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An archive for the Knights of the Apocalypse


June 6th, 2006

Pkdaythumb.jpg PK-Day
Remember that 6/6/6 was Pk-day!

PK Day was a satisfying success for the KOA. It was our coming out party. We unleashed a fury of death upon the helpless sleeping sheep of Caiger Mall. Combining our efforts with the Brotherhood of the Reckoning resulted in a significant pile of corpses of Caiger survivors for the rats to feast upon.

Our enemies are growing, but so are we. We remain a roaming band of cut-throats, villians, and murderers. We have no home base, so we can't be easily tracked. We rely upon our forum for organization and we will be coming to your suburb soon, in fact, we may already be there now.

June 2006

We are currently conducting Ops against a group that has simply gotten too big for their Cowboy hats. Evolution is sweeping Malton even now. Things are changing. If you stand still and quietly, you can smell it in the air.

July 7th, 2006

We are pleased to announce the long overdue fall of Fort Creedy. Allied with the PKer Alliance, the Knights plunged Malton into further darkness with the overthrow of the Creedy Defense Force, sending them scurrying to Giddings Mall for safe haven. Zombie forces quickly took advantage of the absense of the CDF and took up residence within the shattered fort. PKers of Malton threw a massive kegger in celebration of the grand victory over self-righteousness CDF.

The PK War is upon us all

Time grows short as the PK War hastens in a new era in Malton, that of the psychopathic vigilante. It is the natural progression of a world gone terribly wrong. No longer do survivors fear the Undead, but the living as well. They exist all around the small groups of pitiful survivors. Anyone could be a PKer in sheeps-clothing. It is the time of the vigilante.

September 2006

The Knights have taken the fight to Malton Marshalls/MCDU. Injustice abounds in Malton, even among those claiming to uphold and enforce the law. Fire Marshall Bill and his band of savages have grown large and confident with their false illusion of power. It's time they were brought down a peg or two. They will be given no quarter when found. Their decapitated skulls will be hung from every building of Dulston for all to see that no one is above the gun.

October 2006

After running the MCDU out of Dulston last month, the KOA have taken to the assistance of the Malton Mob in the formation of a PKer clubhouse in Shackleville. PKers will finally have a place to get drunk and call home. Bounty Hunters are put on notice that they will be hunted themselves and butchered like the lowly dogs they are if they're caught "PKing" in Shackleville. KOA will not stand for their self-righteous posses and hit-men. They will suffer decapitation from the Gunners' blade when found, and their useless deeds shall be broadcast to every ear in Malton as an example of the futility of the badge and the warrant.

November 2006

The Knights continue to secure Shackleville. As of the 10th of November, most north Shackleville is under the control of PKers. The Malton Mob, Philosophe Knights, and KOA continue to consolidate their control of the suburb with their headquarters centered at Club Cummings. We have now held the area uncontested for over a month now. We continue to expand our territory and have now appropriated Club Vicary in north-east Shackleville as a second base of operations.

Winter 2006/07

The KOA, after losing several members to leaving the game is folding and going into a dormant period. We plan to resurrect in the summer with renewed life and purpose.

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