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This page is a part of the Infection Lexicon. The information here is fan-created and should not be considered in-game canon. Please do not edit this page unless you are certain that the Lexicon has been completed.

The following is one of the files found on an unlabeled CD-R disc found in sector C4-Delta

Following the outbreak, the British government initially tried to cover the whole event up. Since that has proven to be pretty much impossible, NATO was informed of the issue, and several member states provided troops and resources. The problem was that the people in command still insisted on high levels of secrecy. As a result of that, troops on the ground did not know what exactly was going on, and their effectiveness was greatly reduced.

The joint forces command kept deploying troops into the city, giving them vague indications of what the true nature of the enemy was. Nevertheless, the majority of troops deployed into the city quickly recognized that what they're fighting against is what we came to call zombies, and they proceeded accordingly, carrying out their original missions. The problem was that they were given only short term objectives, and were afterwards abandoned by command to fend for themselves. Radio encryption keys were changed daily, other communication devices were jammed, and nobody was allowed into the quarantine zone without explicit permission. In several cases, NATO forces inside the city were actually fired upon to prevent them from leaving - personally, I ended up in the city as a result of intentional friendly fire. Of course, secrecy was maintained to prevent everyone from knowing that forces sent into the city were mostly abandoned there, and fresh troops did not know what they were stepping into.

It's hard to tell why NATO continued deployment of troops while at the same time abandoning them. While regular army troops were deployed into the city with seemingly non-important objectives, several special units continuously operated in the area, carrying out special missions. Some of these units were supposedly American or British, however there were reports of unaffiliated units operating in the area. Unlike regular grunts, most of the special forces operatives were extracted from the city after the completion of their missions. As a result of that, there's very little information on what the nature of their missions was - the only reports come from operatives who were not extracted because of death or other unexpected circumstances.

At one point, NATO simply stopped deploying troops into the area. There is no indication of what caused that decision, or in fact, what was going on from then until now, as communications remaine jammed. Because there aren't any major deployments of new troops coming into the city it is incredibly difficult to learn what is going on outside.

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