Knights of the Temple of the Shrike

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Abbreviation: KoTS
Group Numbers: Loyal Servants of the Shrike
Leadership: The Trinity
Goals: To bring the Joy of Pleasure and Pain to Malton
Recruitment Policy: All who worship the Shrike
Contact: Temple of the Shrike

The Knights of the Temple of the Shrike have reappeared in Ketchelbank after a long absence. None no where they went or why. It appears though that there first move since returning is to strike up old arguments with The Malton Zookeepers over territorial disputes. In the past the Knights were lead by the Trinity, The Lion, The Tiger, and The Bear, many Knights also had religious titles such as Cardinal, Arch Bishop and Bishop. Many have called the Knights a Pker group as they seem to kill any and all. Some would say they are just misunderstood.

What is known about the Knights is that they are furiously loyal to the Shrike.(credit to Dans Simmons for his wonderful stories) All members are easily identified by the Red Cross they wear. It is a group open to both Humans and Zombies. They believe in The philosophy of pleasure and pain and members are forbidden to take Brain Rot; as their core belief is in the Love of a Thousand Rebirths. They were also known for their Tag of Lions and Tigers and Bears.


The Knights of the Temple of the Shrike welcome all. Members must include a Red Cross of some form in their Profile. It is strongly recommend that Human Knights have the First Aid and Hand to Hand Combat Skills. Zombie Knights should have Digestion and either Neck Lurch or Death Grip, Zombie Knights are forbidden to have Brain Rot as this would prevent revivification. All Knights are expected to be equally good at Healing and Destruction. To become a member use Knights of the Temple of the Shrike as your group affiliation.

You also must post your UD profile in the Forum page so you can be validated by the Trinity.


The Knights of the Temple of the Shrike’s underlying belief is that “Life likes life and the universe will always move towards more life.” They also believe that all things are connected through the “Void Which Binds” also known as the “Lions and Tigers and Bears”, they believe in the resurrection of the “cruciform” and revivification and this is why both humans and zombies are allowed. Because of the duality of their nature Heal/Harm Human Knights are general consider too be higher in the Favor of the Shrike as they can heal other whereas Zombie Knights can only heal themselves. The Knights believe firmly in the Code of the Shrike superior weapons, superior armor and kill all who get in your way as we move through the "Void which Binds". Death means nothing to the knights as the cruciform allows us to be continual reborn. The love of a thousand deaths and rebirths.

The Trinity

The Lion - Ghost77
The Tiger - Immortal Outlaw
The Bear - Rivermanstx2

Official Challenge
Here how it works. The Trinity is the leadership of the Knights of the Temple of the Shrike. Any Knight new or old can challenge any Trinity leader for their position. The Trinity member then determines the location, the time and the weapons. Each Knight has one witness to ensure a fair fight. The Knights of the Temple of the Shrike believe that only the Strongest should rule and this is why the challange exist.





Cardinals and Archbishops

Cardinal of the Cross - Comatoast
Cardinal of the East - Johntellall
Cardinal of the South -
Cardinal of the North -
Cardinal of the West -
Archbishop of Ketchelbank -
Archbishop of Brooke Hills -
Archbishop of Dentonside -
Archbishop of Santlerville -
Archbishop of Ridleybank -

Bishops and Knights

Title for Bishops should include the Suburb after the name Titles for Knights should include Knight of the Shrike after the name.

Fluffypinkbunny Bishop of Ridleybank

Allies of the Shrike




Those that Deserve Pain Only

Bloodpanther We return always just to hunt you our favorite target
KoTS will kill you False Knight Kill on Sight Bounty = loyalty of the Knights
Rivermanstx3 False Knight Kill on Sight Bounty = loyalty of the Knights
The Shrike False Knight Kill on Sight Bounty = loyalty of the Knights
ShrikeKnight False Knight Kill on Sight Bounty = loyalty of the Knights
Twraith wanted for desertion
Team zombie Hardcore Just for existing
The One False Gods Die quickly there is only one Shrike.

Current Project

After many years the last of the Knights have left Azeroth we are now looking to spread joy in the Old Republic. Remmenants of the Temple will always remain in Azeroth but the Panda infestation is coming and it is time for us to leave. Personally I believe the Malton Zoo Keepers are responsible for this hideous infestation.

The knights offer tribute to AMC for the Walking Dead. Best zombie show yet.

It is truly amazing how much havoc a few people can create. Long live the KOTS.

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