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Official History of the Legion

The Foundation Myth

The Legion in their March on Malton
The Octopope is the head of the Church of the Octopope. When news of Malton's degeneration reached the Octovatican, it greatly saddened his betentacled holiness. Out of love for his suffering people, he dispatched the Legion of the Octopope to bring the Octogod-forsaken town into his divine light. The full strength of the Legion was led through the quarantine zone and into Malton by his loyal henchman, the Papal Bull.
The valiant Legion burning their dead and various undead

The soldiers enforcing the Quarantine Zone were alarmed by the appearance of a medieval army and did not prevent their entry. Marching through the western gates, they occupied Grigg Heights. Initially, the Legion met with great success, trampling several unlucky zombies underfoot. But within twenty minutes they found themselves surrounded by a vast horde. The final battle took place in a carpark as the Legion were struck down by the undead heathens.

The Papal Bull is believed to have broken free of the melee and escaped to bring the ill news to his almighty leader. Although we are not worthy to speculate on the mind of the Octopope, many of our Octotheologians have professed that such grave tidings will at the least cause our beloved Octopope to wave one, if not two, tentacles in a grievous show of anger and emotion as has not been seen in an age.

Fortunately, some of the Legion had fallen behind, engaged in Octolooting, and once the horde had moved on, they emerged. Pausing only to burn their dead and assorted undead, the survivors dumped their armour, armed themselves with modern weapons and took to the buildings to continue their holy war.

Original Orders

You are inside the Octo Vatican. Ancient icons, glorious murals and magnificent paintings cover every square inch of wall and ceiling. The building has been extremely heavily barricaded. A globe-spanning religion has been set up here. It is running. Somebody has spraypainted Hail the Octopope! onto a wall.

Since your last turn:
  • The Octopope has ordered a crusade against the undead hordes. (55 minutes ago)
  • The Legion of the Octopope has left for Malton (54 minutes ago)

Past Operations

The Legion of the Octopope retains a record of all notable operations in its past, current operations are not included for obvious reasons. We try to include both failures and successes for a relatively balanced view of events.

The Legion's trusty war correspondent announces total victory.

The First Crusade

Location: Ruddlebank

Duration: January to March 2007

Result: Success, eventually.

Following our initial foundation in Foulkes Village, the Legion migrated into Ruddlebank and established a HQ in the Greatorex building. Our timing left something to be desired as the suburb was hit in rapid sucession by the RRF Excursion and the Mall Tour. Our brave members managed to hold their positions until mid-February when OctoCommand ordered a retreat into Foulkes Village to rearm, revive and regroup. Following a week of R&R, the Legion stormed back into their home turf, evicted the squatters and broke their will in a series of hit and run raids on local resource buildings.

Tikhon Suicide Mission

Location: Dartside

Duration: April 2007

Result: Success

Having grown weary of the peace and quiet in Ruddlebank, the Legion happily volunteered for a suicide mission being planned by Tikhon Medical. Having studied their cunning plan in great detail, we ignored it completely and charged across three suburbs into the Dartside warzone. The UndeadFER proved a cunning, honourable and organised foe and only the fact that our combined forces vastly outnumbered the swine allowed us to claim victory.

The Extinction Campaign

Location: Foulkes Village, New Arkham, Ruddlebank

Duration: May to June 2007

Result: Success

The Extinction campaign was the result of a successful Extinction attack out of New Arkham into southern Foulkes Village and on into western Ruddlebank. We were initially thrown back in disarray but rallied at the Selway Necrotech where a valiant defence held Extinction at bay for a month. Admitting defeat, they retreated into Foulkes Village but the Legion followed them, liberating the Henley Necrotech and holding it during another month-long siege. Defeat at the Henley Necrotech spelled the end of the Extinction threat in the area. The Legion followed the victory at Henley with a crusade into New Arkham to liberate the Necrotechs of that suburb. The remaining Extinction troopers marched north to rejoin their brothers in a more fruitful campaign in the northwest of the city.

Operation: By The Way, Your House Is On Fire

Location: New Arkham

Duration: July 2007

Result: Failure

Facing attacks from organised zombie groups migrating into Ruddlebank from New Arkham, the Legion decided to leapfrog into their home area and barricade strafe our black little hearts out in a bid to draw them back to the suburb. The plan proved a complete failure as a combination of death cultists and an overwhelming number of organised zombies smashed our expeditionary force completely, forcing panicked fleeing and much random shooting. And they say octopi don't have a herd instinct.

Open Season on Crime

Location: Foulkes Village, Ruddlebank and Lockettside

Duration: December 2007 to February 2008

Result: Success

Following a random murder in Tikhon General Hospital and in the absence of any zombie threat, the South West Alliance undertook a three suburb manhunt, gunning down all criminals unfortunate enough to wander into their path. The shooting continued for two months before the various opposing groups vanished from SWA territory. And then several enormous zombie hordes appeared on the horizon...
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