Legions of Lockettside

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Legions of Lockettside
Abbreviation: LL
Group Numbers: 1 Group
Leadership: Groups of Lockettside
Goals: Work together towards the protection of Lockettside
Recruitment Policy: Must be a good aligned survivor group located in Lockettside
Contact: forum

Legions of Lockettside

The LL is a strong alliance of good aligned survivor groups that can be found within the Suburb of Lockettside. The Legions of Lockettside have one main purpose, to provide a way for all groups in the suburb to meet on equal ground, discuss current situations, give ideas and suggestion, and just try to make our suburb better for everyone with a pulse.

The Legions of Lockettside in no way wish to come across threatening to local or beginning groups, unless you're a bunch of PKers of course. We don't push our weight around in the suburb and hope that no group should feel forced to join it, but are welcome if they decide to. Anyone that fights for the good of Lockettside is considered a friend and ally to the Legions of Lockettside.

The LL Alliance

If you are a good aligned group located in Lockettside and you would like to join the Legions of Lockettside Alliance, please place your name on the list below. Or, if you are already listed on the alliance and wish to pull your group out then please remove the name and sorry that you are leaving.

Known PKers

The following names are a list of people who have killed innocents and are known to be commonly active within Lockettside. Add to the list freely, but only if there is some form of proof. We don't want anyone branded as a PKer when they are innocent.

Alternatively use the Rogues Gallery[2] (courtesy of Brainstock) to look up all known PKers with bounties on their heads, use the x,y search function at the bottom with the coordinates from your GPS to narrow the list down to those known to be local.Please check the PK reports for each name to see if there are still unclaimed bounties. Failure may result in the DEM adding you to the list!

Known RKers

Known GKers

  • DratchAdded on 10 June after destroy generator at Josaphat

List of known Revive Positions

The following places are local revive spots. Please do not shoot the undead standing in these areas unless you are attacking a known PKer, Zombie threat, or a Rotter.

In Lockettside proper:

  • Kendall Row (26,84)
  • Rackman Row (28,82)

On Lockettside's borders:

Current News

July/05/2014 -- The LL is officially back from the dead. I brought it back with hopes of organizing new alliances and once again providing a group for all the lone survivors wandering around our suburb. Currently the LoBo is the only group part of the LL but hopefully in time that can be changed. I plan to work towards updating the PKer, RKer and GKer list since the majority of names listed are from between 07 and 09. Also working on providing more entry points for players around the suburb. Tired of seeing people trapped outside. -- Joe Riggs 19:45, 5 July 2014 (UTC)

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