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Abbreviation: H4X0R
Group Numbers: 7
Leadership: w3c, Rip Tide, Rail Gun, Kuttappan and azzkikr
Goals: Level as Fast as you can; Don't be a Pain In The Butt for fellow players.
Recruitment Policy: Open for Everyone who follows the Group Policy
Contact: email

The Name

L33T SUPA H4X0R (Leetspeak for 'Elite Super Hacker') is a cheat code for the Age of Mythology game, which enables Fast Build Mode - Just the same, this group is for people who don't mind switching between Human and Zombie modes, for levelling as fast as they can.

Group Policy

While it is not possible to remove anyone from a group, we highly recommend that members of the group follow certain guidelines; listed below:

  • If you are dead, attack Survivors to get XP; If you are alive, attack Zeds to the same effect. Absolutely No PKing, No ZKing.
  • Do not buy Infectious Bite, Brain Rot or Zombie Hunter skills, as they make the game frustrating for other players.
  • Do not attack Survivors or kill Zeds at Revive Points - attacking Zeds is allowed.
  • Don't work for the opposite side (Zombie/Human) even if they belong to this group. That means no spywork, no cheating.

Updated 10th July 2006


Designation Level
Beginner < 10
Rookie < 20
Experienced < 30
Veteran > 30

The Characters below have maxed out levels at 39. Further leveling is possible only if they buy the skills which are banned in this group, so they will be inactive until new skills get added to UD.

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