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I remember that day, the day that Caiger Mall saw its first zombie. I was cleaning the floors of the main hall when a tall bloody figer came threw the main doors, people walked up to him to help but he responed by taking a big bite out of a ladies arm, she screamed in agony and a brave man pushed it away.

I ran to the staff doors and typed in 3392 as a code and blasted my way through then i was faced with another bloody body. I ran back out, by now the Zombie had bitten about 3 people, i ran past him and threw the main doors.

The entire thing shuck me up i later learned how to defend myself and became another survivor.

I remember watching it all from outside a bank, zombies just burst in through the doors and started devouring people, it was horrible!

Martin Hughes, diary date 15 july, 2007

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