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The following groups took part in this event:

Legends of Darkness* Spartans Philosophe Knights Browncoats

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Bringing Darkness to the Light


Who's doing this?
Legends of Darkness, allies and random killers.,

City wide massacre to commemorate our 1st year anniversery.

Recruitment Policy
1. Be a PKer, Death Cultist, zombie or rogue.
2. Be willing to slaughter innocents in churches and cathedrals

3. Only one participant per player


When: April, 2009

Screenshot of the event
Being collected.


Black mass.jpg

To commemorate the first year anniversary of the Legends of Darkness, murderers, psychopaths and other degenerates took to the religious buildings of Malton. Shots are being heard in every cathedral and many churches will feel the touch of the Darkness. As death cultists, we welcome murderers and zombies alike to participate and celebrate our first year in Malton.

Why religious buildings? As Cultists, we praise the Darkness and the comfort found in being lost with it. We worship the Darkness and give thanksgiving by random killings. We find it only suitable to celebrate our first year of slayings with a city wide tour of Malton's religious establishments, giving praise and thanks in the only way we find acceptable.


Black mass.jpg Black Mass
This user or group participated in LoD's Black Mass to commemorate one year of Darkness. In churchs and cathedrals across the city, Innocents were sacrificed.
{{Black Mass}}

List of Sacrifices

The following lost souls were offered up to the Darkness in our celebration. There were many more unreported deaths around Malton linked to this event that we didn't receive. If you participated and still haven't submitted your kills please post them on talk page and we'll add them to this list.

  1. Det Sipowicz
  2. sgt p body
  3. Kasahara
  4. Aves Birdman
  5. Jonas Blood
  6. George Halloway

Thank you Malton for a excellent first year. We look forward to what the next year can bring us.