Leighton Kru

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Leighton Kru

"Coming at you, gonna cut you!"

We're back, bitches!
Leighton Town - Phatta Kru Than You - Gonna Cut You! - Mocking You!

Didn't we deal with these dicks already?
~ DEM on Leighton Kru

They bought me a puppy. They told me how cute it was, and got me really excited. Then they told me they ran it over.

~ Kristi of the Dead on Leighton Kru's return gift

Ahh, fuck it. Just have Rhodenbank. It's a shithole anyway.

~ RCDC on Leighton Kru's return

The thing is, the living are just more fun to cut.

~ Gregg Bayes on PKing the shit out of your kru

You fink Zombies are tough? None of youz has ever been to Luton! You get me?

~ Leighton Kru on Malton

Leighton Kru
Leighton Kru.JPG
Abbreviation: Bunch O' Cunts.
Group Numbers: Memberships for libraries. We don't read. We cut.
Leadership: The knives make us do it!
Goals: To come at you and to cut you.
Recruitment Policy: Sorry mate, we've got enough transvestites as it is without you applying.
Contact: Don't come at us, we'll come at you.

Leighton Kru - Coming at you

First thing you need to know about coming at you iz that we will cut you. Slice and dice, slash and gash, knife some strife, it don't matter.

This iz the Leighton Kru's turf, yea? Wherever we are, Leighton iz, you get me? We iz comin' straight outta Leighton, and straight at your face, blud! You better believe it, 'cause it's not just happenin', It's happened, you get me? We iz spreading urban lead all over urban dead!

Leighton Kru - Gonna cut you

We're a roaming Player Killer group, who's on the up and is coming for your mother. We're based in the North East corner of Malton, so if you're there, lying in a pool of blood and piss struggling to keep your guts in, chances are it's us who cut you.

We understand that some people who play this game take it a bit too seriously. Don't worry citizens of Malton, because we're the cure. We will undermine and strategically devastate this idea that you are all hard arses.

Leighton Kru - Wants you!!!

Leighton Kru's recruiter slash ambassador. We hire only the best.

So You Wanna Be In My Gang...?

You want to join Leighton Kru? You want to join the most elite group of nasty bastards this side of the Thames? Quality! Ask away by emailing the following top secret address:


Then, and only then will you learn of our secret, mysterious initiation process.


But yeah, seriously, we are recruiting. The only requirements are that you enjoy griefing bitches, and are don't mind us tossing your anal salad.

Leighton Kru - Better Policies than You!

The Leighton Kru Manifesto!

  1. Firstly and most foremost, thou shalt come at people, and cut them.
  2. Thou shalt not take the game too seriously.
  3. Thou shalt pester thine foes without hesitation or pity. NB. Our foes include everyone not in the Leighton Kru
  4. To annoyest thine enemy is greater than any injury thou can cause.
  5. Thou shalt have a laugh.
  6. Thou shalt not respect the laws laid down by anyone. ANYONE!
  7. Thou shalt carry thine knife, thine spraycan and thine narcoics at all times.
  8. Thou shalt kill on sight anyone of French origin.
  9. Thou shalt kill on sight anyone thou even suspects of being of French origin.
  10. Thou shalt kill on sight anyone who is rumoured to be French, even if thine information comes from a crack whore.
  11. Thou shalt kill or pester on sight anyone with a ridiculous name.
  12. I think the point we are trying to get across is Thou cause as much anarchy as Thou can.
  13. Thou shalt promote the name of Leighton Kru.
  14. Thou shalt promote cutting things, and the selling of illegal narcotics.
  15. Thou shalt add points to the manifesto as it suits thee.
  16. Thou shalt not pwn thine self.
  17. Finally, thou shalt go forth and cut fools.

Check our wheels! We use this baby for drive bys.
LKKnife.jpg I cut you!!!
This group endorses the tactics of "Coming at You" and "Cutting You".
BuddyJesus.gif Unholy Ground Supporter
This user/group/weird alien love child deliberately doesn't support the sacred ground policy as he/she/it/they is inherently predisposed to coming at you and cutting you .
This user or group is associated with The PKer Alliance
DeathValley.jpg Scorched Earth
This User or Group supports the Scorched Earth Policy & acknowledges that all revive points must be razed and their inhabitants killed.
Hat.jpg Honor Among Thieves
This user or group supports the Honor Among Thieves Policy & finds that PKing is more fun when only innocents suffer.
SmallEmo.jpg Filthy Emos!!
This user or group may or may not be affiliated with The Malton Bounty Emo Killers, but agrees damn well that emos need to die!! Fat heads...