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1909- Lamport Hills is formed as a suburb of Malton. As a more rural community, they begin low level mine excavations and set up mills for fabric production.

1912- The Great Fire of 1912 burns through the suburb, badly damaging the area and causing a gain in popularity of religion, especially Christianity.

1913- The first light industry is brought to Lamport. Although quite an isolationist community, Lamportians gain a reputation in other suburbs for their high quality football team. The first smoke stacks appear near the mines in the mountains; the residential area of Lamport Hills grows.

1915- Malton's Pals Regiment is formed as the Malton Light Infantry. 2 MLI is formed of Northerners in Malton. 347 Lamportians die in Ypres over the course of the war.

1918- Lamport struggles to push forward after the war. Womens rights are slowly recognized as many of the fallen of the great war (skilled men) left many jobs open. This is the first real piece of social reform in Lamport, later recognized by the rest of Malton.

1919- Classey Monument is built in rememberance to the fallen men of Lamport Hills. It depicts a Lamportian as a "tommy" standing watch in a trench (the rear side of the trench cut away). It was cast in the foundries of Lamport Hills.

1923- The big workers strike in the industrial area in NW of Lamport because of poor pay and conditions and the employment of non-Lamportians. Lamport politicians have heavy loss of votes due to the workers strike.

1924- With the disrupt in politics and work in Lamport a new political party formed to help Lamportians ,to rid Lamport of all its problems and clear up the work problem.The party name Lamport National Party(LNP).

1927- With LNP votes rising current politicians bring forth acquisitions that the LNP have been forcefully deporting non Lamportians and in some cases murdering.Politicians round up leaders and execute them other party members are asked to disperse. Few LNP continue running but are put in jail.

1929- After a successful trial lasting two years, LNP leadership is found guilty of genocide and hung. Also during the same year a communist party takes up roots in Northern Lamport.

1933- CMP (Communist Party of Malton) Lamport Council is bombed with a home made device. Many blame splinter cells of LNP.

1940- Lamportians called up for action in World War II for the allies.First Lamport Hills Division ever made.Of the 400 men that went into War only 22 returned.

1944- German V weapons land on Malton. On the night of December 19th, a V1 landed in the Norther industrial area, killing one hundred-forty eight civilians and wounding many more.

1946- Classey monument is removed for a month while a second base is placed at the bottom. Upon it the names of the fallen in the Second World War are added. The blank spaces below the fallen are to signify Lamportians are willing to lay down their lives fo Empire and Country in the future.

1951- Lamportians in National Service fight in Korea, till the end of the war. The people of Malton especially Lamportians suffer at the loss inflicted again by war. Fifty Seven Lamportians die.

1955- Classey Memorial refurbished, new names are added and a memorial garden with a small fountain around it added. A small pharmaceutical company sets up shot in the North near the city limits in Lamport Hills.

1961- Lamportian Iron and steel works in Northern Lamport pump out huge quantities of material. Malton as a whole praised for its contribution to Imperial British Economics.

1962- Local Mobster Terry Lionheart sets up the LNP in lamport.

1965- Lamport Hills United win the FA Cup for the first time in the club's history.

1969- Terry Lionheart imprisoned after a shootout in a Southern bar called the Sidney Arms with a local gang. He killed Five men with a pool cue and one other with a 9mm pistol.

1974- LNP win a local election.

1980-Terry Lionheart released, later that year runs for Mayor and is elected in a landslide victory.

1981- The uprising of non-Lamportians as they fight back against the LNP government. 15 Lamportians killed in the rebel attacks; LNP strike back and kill 25 non-Lamportians, some not even in the up-rising. Many LNP loyalists think LNP has taken it too far; LNP lose many votes.

1982- Terry Lionheart dies of a heart attack in Martha General hospital. Effectively the LNP falls out of favor with the people. They become a small name group as the Lamportian Democratic party is elected in a narrow 51%-49% victory.

1984- Lamportian Tin and Coal industry goes bankrupt leaving many wastelands and junkyards where once mighty stacks and factories stood.

1986- Economic depression in most of Malton. Lamportian Police begin taking a tougher stance on crime as the poor begin to go to desperate measures to get food.

1987- The infamous Lamport Hills food riots where the whole suburb was engulfed in violence. Two weeks later a mine collapses killing forty-seven miners. During the rescue efforts, Lamportians unite and order is restored.

1988- Dead Dudes leading members are thought to be born.

1989- Lamport Hills drags itself out of depression as the small pharmaceutical company in the North now called NecroTech begin to expand and employs many of the unemployed of Lamport Hills.

1992- Lamport hills is full of culture. New museums, libraries and a new school is built. Cinemas are refurbished and the mines close as the natural resources are finally extracted. Several displays containing the local ores can be seen at the Wheadon Museum, which includes an impressive 30-foot sculpture of Eduardo Manet crated in native tin.

1993- The board of Lamport Hills United Football Club reveal massive financial losses in the club's annual report. The club is forced to sell most of its star players and is relegated at the end of the season. Historic stadium transformed into a commercial district, housing two clubs and the Lethbridge Building, home of the Lethbridge Import & Export Corporation. Northwest corner of the stadium was transformed into Lockwood Park, retaining the original turf at a local play area for young Lamportians.

2005- The "Malton Incident" causes mayhem in Lamport Hills and a swing after from Christianity towards Kevanism

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