlick Walk the Golde Building John Way the Silwood Building-Rotter's Revive Clinic St. Seraphim's Hospital a carpark Daunt Square
Norris Square Railway Station Whitemore Boulevard Keirle Walk Silvey Towers-KT WH Div HQ Colborne Cinema Flynn Alley Bingham Walk-Rotter's Clinic waiting area Firminger Walk Monck Avenue Broad Avenue Police Department
the Uncles Building Notton Avenue St. Wolfgang's Hospital Domet Row School Brancker Alley Police Department Cheek Road Fire Station Newborough Road a junkyard Club Tinney Solomon Cinema
Lerwill Square Pyne Crescent School Bailey Cinema the Willment Building wasteland Hutton Avenue School the Bagot Arms Tresidder Alley St. Margaret's Church St. John's Church
a junkyard the Pincott Building Eason Library Last Road St. Polycarp's Church Mayer Cinema Meany Auto Repair Braham Boulevard School Whitcherell Bank a cemetery
the Sonven Museum the Darnell Building St. Hilarion's Hospital Weeks Auto Repair Shufflebotham Street Davey Way Sollas Cinema Steed Road Dallaway Avenue the Burdekin Building

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