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Leo Emergency Medical Responce
Abbreviation: Leo EMR
Group Numbers: 16 and Rising
Leadership: Timmy G, Jonny the Necrotech, & Acromantic
Goals: Defend The Leo General Hospital and Provide Aid To Malton Survivors in Paynterton
Recruitment Policy: Scientists, Doctors & Medics. As well as anyone who is ready and willing to fight the good fight
Contact: Check out our forum http://lemr.proboards56.com


Paynterton's oldest hospital group is looking to recuit if you are in the Paynterton area looking to work towards a healthier Malton then we want you!

- Leo General is back in our control and we need all active members to report to HQ as soon as possible. Any non-members who happen to be reading this would do us a huge favor to also spend some time with us.

- We have devised a difinitive barracade plan specific to our area in North-East Paynterton, please see it near the bottom of this page.

- We have had several people join our forum but have not compleated the proper registration process outlined on the New Members thread on our forum. If you have signed up for our forum and your account has not been approved please check the New Members thread and be sure that you have compleated all requirements. Leo Emergency Medical Response welcomes all new members and would like to thank all new members for joining our group.


The Leo Emergency Medical Responce was born on June 9th, 2007 when it's three leaders Timmy G, Kate and Jonny as well as the rising population of survivors in Leo decided to ban together to achive a common goal. The goal was to defend the hospital at all costs so that survivors near by culd get the medical attention that they needed. Timmy G made the proposel and a nearby survivor seconded the motion. Kate Beckingham was on board and suggested a name that Jonny the Necrotech himself agreed too with Timmy G's final blessing they became the Leo Emergency Medical Responce.


Our Mission is to defend the Leo General Hospital from zombies at all costs, while maintaining and upkeeping the hospital's medical services towards survivors.

Current Goals

1. Defend Leo General Hospital.

2. Establishing a working hospital with full security for survivors.

3. Kill any zombie standing on our door step.

4. Securing known entry points in the surounding area.

5. Recruitment of new members


We DO NOT support PKer's, Gker's, Rker's, Griefers, Spies, Zombies or anyone trying to cause harm to survivors either directly or indirectly. Leo General Hospital and it's Emergency Medical Responce respect other survivor groups and are willing to work in conjunction with these groups to ensure a safer Malton.

Conduct We Encourage:

Healing the injured
Tagging over Zombie or Anti-Survivor group tags with a Leo General Medical Responce tag
Slaying Zombies without mercy
Taking Screenshots of PKer's in action and reporting them
Helping fellow survivors
Aiding new players

Conduct We Discourage:

Player Killing anyone who is not a proven PKer
Generator Killing
Revive Point Killings
Any form of spying
Vandalism(ie: lowering barricades/tagging over other Pro-Survivor groups tags)


We are a suburb united and are very willing to aid all friendly human groups especialy those in the Paynterton area.

The Mongolian Horde

South Paynterton Aces

Paynterton Saints

Radio and Phone

Radio - All members should carry a radio tuned to 28.36 at all times for communication purposes.

The Leo Emergency Medical Responce radio frequency should be used for the following: Notices and updates from Division Heads


PK/RK/GK sightings

Danger Levels

Distress Calls

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 28.36 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: In Paynterton

Phone - All members should also carry a mobile phone with all group members listed as contacts. By doing this we will have stronger communication amongst the group and will be able to respond to emergencys faster or call for help if we should get stranded.


April 03, 2008 - After several large hordes ripped through Paynterton and the surroundng area in March North-East Paynterton is now getting back on its feet and has become one of the few relativly safe locations on the east side of Malton. This is very likely becuase of Leo EMRs strong presence in the area.

February 28, 2008 - Leo EMR and other survivors in the North-East section of Paynterton are holding down Leo General against a horde of about 10 to 15 zeds, so far there have been no major breaches.

December 29, 2007 - The Zombies staged an attack on Leo General Hospital on Christmas day but the building and the surounding area has returned to human control by the end of the month.

November 10, 2007 - The Leo Emergency Medical Response has now gained control of Leo General Hospital. The Zombie Z-nome project has had a great start and will continue indefinatly and has also been used in a master Do Not Revive (DNR) for the suburb of Paynterton.

October 4, 2007 - The Zombie Z-nome project begins.

September 20, 2007 - With September seeing the Paynterton Saints shifting from a PK group to a survivor group and the current cooperation among Payntertons groups we have seen a decline in zombie activity and an increas of powered buildings. One building that we are proud to say has had power during most of the month and was one survivors could count on was Leo General Hospital.

August 18, 2007 - August has been a heck of a month with the board being updated, new members and Leo General Hospital being a highly contested building in Paynterton. Leo has remained in our hands for the most part this month thanks to our members and our friends in the The Mongolian Horde.

June 30, 2007 - Leo EMR Is saddend to learn that Kate Beckingham has departed from Leo EMR. She will be forever known in Leo History as one of the three origional founders of the Leo Emergency Medical Responce and the first ever head of the department of Medical Aid. We will miss her greatly and wish her all the best in what ever the city of malton brings her way.

June 20, 2007 - We have set up our first Non-Free running clinic at the Junkyard just South-West of Leo General Hospital.

June 14, 2007 - We are now linked to out forum, go there for heals, revives, report break-ins and more.

June 13, 2007 - Registerd Leo Emergency Medical Responce as the operators of Leo General Hosptial with the Malton Hospital Group

June 12, 2007 - The Group is off to a great start with more members each day.

We now have 3 divisions in our group being headed by our 3 founders. Kate Beckingham is the Head of Medical Aid, she and her division are responcible for healing stranded survivors in the near by area "Ambulance Runs". Jonny the Necrotech is Head of Science and Reviveing, He and his division are responcible for maintaining our new revive clinic next door at the Wares Plaza (The reviving of group members takes top priority). Finaly Timmy G is our Head of defence, He and His division are responcible for Ensuring Leo General and the surounding area is Zombie free.

Thanks to our new Head of Medical Aid, Kate Beckingham, we now request group members carry mobile phones and add all group members as contacts. Also, we have procured a radio transmitter for the hostpial it is awaiting delivery and should arrive in a few days.

Finaly if you havent already please join our forum. This allows us to keep track of our members and have a list of current members on wiki so that we all know who we are and can have an easier time adding contacts to our mobile phone.

June 9th, 2007 - The Leo Emergency Medical Responce is founded by Timmy G, Kate Beckingham, Jonny the Necrotech and an anonymous survivor.


TimmyG - Co-Founder

Kate Beckingham - Co-Founder (Retired)

Jonny the Necrotech - Co-Founder



Brandy Oikle



Dr. Erika


Jimmy East


Griphook Goblin




Barracade Plan


Red - EHB++

Orange - VSB++

Yellow - No Barracades/Indoor Revive Point

White Square - Powered Generator is priority

Policies and Support

Redcrosssmall.jpg Malton Hospitals Group
This user or group supports MHG in their attempt to restore health care in Malton.
Revive.gif Revivification Requests
Undead? Want to breathe again?
Make a Revivification Request!
Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
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Malton Citizens Broadcast
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