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This page is a part of the Survival Lexicon. The information here is fan-created and should not be considered in-game canon. Please do not edit this page unless you are certain that the Lexicon has been completed.

The following is an excerpt of an audio recording. The recording was recovered from the residence of family members related to an individual who is currently thought to be alive in Malton.


<garbled> were toughest in those first few weeks following the outbreak. Most of us weren't used to fighting for our lives or living completely on our own, so we banded together as a group. Those who had skills taught them to others, who then taught them to others, and so on, until we all could <garbled> enough on our own. Still, we lost so many in those initial few months. Everyone I knew before the outbreak was gone by our first winter or spring or...it's just been a really long time.
One thing none of us ever understood were the damn corpses. We recognized a few, and we even tried talking with them before realizing just how foolish that was. They weren't human, but we didn't know what they were or how to survive against them. Barricades worked well enough at keeping them out, but every now and again they'd get in and we'd lose people. No matter how hard we tried, we couldn't keep them out forever, and the more people we lost, the harder it was to recover afterwards. Things were looking pretty grim for awhile there, until we stopped by a local mall and had a chance encounter with some other folks that called themselves The Pack.
Things were a bit tense at first when we met them, but eventually we got along okay and spent a few nights together. Even better, they came with a bizarre story about how they had all survived.
According to them, their group used to be a lot bigger. As they tell the story, they were camping out in a sporting goods store one night, huddling together for warmth, and a few of them had grabbed forest green colored blankets to keep warm. A huge zombie breach happened in the middle of the <garbled> anyone could even sound the alert, the zombies were standing over them and tearing their friends apart. But for some reason, none of the guys under the blankets were attacked.
One or two tried to get up and run, but they were hunted down and dragged into the street. A few others tried to hold still, but had their blankets knocked off in the scuffling, only to get eaten shortly thereafter. As for the rest? They decided to take their chances, wrapped the blankets around themselves, and walked out the door, uncontested.
The folks in my group didn't buy the story, you could say. In fact, most of them were downright insulting, calling the other group a pack of liars that were trying to get us killed by wasting our time doing ridiculous things. I didn't join in with the jeering though, and when we parted ways the next morning, one of <garbled> me a spare blanket they had and invited me to join them. I didn't join them, but I kinda wish I had. They were nice.
It's been two years since I last saw The Pack. I don't know if they're still around or if they made it out or if they're all dead. What I do know is that I've slept under that blanket every night for the last two years, and I've watched my friends die all around me. Some of them got desperate when the zombies attacked, but I...protected myself...and was always safe. And now I'm the last one.
Hopefully I'll find The Pack one day. They were nice. And say what you will, but the damn blanket works. I don't know if it's God's sense of humor, a streak of luck that could end at any moment, or some weakness in the zombies, but I'm alive, and it's thanks to that forest green blanket, I say.
I love you, Amanda. I'll keep myself safe, no matter what, until we're back together and no matter the cost. That's what I promised.


Aichon 21:26, 23 November 2009 (UTC)

Citations: No matter the cost They never lynch children, babies—no matter what they do they are whitewashed in advance 19:57, 24 December 2009 (UTC)

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