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This is an archive of LCD operations, the journal of fighting with honour in zombie-infesting city of Malton

Operation 1 : The Journey To Dulston

This is where our group was created. Some of the few survivors who managed to escape from Crossman destruction by the Church forces went to Gatcombeton to Lamport Walk Police Dept in order to find shelter. There they enlisted people in order to head to Dulston to find safety and experienced soldiers who can help them with the retake of Crossman. Cortonna was the first to arrive but unfortunately the area was totally infested. Suffering considerable amount of casulties the small group who survived went back to Earletown and later on in Lamport Hills. There they spread LCD ideals and managed to recruit new soldiers to their cause. Thus the group as we know it today was created. Unfortunately after the group was finally organised the neighbourhood suffered attacks from the Minions of the Apocalypse, and these attacks killed almost everyone. Some of our newly recruited soldiers managed to survive and revived our fallen leader. After issuing complete retreat from the forsaken wasteland invaded by the zombie abomination LCD returned to Gatcombeton in order to prepare for a direct strike against the Church.

Operation 2 : Liberation of Crossman Department

Preparing for a full scale invasion LCD forces proceeded towards Crossman only to find it inhabited with new survivors. Unknown for us those new survivors were CDF members leading to a misunderstanding between LCD and CDF which almost led to a bloody war between allies. After finding that our lost home was already free from enemy forces and coming with the preconception to fight, we weren't prepared for seeing again people and that confused us. After conversations with CDF members everything was settle without force and LCD and CDF started close co-operation and peaceful co-existence.

Operation 3 : The Bloody Red Cross

A friggin rescue mission. We successfully managed to attack and prevail against the zombie intruders driving them back and revived a lot casulties of the YRC. Thanks to the support of the Yagoton crew and the Abandoned , Yagoton was cleansed completely from any zombie scum. That was one good victory for the LCD raising the moral of our soldiers and giving us experience leading towards the improvement of our striking abilities and setting future operations.

Operation 4 : Silver Spear

Liberation of Crossman Department was proud to participate in The New Maltonian Dynasty's "Operation: Lazarus known in-house as "Silver Spear", a mass revival strikeback against the suburbs of Havercroft, Barrville, Pimbank, Peppardville, Edgecombe, Roftwood, Ketchelbank and Ridleybank. On Dec 3rd, in less than 24 hours, Network Members throughout mid-Malton pulled out their syringes and revived over 500 zombies, an unprecidented number in the survivor's history. Closely following the United Horde's failure to take Caiger Mall, these victories have shown that the humans are not content to hide, running from safehouse to safehouse, and we will take back Malton.

Operation 5 : A Trip To The Jungle

After Silver Spear we returned to Ridleybank, where Malton's largest horde was returning after their loss at Caiger. We suffered considerable casulties but still fought on. No help from anywhere yet the Gingerbread Men arrived at the perfect time. We still together slaughtering the un-aliveones and helping our fallen brothers fought in Ridleybank till nearly all LCD had died, and all safe houses had been compromised. After over a week of ruthless battle, we regrouped near our old home Crossman.The response of RRF: RRF article. I think we should pay another visit to Ridleybank.

Operation 6 : Return to our roots

This little operation was the concoction of MaulMachine.

Update: The mission started off with success.We approached Millen Hills established connection with local survivors and zombies were slaughtered and the survivors were dominating the area. Soon though it turned to chaos. Members of the LCD started to die. We were unprepared for such a strong resistance. When the Hospital fell any and all remaining survivors scatered. We found out that the meta-horde the Undying Scourge was our primary resistance. As much as we repect out allies, we admit that the human resistance by local groups was lethargic at best. The LCD stood alone, but we simply could not drive off 80 zombies by ourselves. After a valient, week-long effort, the LCD conceded and returned to base.

Operation 7 : Motherland in despair

RRF has invaded our old home and launched attack against Tayler Dept. Despite the resistance of the survivors and the LCD efforts there, the department fell, and soon zombies attacked Goodson Motel and Crossman Dept. RRF forces did manage to break through though LCD and CDF united front did not have any problem in pushing them back. Hence RRF's focused primary on St Matheos and Pious Hospital. The battle was carried on for days and both survivors and zombies werent willing to step up. Both RRF and LCD fought ruthlessly and without mercy willing to struck down the enemy. Most notable RRF's were Critical Carl, ZombieJoeZ and Buster Keaton (who almost managed to convince Cortonna to join the zombie forces) and who gave most trouble to LCD soldiers. At the same a fighting erupted between LCD and CDF (again). LCD claimed that CDF werent helping at all interested only in protecting their PD. which led to CDF to respond to the claim. The verbal and physical fight between human forces led to the successful breach of RRF forces inside Pious hospital. With Pious down survivors moral decreased rapidly and many of them scattered around. This led to another successful breach of Matheos and it gave a final blow to the human resistance. LCD/CDF conflict grew bigger and this resulted in to most of the LCD's leaving Darvall Heights to find a new home,while the rest defended Caiger for the second siege that came.

Accounts of few RRF's :

<critical_carl> I stood in front of a hospital with two brothers trying to break it open and went out of AP. When I logged back in I found myself revived and could read a lengthy discussion about what to do with me. The two survivors were unsure whether this is a revive point and worried if it would be o.k. to kill me! <critical_carl> Hellohhooo! I am a Zombie! I will eat your brahhains! :)

Buster Keaton : Thanks for the drink Cortonna.

ZombieJoeZ : Well I groaned and some bitch called Cortonna pops in, and rebarricades,i infected her and we had a nice chat though,she said the RRF was honourable and i pretended to be a human(Mrh?Mrh?Mrh?)before some others come in and handed my dead ass back to me.Im lying outside the Goodson Motel right now enjoying the crisp Malton night air.

Cortonna: And Joe it was a nice conversation,you gave a good loud bar-HURRR. Sorry for killing you,nothing personal.

ZombieJoeZ: Jeez,now i feel bad for calling you a bitch.

A great battle indeed.

Operation 8 : End of an era

This is it. This is the end. All forces return to Caiger. This is the end of the Mall Tour, then end of Caiger if we hesitate, then end of our sedentary lifestyle, clinging to Goodson like it means something...the end. No quarter will be asked, nor given. All LCD and CDF forces, along with all Warseers, NMD, and our other affiliates, report to the Northwest quadrant of Caiger Mall immediately, except for dedicated medics and revivers. The war has come home. Let us greet it in our usual enthusiastic manner. Farewell. And good luck.

Operation 9 : Die in 60 Seconds

We left our old home in hopes of finding a new place to settle. We finally arrived in Roywood and the hard work began. After establishing the LCD Revive Point on Whitlock Monument we proceeded on keeping the barricade plan in check. Then we decided to join the Gingermen and the MFD in another assault on Ridleybank. At the begining of our arrival at Barrville the battle was in our favor. MFD prevailed against the zeds and pushed them back in Ridley while the GM were barricading their beloved home. LCD's troops attacked the remaining zombies in Barrville and proceeded in Ridleybank. Zed forces managed to cut our strike team and half of us stayed in Barrville, the other in Ridley. We killed zeds there for about a week, strangely without any resistance from RRF. HDT reported troubles in Roywood so we decided to return back home.

Preparations are being made for the next raid on the enemy.

Operation 10 : Home Sweet Home

LCD found new enemies and new allies in our new home. We formed alliances with FREEZE and the Dakerstown Elite Army(DEA); and a zombie group called A-Button Zombee Kill Krew is now dedicated to munch on our brains. LCD forces split in order to send reinforcements to Caiger for the final push and to help their new allies in the war between FREEZE, DEA, and the Imperial War Machine. Caiger won the second siege and LCD's Group 2 returned home after a job well done. Group 1 engaged the enemy and together with FREEZE and DEA many IWM members were killed. After peace was reached between FREEZE, DEA, and IWM, LCD decided to withdraw from the war until its allies request help again.

Operation 11 : Purity of Spirit

Our homeland has been invaded by zombies from Mall Tour. They are everywhere, yet we will not run away from the menace. We shall make our stand here and now. Spread out and drive them back. Give 'em hell and spread the pain around! Even if you fall take as many as possible with you!

As of the 5th of April severe blow was done to the LCD. Our defences broken by the Mall Tour and with the updates on the revivication considerably slowing our revival process we were completely overwhelmed and unable to hold the line. Shattered from the inside LCD's soldiers didnt have any other option but to leave Roywood in order to survive and regroup. Yet there wont be any rest. What is left of the LCD is proceeding to engage the zombie forces currently attacking Halse Crescent in Darvall Heights. Returning to our old home maybe will rise our shattered spirits after the blow we received.

Operation 12 : Truth and Reconciliation

After the 5th of April, the LCD arrived in Darvall Heights and engaged the zombie forces attacking Halse. With a swift strike LCD soldiers, survivors taking residence in Halse, and CDF defenders united, and the zombies were obliterated and completely pushed away. There were occasional breaks, but nothing significant and Halse was protected, barricades constantly kept at VS. A distress call was sent from Tayler PD. Once Halse was secured LCD soldiers proceeded to engage the enemy. We went to the buildings in the vicinity of Tayler and started barricading and eliminating invaders inside the buildings. Effectively pushing back the zombie mob LCD soldiers gathered in their old home: Goodson Motel. Just like old times. There, we regrouped to discuss our plans for the future. LCDs are regrouping, gathering supplies, and waiting for new orders; more then ready for next battle that is to come.

Operation 13 : Changing of the Guard

As April wore on into May, the LCD higher-ups grew thoroughly disgusted at the measures taken by CDF members to antagonize LCD members. Despite the wishes of CDF leaders Lokijester and Zod Rhombus, CDF members verbally taunted and provoked LCD members, both in-game and out. After a continuing dramabomb exploded on the wiki, thanks mostly to CDF leader Amazing, LCD members up and left for Rhodenbank, to help the locals deal with the Drunken Dead. As revelations about the origins of PKer Marty the Party came to light, and as continued and possibly even intensified ridicule of LCD members took place on the CDF forums, including the banning of LCD members who attempted to create accounts, LCD member and newly elected platoon leader Jorge Bermudez packed up his troops and departed. Since the differences between CDF members and LCD members were mostly healed, the LCD did not wish to end on a sour note. In fact, it was only after the leadership of the CDF began blaming their problems on the only group that was willing to help them that the LCD left. While members of the CDF conversed with LCD members in Crossman and Halse, it was revealed that many CDF members were not even aware of WHY LCD leaders were so reviled, and LCD leadership has left, in disgust. If people are going to hate us, at least have a reason.

As the trip to Rhodenbank draws to an end, contacts within and without the RCDC are beginning to take hold, and recruiting is once again on the rise. With the sad death of several LCDs that were stranded in Roywood, only the fifty or so most devoted LCDs have made the journey thus far. Sadly, LCD revive chief ArthurSilly departed, possibly permanently, out of disgust with the revive nerfs. For the time being, though, despite an annoying tendency for local police forces to combat revive Drunken dead members, the LCD has established a firm presence in Rhodenbank, and is working to secure the immediate area, until the Drunken Dead get tired of chewing on barricades.

Operation 14 : The Fragrant Breeze

Like nomads we couldnt settle in one place. Rhodenbank was safe and comfortable yet there was something missing - the thrill of the hunt. Peace is a lie there is only passion. Without continually testing himself a soldier becomes stagnant, weak, he/she loses his/her edge. And so we left. We wondered and wondered moving like shadows following the swift breeze of the summer nights. We finally arrived in Quarlesbank and immediately engaged ourself into conflict and that's what a true warrior should do. Fighting the RRF and countless other smaller zombie groups we killed, we died yet we did not find solace. Our old Leader Jorge dissaperead and even though we fought and killed we grew stagnant. There was no structure, there was no order, every man was for himself. LCD's numbers decreased with each passing day and more and more were either killed or disapperead into the darkness of the night. LCD soldiers realised that we must rally and stay together if we are to survive. Leaving Quarlesbank to it's fate, we soon advanced to our old home Darvall Heights. Darvall Heights. It is a strange suburb - the place rises the spirit of a soldier and it prays on the warrior's weakness assimilating it, purifying the soul. We missed Darvall, it's our birth place but there is something more. We assembled in our old HQ's Goodson Motel. We felt like our chains are broken...we felt hope. Hope for the future. And we hoped that we are not going to lose ourselves in the fury of time. Our old allies, enemies, were there in Crossman as always and we contacted them so we can rekindle the bond between us again. They are brothers, not enemies. And is it not the blood the strongest connection there is?

Bah. I am getting santimetal. LCD's lock and load your weapons! We got enemies invading our home, please show them politely the way back - by puting your shotgun in their mouth and blasting them into oblivion.

Operation 15 : The Battle of Blackmore

Joining our allies against the hordes of undead who are trying to snuff out a spark of humanity that now flourishes in the center of Ridleybank. Glory and Honor.

Operation 16 : Rejuvination

The fog has lifted. A clear new purpose shines through. A newer, leaner version of LCD core members returned to Roywood, to restore our ranks and to return order to a fallen suburb long neglected. To form a new bond with F.R.E.E.Z.E and make new allies in the fight against the undead. On arriving in Roywood, the situation was bad with FREEZE not to be found and the suburb firmly in the hands of the undead. We made a stand at Gerrard PD and held it for a week with it as the only building in the suburb with a Generator. Groove patrol was nearby and lent a hand when they could but in the end, overwhelming numbers and attrition forced us back into the junkyards of Roywood. Rejuvinated we were not. Eaten by the hungry mobs we were. Since the fall of Caiger, the hungry hoards swarmed the suburb and both alive and dead, we were forced to retreat. But we retreated having gaining some new members and stronger than before. The Rejuvination of LCD is not complete but continuing to unfold.

Operation 17 : Into the Breach

LCD at it's finest, standing our ground in the SW corner of Hidebrand mall in Roftwood. We have taken the brunt of the seige and the numbers are stacked against us but we remain. The beer is cold and the smokies are hot and we are in the middle of the action, holding our own against the RRF. First there were thirty, then fifty, then sixty, now eighty.... against the few brave souls who stand on guard. We few... we happy few... pass me another cold one!

Operation 18 : Securing Malls

After Hildebrand was protected, we've moved on to defending other malls of the Zone, Woodroffe, Nichols, Tynte. LCD always was on the frontline of the fight and carrying out victories. At the end of January all 4 Malls are secured and LCD are moving on to the next stage of SSZ.

Operation 19 : Back in Black(more)

In February'07, after patrooling NW Roftwood, LCD joined again the continious fights with zombies in Blackmore Building to have some fun and to train latest recruits, and to advertise the SSZ project. Met RRF in battle and Fun it was, indeed!

Operation 20 : Strike the (S)mall Tour

As spring already came, the Mall Tour visited SSZ teritorry. After continues fights in the different Malls, LCD's splitted into two teams with different objectives.

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