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The Late Night TV Crue
Abbreviation: NLV
Goals: Your Death
Recruitment: TBD

Head Writer: Sarah Silverman
Priestess of Pain: Sheila Broflovski
Band Leader: Vapor
Product of Nepotism: Jimmy Kimmel
Executive Producer: Stephen Colbert
Insult Comic: Triumph The Dog
Side Kick: Izumi's Alt - MAYBE
Camera One: Commune
You maybe?: Bub

The Late Night TV Crue Rides again!!

Hi. We're officially awake.

I'm having issues remembering wiki-code - so visit my talk page for some latest updates until I have the time to do that.

--Sarah Silverman 16:18, 6 February 2013 (UTC)

Our moment in history

Blah blah blah

Blah blah blah

Some News Item

To be Archived: Too good not to share

Hey - Sarah here! I was killed today in the following manner:

  • Beck Ass+ shot you with a shotgun for 10 damage. (2 hours and 39 minutes ago) ...and again.
  • Beck Ass+ said "Don't ever pk again you fucking scum!! I will send the hole tompson after you!!!" (2 hours and 38 minutes ago)
  • Beck Ass+ shot you with a shotgun for 10 damage. (2 hours and 38 minutes ago)
  • You were killed by Beck Ass+. (2 hours and 38 minutes ago)
  • Beck Ass+ dumped your body out onto the street. (2 hours and 37 minutes ago)

Where is the hole tompson? Is that like the Tartarus pit? Will Chronos consume me to get me to stop PK'ing? Sigh, where are the Profile Police when you need them? Even the most efficient bounty hunters I've ever seen don't actually believe that what they are doing will change any dedicated PK'ers MO...

Hasn't the WHOLE Tompson been after me for more than a year now? Good job guys, you really suck at emptying out your 'hole' - it's ok though, I'll make you a few new ones to relieve that 'not-so-fresh' uncomfortable feeling. Beck Ass talking about hole... Beck Ass...about hole... Beck Asshole!

Here is Beck Ass' profile in case you want to kill him for any reason: Beck Ass

Here's his glorious profile statement:

CSI Detective Beck Ass was investigating a series of unexplained murders when the quarantine took place! Now hatred and sadness defines his gaze as he looks at you through his round transparent sunglasses.. Everything changed, now he is gonna survive

OK, I'm glad the glasses are round, because those triangular sunglasses really don't do shit when it comes to keeping out the sunshine. Unfortunately, neither do 'transparent sunglasses.' Aren't transparent sunglasses...glasses? There's nothing sunny about them if they're transparent! Love the odd exclamation point on the first sentence too, two periods after sunglasses, and the absolute lack of punctuation on the last sentence, which is also a fragment. Also, try right now to look both sad and filled with hate. Pretty hard to do both at once I think.

At least he was tidy and dumped me into the street. Maybe Samuel L. Jackson will find me and chain me to his radiator so I can see the error of my ways.

Anyway, HA! Kill me moar!

Kiss kiss!

It Has Begun

Today we New Valkyries began cleaning out the vermin currently infesting our headquarters St. Alexander's Hospital. They are persistent cockroaches, and we lost one of our number temporarily in the fight.

Today we exterminated:

  • Chillpill1
  • Izumi Orimoto
  • Dragon Fang
  • Ryan Quicksilver
  • Doc Koska
  • BlizZombie
  • Major Dick

There remain more to sweep from the cracks and crevices of this fine edifice. Those that change their group name to "The New Lockettside Valkyries" and swear fealty to our new group will not be harmed. It is time to set aside childish things, abandon the failures of the past and embrace a new hospital order.

Also, in other news, you may be interested to know that Zoomy is still at her rule breaking ways - she's had at least 5 wiki sock puppets banned in the past few days, and still refuses to grasp that she ever did anything wrong. Here is some exciting reading: GRIMCHIE PWNS THE SOCK PUPPETEER

So, in light of this news, our jaws are even more firmly set, our hearts steeled to the coming battle for supremacy in St. Alexander's. No more shall we allow the namby pamby forces of wishy-washdom command what is rightfully ours. Now is not a time for talk, it is a time for action, and today was just our opening salvo.

Don't forget to show your solidarity for our efforts by changing your group name to the New Lockettside Valkyries for the next month!


Thanks to Vigeous for the format of this page

... 4836


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