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LHDF. Is a starter group set up in lerwill heights. LHDF stands for Lerwill Heights Defence Force, it is open to new member just contact sgtmilk11 on radio transmission 26.12

We do have rules first off no PKing second, do as muc h as you can to keep our suburb clean and well maintained. And finally do all you can to keep the suburb and its human inhabitants safe. Hope to see you in game


Current members

Commander: sgtmilk11

Captain: ristre

Sergeant: Goodguy324

Corporal: kalona

Corporal: Jenny N

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May 31, 2013. Commanders log.

After what seams like the worst of an all out attack we have begun to rebuild. A warning to all. Any zombies found in St. Willibrords hospital are only reacting to direct attack.

June 2, 2013. Commanders log.

Things are moving slowly but we are rebuilding. I looked at the danger map, I've never seen so much activity. Something big is happening right now.

June 3, 2013. Commanders log.

Ze purists remain a powerful enemy we need to repel them from the suburb.

June 4, 3013. Commanders log

We are back to where we started the suburb is being pulled from our cold dead hands.

June 6, 2013. Commanders log

Our lines are holding as we pump out revs but manpower is low but we seam to be getting help from outside the suburb

June 11, 2013. Commanders log

The battle for the heights continues in a stale mate. We need more people to help us not only retake what's lost but to destroy any hope of recollection of zeds

June 22, 2013. Commanders log

The suburb is not a ghost town its a haven for the dead

June 26, 2013. Commanders log

A plan is in motion that will probably take back the suburb

August 25, 2013. Commanders log

Its been a long time but I'm back and I'm proud to say my solders have stayed true to the cause. I hope they will forgive me for my absence
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