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Leighton Kru

"Coming at you, gonna cut you!"

We're back, bitches!
Leighton Town - Phatta Kru Than You - Gonna Cut You! - Mocking You!

Nobody runs the Leighton Kru, not even the Leighton Kru, you get me? We're connected mate, we know people in Luton, mate, fuukkin' LUTON mate. And Laandon mate, you cussin' me? I cut you! They cut you!

Here's just some of da boyz...

We're not doing anything copper, just pushing some crack, you knows it.


The Leighton Kru demands respect, and we get it, don't we? That's why the Leighton Kru is a member of the PKer alliance, and that's who we ring when we need backup or just a couple of fools taking out, you get me? So watch yourself, if you make trouble for us, we'll send every murderer in town after you! Respect blud!

Leighton Kru - Significantly Higher IQ than you

The Leighton Kru knows we is gonna be getting some enemies, but trust me bruv, we got this one under wraps, 'cause the Leighton Kru is got intelligence, innit! Bounty Hunter? We have friends in the DEM, we know where you is. Rival group? We got it infiltrated blud! Found da entire kru and killed em all? Course you ain't! You tink that we'd stick all of us up here so you get a nice hit list? Honestly blud, what do you take us for? Ain't no imitation gangsters here boi, you get me?

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